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Steve began slowly inserting more of his manhood into his wife’s lips, and Jessica began polishing the knob with slow, sensual sucks.

“Oh Mrs. Smith you have a great mouth, I can’t wait to shoot my hot cum in it,” he said from outside camera range as the woman cowered back. “Oh yes, and I will enjoy watching you swallow it down your lily white rich girl throat.”

Samantha pulled her head off the cock. “No, please, don’t make me do that. Please.”

There was no Academy Award in Mrs. Smith’s future, but the acting was as realistic as several porno movies I had seen. I began stroking my hard on as I watched the twosome on the screen.

Soon Steve slipped around into a sixty-nine position and dipped his head into Jessica’s pussy while she sucked on his bulging dick. I watched as the two rocking in time to each other, locked on to each other’s sex. It wasn’t long before Jessica let out a cry and began cumming on Steve’s face. A minute or so later Steve pulled out and began passionately kissing his lovely wife. Then he pulled her over his knee, where he began lightly spanking the beautiful behind of his wife while she contorted herself and stroked his cock.

That set me off, and I shot my wad all over myself.

Whew, that was hot. What followed was even hotter, though, as Steve had Jessica pose in numerous positions, ass to the camera, legs spread wide open, and my favorite, legs spread open with a dildo in her snatch. On the latter she masturbated for a while before cumming for the camera. The money shot, of course, came last, and Steve jerked off onto his lovely wife’s face, sending spurts of cum onto her cheek, nose and even a glob onto her eyelid.

Pure, prim Jessica took it like a pro.

Needless to say I made a copy of the tape before packing up the box as best I could. I was nearly finished there was a knock on my door.

“Oh hi Steve,” I said, feeling my face reddening, to my friend. “What’s up?”

“I, uh, need to get one of the boxes I left with you,” said my friend. “Uh, Jessie thought it would be better to keep it with us at the apartment.”

Steve was stammering, and when he saw the box partially open I thought he’d collapse.

“You didn’t look in it, did you?”

I said no, but he knew right away I had. He stammered a bit but soon he realized — okay, I admitted it — that I had not only scene the photos but the tape as well.

At first I thought he might hit me, but he stopped midstream and quietly asked, “Did you make any copies.”

I didn’t answer, just smiled.

“Can I have it back, please? Look, Jessica will kill me if this ever gets out. It was so hard to get her to pose, and the movie, well, remember that trip to Bermuda? That was my price for getting the chance at filming. I mean, I think she actually liked doing it. Please, Jon, don’t get me in trouble with this. Please.”

Looking at the now shaking man, I knew I had to give him back his tapes and photos. I’d even have to give him back the copies. Heck, he was my friend. But I hesitated a bit when I remembered how Steve stole Jill Dorsey from me in high school, and got into her pants on the third date when all I every got was a hand job. And I remembered how Steve had complained for months about his lovely wife Jessica when in fact she was of porn star quality.

Taking a deep breath, I told him he could take the box, no problem, but to get the copy he’d have to, well, pay for it.

I didn’t want money, and no, nothing illegal. I swallowed, looked him in the eye, and told him what I wanted…I wanted to watch he and Jessica in action, live.

“No way, man, that will never happen!”

“Then you won’t get the backup copy, Steve.”

This time he did punch toward me, but I got out of the way and tripped him, falling on top of him just like in high school and giving him a noogie. “That will cost you Steve!”

Now, really, Steve was my friend, but I was ticked. “Look, all I want to do is watch, she doesn’t even need to know.”

Thinking of his options, Steve finally relented. What choice did he have? All that was required now was a bit of planning and execution. Over the next several weeks the plan came into place, and two months to the day it was hatched.

It was late on a Saturday night and Jessica and Steve had left their new house for a night of dinner and a movie. Their new house bordered on state game lands, and the large picture window on the back wall of their house looked out at the foliage and trees.

The plan was simple. I made my way into the seclusion of the game lands at dusk, sat upon my fold down easy chair, took a beer out of my cooler, enjoyed the evening and waited for the action to begin. Steve, for his part, was to entice the little woman into a little breaking in of their new home with a piece of ass on the basement couch…right in front of the picture window. He was to leave the lights on…heck nobody (but me) would see the coupling couple from back there. What I failed to mention was the movie camera with the zoom lens and tripod I took along with me.

Darkness came, and after a half hour or so I wondered if he had chickened out or if she was too modest to mess around in the open area.

Finally I saw her come into view, wearing a tee top and short denim skirt. Steve followed closely behind, a bowl of popcorn in his hand and a movie in the other. The two talked for a while as Steve set up the DVD player, then sat next to his lovely wife. The talked a bit more and Steve made his move…Jessica laughed and shook her head no, but soon the two were kissing and playing with each other’s bodies like teenagers in their parents basement. I hoped the camera was recording all the horny action.

I was startled at how Jessica soon got into the lovemaking. I mean, they were married folks, so it wasn’t anything new they were doing. It wasn’t as if they were teenagers groping while their parents were way, but it appeared to me that first Jessica, then Steve, were getting into the love bug action as if they hadn’t been intimate in ages.

Early on Steve was a little tentative — heck, he knew he was being observed — but under Jessica’s soft and sensual, persuasive touch he soon rose to the occasion.

I gazed on in voyeuristic bliss as the two swapped spit, hands roaming all over their bodies. On one hand it was a bit like watching a movie, but as they advanced in their lovemaking it became more like a peep show.

Steve pulled Jessica’s top over her head, all the while writhing as the woman stroked his mid-section. The woman stood up and unzipped her skirt, dropping it to the floor, then knelt down in front of her husband. She scooted in between his legs, stroking his thigh and looking up at the man as he leaned backward into the couch.

She bent her head over and planted a kiss on his boxers, and continued kissing the fabric as she reached up and grabbed the elastic top. She slowly removed his underwear, watching as his hefty hard cock popped into view.

Jessica began stroking the dick and was mumbling something to her man as he luxuriated in the experience. I stood and zoomed in with the camera, catching the woman full frame sucking her husband’s cock. She worked the base of the dick with her fist and the top with her lips as Steve began bucking up and down in tune with her mouth action. It was quite the sight.

I began to worry that he might shoot way to fast for my taste, but I shouldn’t have worried. The woman brought him to the brink then popped up on her feet leaving the man bucking with no receptacle.

Jessica laid back on the other side of the couch, removed her thong, and spread her legs wide open giving the camera an bird’s eye shot of her bountiful brown bush. Steve took the hint, and soon was sliding on top of his wife. He began rubbing his cock up and down her gaping slit. He teased his wife for a bit then pounced on her pussy with vigor. Steve’s ass bounced as he pounded the woman. The two bucked fast, then slowed the action, rocking in unison.

The two fucked liked the long-time lovers they were, pitching fore and aft like waves flowing toward the beach. I had never seen two people in live action. It was a lot different than the movies, although I did wish I could hear their loving moans and sweet nothings. Still, it was awesome watching the two couple so close.

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