The Way My Sister Plays

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It was 1: 30 in the morning when I pulled my old F-150 into the driveway of the house I shared with my mother and my little sister. If they were up they’d likely wonder why I was home so early on a Thursday. Ever since I’d lost the job at the auto plant I barely saw my family since I was working 2 jobs. I was a security guard on week ends and I worked in “domestic management” at the local university. I was a glorified janitor, making the faculties squeaky clean for the staff.

All the money I made, as well as the cash my mother made with her sewing business went to paying off the mortgage and putting food on the table. But there’d been a spill in the sciences building and we’d all been sent home. I was happy for that as I’d put in 60 hours of overtime these past 2 weeks.

When I got out of the truck I noticed an old Impala parked in front of the house. I figured my little sister had some friends over. My mother never had any visitors. Since my dad died a few years ago she kept to herself. It was sad as she wasn’t even 45 yet and was still a hot looking woman. Her name was Jade.

When I entered the house I heard a faint garbling sound from the living room. We had a small, 2 story house with a small lawn out front and out back. Since I was going to be going to bed at night instead of in the morning I could get around to mowing the lawn with our old rotary lawnmower. No gas or electric powered luxuries for our lawn, I mused.

I found my mother passed out on the couch, an empty bottle of merlot on the coffee table. This was how she spent many of her nights: alone and lost in wine.

Under the light of the TV, my mother looked different. She was sprawled on the couch, and appeared to be wearing only a short, blue silk robe I’d gotten her for Christmas last year. It had ridden up her long legs and I could see her pussy in the dim shine of the television set.

I felt a shameful impulse and looked at the staircase, listening for any movement from my sister. When I was sure there was no sound I crept to where my beautiful mother slept a drunken sleep. I knelt by her waist and leaned over her thick patch of pubic and breathed in her musky aroma. My cock twitched in agreement that she smelled wonderful.

But then I shook my head regretfully and stood up and started for the stairs. A 26 year old man can lust for an older woman, but not when that woman is his mother.

I decided to look in on my sister and make sure she wasn’t getting herself into trouble. I’d barely seen her this past year and I got the feeling we were more like strangers than family.

When I heard the creaky floorboard that told me I was on the second floor, I looked down the dark hallway and listened for the telltale signs that my 18 year old sister Rena was up and laughing and maybe stoking a joint with her friends.

Rena, now she was a hot little number – and I mean little. Where my mother stood 5’4, Rena was barely a hair on the north side of five feet. She did have mom’s long, silky smooth black hair, big hazel eyes and thick, pouty lips, though. Her hips were nicely rounded and she had a tight, bubbly ass that looked great under her cheerleader skirts. And her tits: big D-cups that she knew how to show off and use to get her way. Rena loved to wear tight top with plunging V-necks – and she had a habit of leaning towards the guys she was speaking to, giving them a grade A view of her cleavage. Little teasing minx.

When I heard muffled sounds, I decided to walk to her room where I saw light from leaking from underneath the bedroom door. That was when I realized the sounds weren’t laughter – I distinctly recognized the sound of a creaking bed. Rena was getting lucky while I’d been on the short end of sex for almost year? Ha! Won’t be wrong if I take a little peak, I thought to myself. Might be a little perverted, sure, but it wasn’t like I was going to join in.

The door was slightly ajar – lucky me – and I slipped around the light and peeked inside.

“Fuck your ass is tight!” I heard Mr Peterson, a local shop owner, say while his over sized, jiggly butt wiggled. He was laying on top of my little sister and was fucking her in the ass. What the fuck?

“Baby you are so tight,” he said again. His meaty arms were on each side of her small shoulders and he was pounding her so hard that she recoiled off the bed every time he fucked her.

“I can come in your ass right? It’s included?” The questions slipped out between his groans. What price?

“Yeah baby!” Rena cried. “An ass fuck and come is an extra 40!”

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it baby! Yeah!”

I was dumbstruck when Peterson stopped moving and his entire wobbly mass shook and obviously dumped a thick load of jizz in Rena’s ass. While he came she wiggled her little butt to heighten his pleasure. After a few second he just fell on her, obscuring her petite frame. Only her long hair stuck out from under him.

“Baby,” he hissed while kissing her shoulder blade and rolling off of her – his limp little dick was soaked in his come and almost disappeared beneath his beer laden gut. Rena rubbed her ass before sitting cross legged on the edge of her bed.

I watched Peterson dress in his flannel shirt, overalls and work boots. “An even hundred?”

Rena just smiled at her benefactor and stuck out her hand, like a little girl waiting for her lollipop. But she was all woman – I was riveted by how her tits stood straight from her chest. There was no sag, no droop, just two luscious bags of firm flesh topped with thick nipples. They were till erect and looked stiff enough to cut glass. She was sitting facing her bedroom door and from my shadowed observation place I could see the triangle of her pubic hair, silky and black.

Peterson planted the bill in her little hand and leaned down to kiss her but she put her other hand on his face and turned it aside. “No freebies, fella.”

“Slut,” Peterson smirked and he walked out the sliding doors. Our rooms were at the back of the house and Rena and I shared a balcony with stairs that led to the backyard. It made sneaking in an out easier. He left the door open and I heard the engine of the Impala.

I noted Rena winced when she heard the word, slut, but there was no other word for it. My sister was a slut and was paid for sex – it dawned on me this was how she could afford all the cds she bought and her smoking addiction and her even changing wardrobe. I should have realized the meager allowance mom ans I set aside for her wasn’t enough for all the stuff she bought. Shit!

I waited for her to go to the bathroom our rooms shared and clean up. I heard a flush and Rena came back out – she slipped a t-shirt on while I enjoyed the show of her huge tits sweeping from left to right as she moved. She pulled her jet black hair into a ponytail and slipped a small cigar from the pack on her dresser into her mouth and walked out onto the balcony. When she came back into the room for her lighter I was standing in the doorway.

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