The Teacher & Paper Boy

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“God! I need your cock!” she rasped.

She rolled onto her back and pulled at my cock. I clumsily followed her lead and found myself lying between her full, soft thighs. Her fingers pulled at my swollen dick.

Suddenly, something hot, very wet and very slippery enveloped the head of my cock.

“Push it in!” she commanded.

I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Her hand released my cock and both hands grabbed my ass and pulled. I sank to my balls in the hot, wet sheath. I gasped and almost fainted.

“Pull it out and push it back in,” she coaxed.

I tried to master the motion. Each move sent intense sensations through my body. My breathing became more ragged with each thrust.

“Yessss!” she hissed. “Do it! Harder!”

I lost contact with reality. My body took control. The pressure built. Passion saturated my mind and body. I worked my hips clumsily, pumping my dick in and out of her clutching hole. I was vaguely aware of the squishing sound the juncture of our bodies made. A faint, distinct smell filled my nostrils. All factors pushed me quickly toward a climax.

“Now! Now!” she barked. Her body strained and jerked. Her back arched and her hips pumped.

She arched high off the bed and froze. Shudders ran through her straining muscles. Her fingernails raked my back. Suddenly, my balls jumped and blazing colors flashed behind my eyelids. Unbelievable sensations exploded in my body. It felt as if my whole body and soul were spurting from the end of my cock!

Long minutes passed as I tried to find the world and reality again. I wheezed to the surface. She was clutching my body, whimpering. Her hole clutched in spasms at my waning dick.

“Sooooo gooood!” she crooned.

She rolled me slowly back and forth, her eyes closed, her body slowly ebbing back to a stable state. I watched her, fascinated.

At nine fifteen I was dressed and reaching for the doorknob. Her hand rested on my arm. I looked up into her eyes.

“I hope we can do this again, soon,” she whispered.

“Me, too!” I replied. I looked at the hills of her breasts in the ‘V’ of he robe and almost turned back to the bedroom.

She kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she said.

The door closed behind me and I went back out into the rain. The bike ride home through the rain was a vague dream. To think my friends made fun of me being a paperboy, if they only knew the extras that went with the job.

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