Truth and Dare- Lesbian Story

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Nevada moaned as she buried her face in deeper to do just as her friend begged.

Finally Tally’s orgasm slowed down to come to an end as she felt her friend still soaking up her juices with her tongue. She shivered again at how powerful she had came. She was in awe of Nevada’s fucking

Sensing her friend’s orgasm had finally come to a halt, Nevada licked a couple more times, then moved her head back to move away.

Tally slumped over, her ass still in the air as she tried to regain her breathing. Nevada moved to where she could move to stand up away from her friend. Finally accomplishing her goal, she stood looking down at her friend panting and shaking still.

She smiled with satisfaction. Nevada had accomplished what she set out to do. She had taught Tally a lesson and had won the game.

Another thing popped in her mind also as she stood there smiling. She was extremely turned on still and needed some release herself. This making an idea flashes through her mind.

“You know Tally you lost the game!” she responded a little arrogantly to her friend ” But seeing as I am feeling a little nice, what do you say we play two out of three?” she asked her friend.

Slowly Tally moved to turn her head around to look at her friend. She was still shook up from the last game and here her friend wanted to play again. She thought to herself, stunned.

But seeing her friends cocky look from winning made all the determination come back as she thought again of what had just happened.

She wanted to make Nevada beg this time, and she wanted to win to show her friend she could.

Tally sat there a moment looking at Nevada, panting softly as all kinds of thoughts popped in her head for dares of the game, making a slow smile ease over her face.

“Yes.. Nevada I think two out of three would be fair,” she said as she moved to sit down on the couch. ” And this time… NOTHING is out of the question,” she said looking at Nevada with a challenge.

Nevada smiled cause she knew her friend would lose again, but she also knew she would have fun doing so. She was excited and even more turned on by the look of determination on Tally’s face as she moved to head for the stairs with Tally’s eyes never leaving her.

“Okay you’re on… but this time lets do it in my room. Its a lot more comfortable up there” she stated and Also added on in her head so Tally couldn’t hear ” and a lot more toys to play with” She said to herself with a wicked smile.

Tally looked at her quietly and like an innocent child got up and moved to where her friend stood at the bottom of the stairs.

“I am going to win Nevada” she stated with determination, looking her friend in the eye before turning around to head up the stairs in front of Nevada. Her ass wiggling in front of Nevada as Nevada moved slowly to walk behind her up the stairs.

Nevada never said a word out loud, But in her head as she watched her friend’s ass move from side to side she thought of some other dares that would involve that ass and smiled hugely to herself.

“This was going to be one hell of a night,” She thought to herself as she moved up the stairs, reaching over to click off the hall light, clouding them in darkness.

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