Tim’s Peeping Education

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A thrill coursed through his body, and he pedaled even faster. He was really going to do it, if he didn’t lose his nerve and chicken out. Tim turned onto the right street and his pulse quickened just from the sight of his friend’s house. Pulling up in front, he looked around to see if anyone was watching. Seeing nobody, he let himself through the gate and into the backyard. If challenged, he would say that he was there to swim with Matt, although he didn’t expect it to be necessary. He knew that there wasn’t anyone home.

Quietly, he closed the gate behind him and parked his bike against the empty house. His heart was beating in his chest as he walked across the back lawn toward the neighbor’s fence. Silently, he crouched down and peeked through the knothole that Matt had shown him. As expected, a towel was laid out next to the neighbor’s pool, along with a pair of sunglasses and a battery-powered CD player. Tim checked his watch- according to Matt, the show was just about to start. His friend said that it happened at roughly the same time on both Saturday and Sunday.

Upstairs, Lauren was just about to return to her towel when something caught her eye out the bedroom window. Looking closer, she saw a teenager walking across her neighbor’s backyard toward her fence. She started to look away, but then remembered that the Gilmans were on vacation, so there wouldn’t be anyone home. Looking again, she thought the kid looked familiar, like one of Matt Gilman’s friends. Yeah, she thought, I’ve seen him around. Her sense of concern dissipating, she became curious about what he was doing over there. He went over to her fence and hunkered down, moving his head around like he was trying to….look through the fence. Still curious, she looked to her own yard for explanations, like a lost baseball or something. She didn’t see anything like that. The only thing anywhere near him on her side of the fence was her towel and tanning stuff, but he couldn’t be interested….

The thought made her lightheaded, so she looked closer. Yes, he looked like he was getting comfortable at whatever hole or crack he was looking through, and he kept looking behind him nervously, like he was doing something he shouldn’t. Well…. a smile flashed across her lips as a thrill ran though her. So he wanted a show, did he?

Tim froze and held his breath as he heard the back door open and close. Matt’s neighbor walked out to the towel, and Tim quietly gasped for air, his eyes widening. In all their talks, Matt always lamented the fact that his neighbor always wore a one-piece swimsuit, and not something more exotic. This beauty, that Tim had only seen in polite company, fully dressed, was walking toward him in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen. His girlfriend would never wear something so revealing, despite his pleas. He struggled to remember her name as his mind whirled in circles and his swim trunks became tight. Remembering her name seemed really important, although he didn’t know why. Lauren. Lauren was her name. His heart was beating so hard that he was sure she could hear it from her tanning spot, fifteen feet away. Thankfully, she turned on the CD player beside her. It was something relaxing, and she lay down on her back, spreading her long brown hair out above her. She put on the sunglasses and lay still. He eyed her closely, the hair, the face, the wonderfully upthrust breasts, trim belly, softly curved hips, shapely legs, and back to the barely-covered crotch. His breathing deepened, and his hand strayed to the hardness in his swim shorts.

After ten minutes or so, she turned over, presenting a new visual feast to his hungry eyes. He loved the way her breasts squished out from under her, admired the toned back, dwelled long on the perfect ass, and mentally ran his hands all the way down her legs to those delicious toes. He remembered the first time he met her. He and Matt had been tossing a football around in the street, and, when challenged, had thrown the ball as hard as he could. That turned out to be onto a neighbor’s roof, and, as the one who threw the ball, it was up to him to get it back. He went up to the door and rang the bell nervously. Expecting a surly senior citizen, the door opened, and he found himself staring into the deep brown eyes of a beautiful woman. Later, upon reflection, he would guess that she was in her late twenties, but at that moment, such cognitive thought escaped him. Right then and there, he was nearly stricken mute. Eventually, he was able to mumble enough to explain his errand, and she went back and threw it over the fence into the front yard. Then, months later, when Matt told him about the peeking hole, he knew that he had to see for himself.

Her motion roused him from his daydream. She turned over again and reached for the sunscreen.

Lauren was as aroused as she had ever been. It was so deliciously naughty to tease this poor horny teenager. She could imagine him over there, on the other side of the fence, staring at her with wide eyes. She wondered if he was hard from looking at her, and the thought made her thighs involuntarily squeeze together. Turning her head slightly, she was able to look over at the fence through her sunglasses. Sure enough, there was a knothole about the size of a quarter about three feet above the ground. She lifted the sunscreen bottle and squeezed some out into her hand. In her mind, she could see him going home after watching her, going straight to his room, stiff as a board. He would lock the door, pull his swim trunks down to his ankles, and start rubbing his stiff young prick, thinking about her. In just a few minutes, he would come everywhere, thinking about her tits and pussy and mouth.

Coming back to reality, she slowly rubbed the creamy white sunscreen over her legs. Slowly, making a show of it, she massaged it onto the tops of her breasts, imagining that it was actually his come, delivered after giving him his first blowjob and making him beg for release. She wondered how his young cream would taste. Just to give him something to remember, she gave her nipples a quick tweak through the bikini top, and they immediately rose to attention under the fabric. Laying down on her back, she began a new fantasy of seduction…

Tim was having trouble seeing straight. He was trying to be quiet, but the sight before his eyes had him nearly panting. He followed her every movement as she lazily rubbed sunscreen onto that beautiful body, even her tits! He knew that he was probably imagining things, but he could swear that she gave her nipples a quick pinch before laying back down. Pinch or no, those nipples were standing straight up now. If he even touched his dick at this point, he was going to mess his shorts. The tangible hotness of this woman, and the excitement of secretly spying on her was giving him an erection of incredible proportions. He watched with rapt attention as her breasts rose and fell with every breath. It didn’t occur to him that her breathing was faster than that of a relaxed person. He also liked how she occasionally squeezed her legs together, although he didn’t know what that meant, either.

Lauren was torn between continuing to torment the horny boy and going inside and giving herself a good working over with her favorite vibrator. She was so horny that it was all she could do not to reach into her bikini bottoms and Jill off right there. But how often did she have the chance to tease a tasty, inexperienced boy like this? It was intoxicating.

Deciding to up the ante, Lauren reached behind her head and untied the string holding her bikini top up. With deliberate slowness, she pulled the strings down, peeling the patches of fabric from her breasts. An audible gasp came from behind the fence, and a rush of heat hit her pussy. He had to be glued to the peephole. In her mind, she was looking down at the situation from above the fence, seeing her erotic display and his furtive peeping.

What if I did?, she thought. What if I took him into my house and fucked his young brains out? When the mind is overcome by alcohol, or drugs, or in this case, hormones, rationalizations for anything rapidly spring to mind. Nobody would know, and I’ve always wanted to do something like that.

Seriously considering the possibility excited her even more, but silent doubts kept her from acting.

Then she heard it. A rhythmic squishing sound from the other side of the fence, almost drowned out by the music from her CD player. He was actually playing with himself while watching her. This was the final straw for her horny subconscious. Higher reasoning went silent. She pulled up and retied the bikini top, and got shakily to her feet. Looking down at her towel, she could see the wet spot where her juices had soaked through her bikini and pooled on the towel.

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