Truth and Dare- Lesbian Story

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Nevada watched her friend lose herself in her masturbation as her breasts juggled up and down with her movements. She noticed her friend’s eyes were closed as she grinded her pussy to the arm of the chair, holding on to the couch as if she was riding a bull.

Nevada’s lips glistened with juices as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter by watching her friend. Hearing Tally’s moans become louder and louder.

Tally was almost lost to her as she saw her friend get off. Watching her was such a delight that she wished she could masturbate to it when it suddenly dawned on her she better stop her before she cums. Knowing it was cruel but wanting to teach her friend a lesson with acting so smug all the time, Nevada quickly got control of herself as she shifted on the couch before saying something to her friend.

“Stop” Nevada, said softly but firmly

Tally stopped all of a sudden remembering all that was happening and why she was there. Her breathing coming fast as she felt her orgasm slowly building up. Confusion set in a second before anger did, cussing her friend out in her mind for not letting her finish.

She was drunk enough not to care that she was masturbating on the arm of the couch, in front of her friend. All she cared about was getting off now. Her drunkenness making her not give a damn any more

Tally stopped but didn’t move off the arm of the couch; she just looked over at her friend with eyes full of lust and anger.

Nevada just looked at her before smiling

“Dare” she said not even giving Tally the chance to ask.

Tally didn’t even look surprised as she quickly let her friend know her dare. Her fingers digging deep into the couch.

“Get naked, lay down on the couch, spread your legs as wide as you can get them and masturbate, finger fucking yourself in front of me till I tell you to stop” She said determined.

Nevada never said a word, just reached up took off her shirt showing her small but rounded breasts for Tally before scooting her ass down on the couch. Till she was lying down.

Tally watched as she felt her desire to see her friend masturbate in front of her grow.

Nevada moved her legs to open. Laying one on the top of the back of the couch, the other on the floor. Exposing her pink pussy to her friend.

Tally could see everything. Her clit, her vagina and even her anal opening. Her pussy gushed soaking the arm of the couch more.

Nevada felt herself beyond reached as she slipped her fingers down to her pussy, playing with her lips a moment before sliding her fingers of her clit. Gasping out loud as her clit jumped at attention. Her nipples grew even harder as she played for a minute, closing her eyes as Tally had done, seeing in her mind Tally masturbating on the arm of the couch a few minutes ago. She was oblivious to the world as she slid her finger from her clit down the opening of her pussy.

Tally watched as she saw her friend was soaked with her own juices. Seeing Nevada’s eyes close she slowly and quietly started to move her ass again. Her eyes totally on her friend as she started masturbating again on the arm of the couch.

Nevada was lost as she slid her finger in and out of her before crooking her finger to hit her G-Spot. Her hips lifting to allow her finger in more. Her groans becoming loud as Tally watched, excited and desperate to cum hard. Tally moved as she watched her friend. She wanted to cum and cum hard, but then a thought went through her mind. If she came she would lose and Nevada would win.

She stopped as realization came over her that the game was still on. She watched Nevada’s breathing become faster as her breasts moved with her body. She was excited beyond anything she had ever experienced but she was also very determined to win this game.

Although she had never been turned on by a woman she knew now she had tonight. She also knew if given the chance she would find a way to touch Nevada if it killed her.

The whole time Tally was thinking and watching her friend finger fuck herself as her hips moved in the air to keep up the tempo, Nevada never opened her eyes. Totally lost in her fantasy.

Her moans louder still as she felt herself build up. She could feel herself about to cum.

As if Tally sensed this she spoke up quickly.


Nevada’s eyes snapped open as she looked at her friend also in confusion. The realization quickly setting in as she realized she would have cum if Tally hadn’t stopped her. Anger grew in her as well making her vengeful toward Tally.

Both just sat there and stared at each other, both determined and both angry as thought flew in each other’s mind as to how to get the other and finish themselves off.

“Dare!” Tally said. Not even pretending this is a real game any more

Nevada didn’t waste any time as she moved her fingers from her pussy and moved to sit herself up, naked.

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