Tim’s Peeping Education

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As he watched her tits bounce with each down thrust, he felt his balls get tingly again, and this time was able to get out a warning, “I’m gonna come…” before being overtaken by an even harder orgasm than before, bucking against her like an animal and screaming to the heavens.

The sight of this delicious teenage boy under her, back arched, firing his load into her pussy as she took his virginity was all it took for Lauren to come hard herself, her hand flying on her clit. She bucked back against him just as hard, her yell joining his as they lost themselves in a wash of pure pleasure.

She collapsed on top of him, and became aware of several yummy sensations. His half-hard, throbbing cock still jammed up her pussy… their combined juices dripping down her thighs… his panting and moaning under her… the taste of his sweat on her lips… the trembling in his legs from the good workout that she’d given him. Moving up to his face, she kissed him softly.

“Pretty good for a beginner,” she said, and got up from the bed.

They toweled themselves off, and she led him down to his clothes in the living room. He got dressed, and she put on a short, silky robe. Lauren walked him to the door, kissed him again, and said, “I think your technique still needs a little work. Same time tomorrow?”


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