The ‘Wet Pants’ Game

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“Are we they?” she taunted.

“Who are you girls?” he asked. “Who do you wish us to be?” she toyed, squeezing his buns and looking at the front of his jeans.

He began to protrude nicely. We both smiled and looked at it. He smiled back meekly.

“We’re just girls who like what we see,” I said as I reached out and felt his bulging, sheathed cock. Tina smiled and reached between his legs and felt for his balls.

“I—I have to, um, go back.” he said desperately. “May, I get—”

“Get what?” Tina coyly whispered with a smile as she squeezed his balls.

“Your number, um numbers?”

“No. We wont be here that long,” she breathed up at him. Now he was as hard as a rock. I squeezed his tip.

“Wanna share it with us?” Tina asked. He looked back at the open study door frightfully. I couldn’t believe it, but I slowly lifted my skirt and revealed for his trapped stiff cock bare, eager pussy ready for his pleasure.

Tina beamed as a nice, dark blue mark appeared before her eyes. “Looks like you’re full tonight,” I asked taunting him. Tina smiled and milked his drooling dick more firmly, making the front of his pants quite juicy.

Just then we heard his girl whispering for him. He almost fell down. He looked like he considered hiding behind the door. But the room was mostly glass and it would have been worse for him if she had caught him hiding in here with us. He grabbed a book and placed it in front of him and scampered out.

Tina wrapped an arm around me as he left. “That was so intense, that was incredible,” I whispered excitedly.

“You wanted him, didn’t you?” she said smiling, “I can see you need it. Want to do another,” she asked.

“How about on another floor?” I answered feeling as daring as ever.

“I know you’d be hot doing this!” she said smiling as she stood up and escorted me back to the elevator.

We went up one floor to look for another available room. When we found one Tina said, “One of us has to stay here and guard the room. Go find us a guy.”

“Me?!” I shrieked again. “Alone?”

“I know you can. You’re better than you think.”

“But—” I resisted.

“No buts. Go.” With that she pushed me out the door. “Go!” I heard her whisper again as I walked off having no clue as to how to do this. I’ve always known that the direct approach in life usually worked best for me. I circled the floor until I saw the hottest guy with the girl I could find. They were standing in an aisle looking through books.

I reached up high for a book right next to him in such a way that he could see my breasts. He looked and smiled nervously. As I walked away I turned back and gave him a curled finger and a “Come with me” look. He followed without a word to his girl. “Oh, no!” I thought. “What if ‘she’ is not ‘his’? What if I didn’t do it right? Tina will kill me!”

He followed me without a word back to the study room. Tina closed the door behind us. He looked back with a “What is this?”

“Two girls,” Tina answered. “And what are you?” she asked with a smile. I didn’t have the courage to tell her the truth. Tina slid her hands up his chest. “We like what we see. How about you?” she asked him.

He was stunned. “Um, what do you girls want?” he muttered.

“What you have,” she answered as she reached for and stroked his already hardening woman pleaser. “Wanna have fun?” she tempted.

“Hey, I’m—I’m just—”

“Yes?” she queried, finding and lowering his zipper. “Go on—you were saying?” she teased as she reached in his pants and played. He looked at us both as all of his male fuses blue one after another.

This game was going far beyond what Tina had described to me. But I knew what my pussy wanted, and so did Tina.

She pulled out his meat as I kneeled down before him. It was long and smooth, with a wonderful, swollen head. I couldn’t get my eyes off it’s gaping opening. Without a pause I slid my mouth down his length and started pumping. He braced himself with his hands against the wall.

I sucked him noisily but tightly. I bent his shaft down and around as I did him, making his knees almost buckle and his hands slide behind him against the wall. He started to say something but Tina said, “Shhhhhh, hush.” His hands finally held my soft, brown hair lightly.

Tina kneeled down beside me and I gave up his dick to her. She took over and sucked all the more expertly. He bent over and rested his hands on her shoulders. His mouth opened and his eyes clenched as he almost came in her mouth.

I was clearly over the edge and out of control. I stepped to the table and leaned over. I lifted my skirt over my ass to reveal for him my tight ass and pussy. I spread my legs for him. After a few more strokes she popped her mouth off his tip loudly, then said, “Do her.”

Without a word he crammed his dick up my pussy in one stroke. He immediately fucked his slut hard and fast. I felt his tip drive deep into my tight, lubricated pussy with each thrust.

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