The Teacher & Paper Boy

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Her fingers found my zipper and opened it. The belt buckle and the waist button followed. Two fingers slipped into the opening and scrapped the bulge in my jockey shorts. I gasped and she smiled.

Her fingers maneuvered to the opening in the front and warm soft fingers curled around hard hot cock. Stars burst in my head and I clamped my eyes shut.

“Ooooo, it’s so hard and sooo hot,” she cooed.

Her fingers tugged and guided until I felt cool air on my cock. I was gritting my teeth. I looked at her face. She was intently staring at my lap. I looked down. Her whole hand encircled the shaft, leaving only the head exposed. She squeezed and I groaned.

“You have a beautiful cock!” she whispered. “So pretty that I want to kiss it!”

My eyes snapped open wide and I felt the pressure build with anticipation. She smiled at me and then leaned over. I felt her hot breath first, then soft lips. Everything went blank and I lost control. I groaned and my teen-age balls jerked. Her wet hot tongue licked the head and I started shooting come!

“Mmmmmmmm!” she hummed. The first squirt hit her lips. I arched my back and pumped my first non-auto sexual load of come. As I slowly came back to simple sensory overload, I realized that I entire cock was encased in something wet and warm. It was her mouth!

I wheezed and groaned for several minutes. She laved my still hard cock with her tongue and made soft noises. It never went down. It was still hard as a rock. Her mouth made a popping sound when she released my cock and sat back up. There were drops of my jism on her cheek and at the corners of her mouth.

“Delicious!” she whispered, licking the corners and her upper lip.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. She had sucked the cum from my cock and swallowed it!

Her fingers still clutched the rock hard shaft of my cock. Before when I had jacked off, my cock had shrunk. Now it was as if I hadn’t even cum.

“Now, its my turn,” she said.

Her free hand grasped my hand and pulled it to the crotch of her panties. The nylon band was wet and slippery. She pressed my finger into the slit and juices squished out onto my finger. She pulled it back and forth over a bump I could feel through the gooey cloth. Each stroke made her gasp and her hips jerk.

She pulled my hand from her crotch and lifted it to my nose. A subtle sharp odor filled my nostrils. My first smell of a woman’s pussy.

“That’s what hot pussy smells like,” she informed me. She rolled my hand over and pushed my fingers into my mouth. “And that’s what it tastes like.”

I was not put off by the taste. As a matter of fact, it was good. It also made me curious to know what it tasted like first hand. She pulled my hand back to the slippery nylon.

“Rub my magic button,” she whispered, guiding my finger.

I rubbed back and forth over the slick, wet cloth. The magic button seems to swell and grow. Her legs spread wide and her head rolled back on the sofa. Her hips were lifting and shifting with each caress.

“Oh God! Inside!” she gasped. One hand pulled the waistband of her panties out; the other pushed my hand down inside. Suddenly, my fingers were buried in a hot, slippery slit. Juices coated my fingers and she gasped and jerked as my finger probed and searched the gooey folds.

“There! THERE!” she barked.

I found the fleshy knob and rolled it under my finger. She jerked and thrashed. Her mouth dropped open and she held onto my arm. Suddenly her back arched and she jerked violently.


I watched and waited. She thrashed and bounced for several seconds and then slowly sank back to the sofa. My hand was drenched with juices. She pulled my wet hand out of her panties and looked at the shiny, wet fingers.

Without a word, she lifted them to her mouth and methodically licked the juice from them.

“Now, we can fuck,” she said matter-of-factly.

I nodded. I was too lost in all that I had seen. I glanced at the clock on the shelf. It was six thirty. I wanted to ask to call my Mom to tell her I would be late for dinner. But tonight I was going to become a man. I would take whatever speech my Mom would give me. In my Mom’s eyes I would always be her little boy.

She rose on wobbly feet and pulled me up with her.

“We’re going to bed.” She led me to the bedroom and clicked on the bedside lamp.

She unzipped her skirt and peeled it and her slip off. I stood in awe, my cock hanging out, looking at her body. White panties; garter belt and stockings. Her dark nipples were still rigid and pointed.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and stripped them off. I stared at the black bushy hair at her crotch. I was so enthralled that I almost wasn’t aware that she was stripping me. Suddenly, I was naked.

She dropped knee first to the bed, pulling me with her. She rolled onto her side. Somehow I was on my side, facing her, inches away. Her long fingers curled around my bobbing cock and tugged at it slowly. I felt it grow to full size and throb again.

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