The ‘Wet Pants’ Game

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I was shocked! I thought my friend Tina—although utterly hot looking—to be the most proper of girls. Neither of us had dates that night so we were over at her house to spend the night pitying together. But then she told me about a hot game she used to play sometimes with a previous girlfriend. She said they called it the “Wet Pants Game”. I couldn’t resist. I had to ask. Her face never looked so flushed and excited as she explained:

“We found a quiet, comfortable place to sit such as in a library or the back of a nice restaurant. We wore very revealing, loosely fitting clothing with absolutely nothing on underneath. Then we waited for a couple with a hot guy to walk by. The idea was to attract the guy’s attention without his girl noticing. Then we waited for him to catch our eye again. If he did then we gave him our most seductive looks ever. If he managed to come our way we rewarded him—and most generously so. Maybe we’d cup a breast for him, or slip a hand up our smooth legs, or maybe even show him a treat or two. Perhaps a touch or a taste. It all depended on how much of him we wanted.

“The object of the game was to make him put a lovely wet spot on the front of his pants for us. And if he poked and couldn’t go back to his girl for a few, then it was his problem—and our pleasure. And the most satisfying part?” she asked, “Knowing that he’d rather be having fun with us than with his boring girl.”


“Some rules,” she continued, ignoring me and getting even more excited. “Never give out personal info. Never accept any. If the guy insisted on giving us a note we tore it up right before his eyes. If he asked what we wanted we said, ‘We just like what we see,’ and then smile sweetly—and oh, so seductively.'”

“But what if he was a jerk?” I asked utterly shocked but nicely aroused by that point.

“That’s why we only picked guys with girls. What could he really do without getting in trouble with his girl? And if he was a problem, we’d just call for our waiter to escort us out. It only happened to us twice, and the waiter in both cases, amid lavish apologies, wouldn’t accept payment for dinner—although that was not our intent.”

“Not at all!” I said sanctimoniously, as I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around my tightening thighs. “But what if you liked the guy?”

“Rules are made to be broken,” she said with a sly grin. We both grinned.

“So what happened, why did you stop playing the game?” “My friend moved away,” she answered, “and I’ve never had the courage to tell anyone else about it—until now.”

My heart raced between my breasts. I didn’t want to sit up, for fear of revealing my aroused, perky breasts. Being hot looking myself I was used to catching men’s eyes. But this? My shoulders under my black work out top felt the sweat from my shiny brown hair. With a timid smile I finally managed a “Want to?” She beamed and leaped forward, kissing my cheek. “You’ll love it! You’ll do great,” she said as we hugged spontaneously.

She sat back and said we needed to get ready. “Tonight?!” I gasped as I followed her back to her bedroom. I couldn’t believe how woozy my able legs felt, yet how they kept up with such an excited girl. Before I could even think we had stripped off our clothes and she was picking out outfits of hers for us.

“I can’t wear this without a bra!” I shrieked. “Sure you can,” she insisted as she buttoned down a low cut, sleeveless, satin blouse for me. In a flash I was in a short, red side split skirt and she in a cute, pleated, plaid skirt. Then out the front door we flew. I was still combing my hair half way to the library. I couldn’t believe what we were about to do.

We walked in the library with my arms folded across my breasts, which brought a smile to Tina. We took the elevator to the History level and looked around for a good catch. We saw a gorgeous, studly looking guy sitting with a girl going through magazines. We stared at them from the next row long enough to know they were together. Then Tina walked out and passed him, lightly brushing her right thigh against his elbow as she passed. He looked up as Tina winked back at him. I almost giggled as I watched him lust her ass and legs as she passed him.

She came back to me smiling. “We got one,” she said. “Just like that?” I asked totally amazed. “Are you ready?” she asked me without missing a breath. “What am I supposed to do?” I whispered franticly. “Touch his shoulder with your hand as you pass,” she said. “As he turns to look, turn back and lick your lips, then walk away with a wiggle.”

“Go,” she prodded. “Be sexy.”

The next thing I knew I was thrust in front of him. I relaxed a bit and walked towards him, touching his shoulder as I passed. He looked back as I turned and licked, then turned away swaying my ass. I even slid my hand up under my skirt and showed him some tight buns for emphasis.

The moment I returned Tina said, “Let’s go.” “To where?” I whispered back. “How’s he supposed to find us.” “He’s a guy,” she answered, “And he will, don’t worry.”

“What about his girl?” I asked. “That’s the beauty,” she answered, “He wont have us long. Just long enough for us to have him as we wish.”

We found an open study room half-way down the floor. “Sit like this,” Tina instructed. I sat down next to her facing the open door. My heart and breathing raced. My hardened nipples poked through Tina’s thin blouse. “Relax, we got him,” Tina said reassuringly.

It wasn’t a minute before he walked passed the open door and saw us. Tina stretched her legs straight forward to display them but kept them together. He stood at the doorway and said, “Hi.”

Tina beamed brightly and said “Hi” back. He looked as if searching for something to say. Tina slid her hand up her side and palmed it around a thinly veiled left breast. “What do you want?” she toyed.

“Two sexy girls,” he answered grinning. “Come in here,” Tina said. He stepped in and she leaned forward and slid both hands around the back of his ass.

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