The Teacher & Paper Boy

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She smiled and seemed to relax a little. She held my hand on the nylon band. I could feel a button and a strap under one finger. Her other hand had come to rest on my leg, inches from my crotch.

“Does that make it feel better?” Her tongue peaked through her lips as I struggled with an answer.

“Yeah, uh yeah,” I stammered. My own breathing was getting raspy and rapid.

“Does it squirt white stuff?” Her words were a hoarse whisper.

She knew! She did read minds! My mouth work silently. No words would come out. Finally, I just nodded.

She almost growled. It was a moan and a sigh. Her eyes closed and she pulled my hand onto her bare thigh and stiffened. I could feel heat near my fingertips. Living, pulsing heat. Her eyes opened.

“Its been sooo long!” she gasped.

“Huh?” My voice almost recovered.

She shook her head and smiled.

“Have you ever had sex with a… girl?” She seemed to be deciding on the last word.

I shook my head and swallow to a dry throat.

She sighed and leaned back. I glanced down and her legs were wide apart. Wide enough to push the skirt up and I was looking at her white thighs and my hand on one of them. The wet spot on her panties was very vivid and much larger. My fingertips were but an inch from touching her panties.

“I haven’t had sex in a long time,” she confessed. “I want to very badly, now. Would you like to do it with me?” Her eyes were wide, now and she nibbled at her lower lip.

I gaped at the fleshy thighs and the pussy that I knew was just beyond that nylon band. My hand was basking in the heat from her pussy. The word had popped into my mind and I played with it as I enjoyed the view. Her fingers on my leg were squeezing slowly, pulling the denim tighter then releasing, sort of remote stroking to my cock.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t decide if I did. I couldn’t find my voice to answer and I didn’t think a nod was a good enough answer.

“Yessss!” I gasped.

“You are so much younger than I am. You can never tell anyone about it or I will get in a lot of trouble.”

“I won’t tell anyone!” I replied.

“You have to promise on your word of honor.”

“I promise on my word of honor!” I didn’t even know what that was but I was so stirred up I would have sworn any oath imaginable.

Her hand left mine and pulled my head toward her. Her hot lips met mine and I stared wide-eyed at her face and closed eyes as she kissed me. Finally, I closed mine. It seems the thing to do.

Something hot and wet touched my lips and pushed through. It was her tongue! She was French kissing me! Something popped inside me. My breath whistled through my nostrils. Her tongue explored my mouth and wrapped around my tongue. Electricity was discharging into my system from somewhere.

Suddenly her tongue withdrew but her mouth stayed open. At first I didn’t understand then I probed timidly. I scraped my tongue across her teeth and licked at the roof and sides of her mouth. She moaned into my mouth and pulled my mouth tighter to hers. I thought I would suffocate but I didn’t care!

Wheezing and gasping, she broke away and pulled my face into her neck. Her hands were rubbing all over me. My arms, chest, back, down my sides. Her long finger nails raked the denim of my jeans.

“Touch me,” she rasped.

Where? I felt her thighs opening and closing on my hand. Her hot soft flesh was capturing and releasing it. I pulled it out and stroked her back. She whimpered and grabbed my arm and moved up to my hand. She pulled the open palm to the front of her blouse. A large full breast encased in cloth filled my hand.

“Squeeze it!” she demanded.

I squeezed and mashed the spongy flesh. I could feel a hard button in my palm through the layers of cloth. I could feel her hand working between us. I realized that she was unbuttoning her blouse. Her raspy breathing was hot in my ear as she tugged the blouse out of her skirt and stripped it off her arms. I look down for the first time at a female torso, the top covered by just a bra.

“In back,” she instructed.

In back of what, I wondered. She pulled my hand from her breast and guided it to the back of her bra.

“Those are hooks. Unhook them,” she continued.

I started to struggle with them and it hit. I was undressing a woman. When I opened those hooks, her breasts would be naked. I started to tremble and couldn’t get anything undone.

“Wait,” she chided. She pushed me back and put her hands behind her. One motion and the strain went off the straps. She paused and looked at me. She realized this was a first for me. Slowly, she brought her hands back, her upper arms holding the cups in place.

“You pull it off.” Her voice was soft and thick.

I lifted and pulled the cloth away from her body. The large white globes of her breasts sprang into view. Dark brown nipples crowned them with hard little buttons in the center.

“Touch them,” she rasped.

My hands hovered for a few seconds and then went almost reverently to the smooth skin. The nipples pressed into my palms.

“Oh Yes!” she hissed. “Squeeze them!”

I obeyed. I cupped and squeezed the spongy globes, rolling the nipples between my fingers as she instructed.

“Kiss them.”

I leaned forward and kissed the brown button of one.

“Now the other.”

I repeated on the other.

“Lick it!” Her voice was getting hoarse again.

I flicked my tongue across the hard flesh.

“Suuuuck IT!” She whined. Her hand clutched the back of my head.

I opened my mouth and covered the brown crown and suckled like a new born. She was trembling under me. I could hear her moaning and groaning. Her fingers plowed my hair and raked my neck. I got the hang of it and moved from one nipple to the other. It was having a definite effect on her but it was driving me to frenzy.

She pushed me away and looks at me for several seconds without a word, her hands holding my face. One hand slipped and trailed across my chest and dropped to my lap. It lay for a moment on the throbbing bulge in my jeans.

“Now, lets free this hungry monster!” she said throatily.

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