The ‘Wet Pants’ Game

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I looked back at him and smiled. With that his fucks became so intense that I crumbled down to the table and panted with every thrust. Tina tried to steady the table, then finally sat on it facing him. She lifted her skirt and opened her legs. She leaned back on one hand and played with her cunt with the other. He finally saw gave in to her teases and switched from me to her. His first thrust in her made her squeak. I put my hand over her mouth and giggled. Her lunges nearly sucked my hand down her throat with each of his fucks. After some more thrusts I managed to get behind him and slid my hands up and under the front of his shirt and played with his nipples as he enjoyed her.

He was getting closer to filling her, but I was determined to have him in me. I kneeled down on the floor doggy style for him. He pulled out of her and kneeled down behind me. I felt it drive down the full length of my tight pussy again. In and out so hard and firm. I steadied myself with my hands and pushed back in time with him. I didn’t think he was ever going to release. He finally folded over my back as his body jerked in spasm. His dick felt longer and stiffer than ever before. He couldn’t keep his stifled moans from being audible. I felt his warm fluid fill my cunt which both relaxed and stimulated me. I looked back beaming and said, “Don’t stop. Fill me.” I caught his smile as he redoubled his thrusts into me.

He finally pulled out and collapsed on the floor next to me. He looked up at Tina with an extended arm. She sat down beside him. Smiling he slid his hand up her thigh and began to play with her clit. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. Her body arched as his fingers played. As she got closer and closer her hands rested and pushed down his shoulders and I could tell she wanted him to eat her. As if we practiced this in advance we lifted her up to the table again where he kneeled down and sucked and licked her pussy over that wonderful edge. I put my hand over her mouth again through her thrashing orgasm. As she came she clamped her legs around his head but that didn’t stop him.

His dick was wonderfully hard again. A man hadn’t squirted in my mouth for far too long. I knew that once she came I’d have a good chance of swallowing his next cum.

I was right.

We never found out if he ditched his girl that night. And no, we didn’t give him any personal info. Why limit our fun to just one?

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