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I couldn’t help myself, I zoomed in then walked quietly toward the house, stopping just out of camera range to the side of the open slider door. Sometime while I was walking they switched into the sixty-nine position and I gazed at Steve laying on the couch licking his wife’s slot. At the other end of the couch Jessica was bobbing her head on hubby’s cock-sickle.

“Oh, Jessie, keep sucking!” groaned my friend as he took a break from licking his wife’s slot. “You are a great cocksucker.”

He wasn’t telling me anything new as I had a bird’s eye view of her ministrations. She really was into his cock, and I could tell he was having trouble holding back. “Oh, honey, I’m gonna cum soon.”

As if on cue Jessica moved away from the dick and turned around, straddling her husband and jerking his dick back into her pussy. She began bouncing up and down, head flailing side to side, eyes closed. Her movements slowed and I could see her clench pussy on Steve’s dick. She groaned, he moaned, and soon I could see the two were cumming to their sensuous hump song.

The two continued to screw as they came down from their highs before Jessica collapsed onto her lover as I secreted myself back to my vantage point. I sat, figuring on waiting for the two to head out of view, but realized they weren’t done. Jessica slipped onto her back and raised her legs, spreading her thighs, and Steve slipped onto her knees in front of her.

I was confused at first, but then got the picture. It was Steve’s turn to orally delight his partner, and he bent over and began licking his wife’s gooey twat. The fact that he had just blasted into the honey pot didn’t seem to both him as he licked and cleaned out his wife’s pussy lick a cat licks a pan of milk. Jessica luxuriated in the tongue bath, holding Steve’s head tightly against her pussy as his tongue laved the cum-filled hole.

It didn’t take long for Jessica to begin bouncing up off the couch again her man, and Steve helped things along my sliding his hands under his wife’s ass and helping her on the upstroke. I marveled at how Steve head was jerked to and fro, locked to his honey’s twat. Soon another orgasm came to Jessica, and even from my secluded spot I could hear her powerful moans.

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