Truth and Dare- Lesbian Story

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This making Nevada move slightly to lift herself up more from the floor as she continued to suck and lick on her friend.

Moving her hand from one of Tally’s ass cheeks she moved to lightly touch where her mouth was.

Tally felt it and started squirming more as she knew her friend was about to finger her.

“Oh god Yea” she moaned out loud giving her friend permission to do, as she liked. Nevada moved her face, sucking on her friend’s pussy lips as she slide a finger in her easily.

Tally’s pussy grasped it tightly as Nevada felt the walls grab her in. Nevada moved her finger around lightly touching over the G-Spot driving Tally mad with desire. Finally moving it to where she was pulling it in and out finger fucking her friend.

Nevada loved the control she was having over her friend. And she loved the feeling of being able to taste her and be inside her as well. Moving the finger in and out of Tally, Nevada moved her mouth up to lick softly on her friend’s anus. Nevada felt it pucker at the new sensation.

“Oh my. Oh my…” Tally screamed out as she felt that warm tongue drag over her ass. This was a wonderful sensation she had never had and it was causing her to gush more and more juices out of her. Nevada secretly slid in two fingers as she continued licking her friend’s ass. Pumping those fingers in and out making Tally moan and wiggle to get more in her.

Suddenly the phone rang. Both women stopped as the looked over at the phone on the side table at the other end of the room. Nevada knew she wasn’t about to let her friend up. She wanted this pussy to much so quickly she moved to slid three fingers in her friend making her whimper with pleasure as Tally looked at the phone, knowing she needed to go answer yet so turned on with Nevada she didn’t want to move.

Nevada saw her struggle on her face as she moved her fingers quicker and moved her face back to her ass, taking her tongue and trying as best as she could to bury it up inside.

Tally shook with pleasure as she felt the tongue move slowly up in her wiggling. Those fingers pumping in and out stretching her.

Nevada moved her face away quickly to whisper to her friend from behind as the phone still shrilled wanting attention

“Do you want to leave and answer it, not cumming and never knowing how it would of felt” as she softly slipped in another finger making that four up inside Tally’s pussy. Tally couldn’t say a word as she moved her hips to meet the thrust of Nevada’s fingers. Feeling herself getting fucked by her friend.

“Oh god please” Tally begged as she looked over at the phone knowing she should get up.

“Please what? ” Nevada asked as she pumped harder making Tally’s ass cheeks shake from the force

“Please make this my pussy tonight to do what I want to make you cum over and over again…or please let you up to answer the phone? ” she asked as she moved to her hand to draw her fingers together tighter so she could slip her thumb inside to make her stretch wider

There was a moment of silence except with groans of pleasure out of Tally as she felt herself being stretched by the thumb being added up inside her. Finally feeling the thumb pop in with the rest of the fingers making her gush even more with juices as she felt Nevada’s hole small hand move up in her. The phone still ringing.

“Please…” She panted not being able to breath with so much pleasure shaking through her body as Nevada slipped deeper and deeper in her” please make this your pussy tonight”

Nevada needed nothing else as she moved her head to lick again her friend’s anus tonguing the hole as her small hand disappeared up her friend’s pussy.

Tally listened barely as the phoned ringed a few more times and grew quiet finally as Steven had given up.

Nevada moved her hand around to give Tally as much pleasure as possible as she ate her ass out making Tally starts to scream with pleasure. Both could feel the orgasm coming as Nevada pumped harder into Tally’s pussy, making the walls clamp up on Nevada’s small hand as Tally felt the heat grow through her body and finally release her cum. Juices flowed over Nevada’s hand as she moved it making Tally’s orgasm last longer.

“Oh Yessssssssss ” Tally screamed as she came. This was the best orgasm she had ever had.

Nevada slowed her hand some as she moved to kiss her friend’s ass cheeks liking the feel of Tally’s pussy walls contracting around her hand.

“Oh yea, baby. Cum for me” she whispered through kisses, slightly biting Tally’s ass here and there.

Tally shook as the orgasm still went through her. Her screamed of pleasure making her wiggle everywhere. Nevada loved it.

Finally Nevada moved to let her hand slide softly out of her friend’s pussy, as she moved her head instead to taste her friends cum. Nevada groaned out loud as her face was soaked totally again by all the juices. Tally taste driving her up a wall cause it was so sweet. She licked and sucked getting as much as she could of Tally’s cum. Like a woman thirsting to death. Tally’s body shook as she felt her friend sucking up her juices.

“Oh yes. Nevada,’ She whimpered” suck me all up”

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