Uncovered Video

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Again the two were locked together after the session, and once she caught her breath Jessica patted her hubby on the head and made her way to her feet, almost dancing out of the room.

What a show! I couldn’t wait to get home to see if I was able to catch any or all of it on tape. It would be a great addition to my Jessica Does Steve collection.

Steve soon rose from his prone position and picked up his clothing, then turned to the window. Looking in my direction, not sure if I was there or not, and gave a sort of wave before hitting the light and heading upstairs.

The following day he came by for the tape, and I told him there were no copies. It was a morning of lies, because I also said I felt uncomfortable the night before and actually left my secluded spot when he and Jessica came into view.

Heck, why ruin our good relationship over some X-rated shots of him and his wife?

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