Truth and Dare- Lesbian Story

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Finally situated on the couch. Noticing her friend was still on the arm of the couch, Nevada thought of a dare for her friend.

Tally just looked at her, waiting and wondering what would come next as her pussy begged for some release.

Nevada mind flew with ideas till one in a matter of seconds caught her fancy. She didn’t know how Tally would deal with this one but as drunk as she was she didn’t care. She just wanted to taste her friend’s pussy. Her mouth watered as her friend watched her waiting.

“Okay Tally my dare to you is to get on the couch, facing the back, on your knees, with your arms resting out in front of you and your legs spread as wide as you can. And no matter WHAT I do you have to let me for twenty minutes with your eyes closed.”

Tally just looked at her surprised, angered and nervous. She didn’t know what to say, but she knew if she said no her friend would win the game and she couldn’t have that. She was to drunk to rationalize that maybe the game had gone to far. All she knew is that she would win this game. Her arousal was also beyond reach as she slowly got excited of what maybe her friend might do.

She slowly got up and moved in the position of the couch, as Nevada got up to give her room. Neither said a word as Tally positioned herself and spread her legs, showing again Nevada her wet pussy. Nevada was thrilled.

Finally in position Tally looked at the wall, then closed her eyes. Resting her arms on the back of the couch.

“When does the twenty minutes start?” Tally asked softly

Nevada never skipped a beat replying quickly while looking at her friend’s ass in the air.

“When I touch you.”

Tally shivered with excitement.

Nevada looked to see if Tally had her eyes closed, noticing they were she moved in position behind her and got on her knees on the floor.

Nevada knew the game was over and that she had won. No woman could go on with what Nevada was about to do to Tally.

Settling her face right at Tally’s pussy. Nevada moved in closer to get about two inches from it, breathing in deeply to take in the smell. She almost groaned out loud with the sweet smell. It gave her. She was thrilled to be this close.

The pink lips were swelled from her friend’s arousal. The clit red from being rubbed against the couch’s arm. Nevada knew it was real sensitive right now.

Tally never said a word, but she felt her friends breathing on her pussy. The shivers going up and down her spine were intense as she waited in wonderment for her friend to do what she wanted. She almost felt as if she had lost the game. She didn’t know why but she did.

It was harder though to admit to her self that she didn’t care. She wanted her friend to do what ever it was she wanted to her. She was so turned on that nothing was as important any more.

Nevada moved in to take her first lick. A slow long one from up inside her legs on Tally’s clit down around the vagina and back up toward her anus. Tally shivered as the heat from Nevada’s tongue heated up her pussy. She bit her lip from saying anything. Pure sexual pleasure went up her spine as her pussy was licked all over.

Nevada groaned inside her head, as she tasted the sweet juices of her friend. She was so turned on she felt her own juices start to slide a little down her inner thigh. She felt herself getting more excited by the thought that she was eating her friend’s pussy. In her mind… she had won. Nevada licked all around for a moment getting Tally used to feeling her tongue. Nevada never heard a peep come out of her but she knew she was enjoying her self very much.

Nevada moved her tongue up to Tally’s clit. Letting her tongue make light flicks over it as Tally moved her legs further apart to give her access. Nevada grabbed her ass to spread her cheeks apart so she could bury her face deeper and deeper into her friend’s pussy.

“Oh God” Tally squealed as her friends face moved around her lips while her tongue rubbed her little bud.

Nevada moved her face away, wet with Tally’s juices and stated with satisfaction.

“You lose ”

Tally’s head slumped is defeat to her arms on the back of the couch but to Nevada’s surprise she moved her ass back to Nevada’s face giving her silent permission to proceed on.

Nevada never wasted time as her face returned and her tongue shot out to slide it inside her pussy.

“Oh god yea… please Nevada eat me ” Tally screamed out as her ass moved to push closer to Nevada’s face.

This drove Nevada nuts as she tongued her deep feeling what she could of Tally’s pussy walls around her. Tally was soaking wet, Making Nevada’s face slide easily all over the place. Trying to spread her ass cheeks wider to get as deep as she could. Nevada thought to her self for a second of feeling her friends pussy around her fingers.

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