The Teacher & Paper Boy

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It was a rainy, Friday evening. I was out collecting from my customers. On my paper route were two brick buildings of apartments. I was looking forward to them just to get out of the rain. The long halls; both up and down stairs were lit by a single naked bulb. Very few of the people were home when I knocked on their doors.

In the second building I had three customers. The first, upstairs wasn’t home. The second was and he was grumpy as I waited for him to scrape up the four dollars for the weeks paper. He growled at my ‘Thank you’ and closed the door. I walked reluctantly to the last customer at the end of the downstairs hall. I knocked and waited. The click of high heels came toward the door and the lock clicked. The door opened and she looked at me a moment.

“Collect for the paper, Ms. Eubank?” I asked

“Oh, uh sure. Just a second,” she stuttered.

She turned from the door and then turned back.

“You’re soaked. Would you like to come in and dry out a little,” she asked. Her eyes were bright and she motioned into the apartment.

I stared a moment. I knew that she was a schoolteacher. Not at my former high school but one across town. She must have been in her 40’s. I heard the kids nicknamed her, Old Maid Eubank.

Warm, welcome odors wafted from the apartment and I looked at her full womanly figure. I wasn’t sure but she smiled and her brown eyes seemed inviting.

“Yes, Ma’am. I guess so,” I stammered.

She closed the door behind me and pointed to a chair in the small, crowded living room. I glanced around at the lived in room and felt immediately comfortable.

“I was making hot chocolate. Would you like some?” she asked.

I stared up at her for a second. Her breasts seemed like pyramids form below. Sharp pointed, white encased pyramids. Her blouse clung to her body like it was wet

“Um, Uh, yes, Ma’am,” I croaked.

She smiled and turned out of the room. I could hear the soft sounds form the kitchen as she did things. Soon she returned and handed me a hot mug of steaming hot chocolate. Her red full lips smiled softly as she sat down on the sofa across from me.

She sipped her chocolate and looked at me. I sipped mine and looked at her. Slowly, I became aware that I could see up her skirt. I burned my tongue.

She was wearing a tight, dark blue wool skirt. Her knees were a few inches apart and what I could see was faint but visible. Her bare thighs above her stockings were white and touching together. Just above them I could make out a small white triangle. I decided I had better stop staring. I glanced up and found her watching me. Her lips were curved in a peculiar smile. I looked away to the window.

The shades were down on both of the windows but I could see shadows from the street light on the corner. Lightening flashed in the distance and I could hear the rain on the glass.

“Sounds like it might rain all night.” She spoke finally, her voice soft and distant sounding.

“Yeah, uh, yes, Ma’am.” I looked back to her face. I was having trouble keeping my eyes above her chin.

“Do have very much collecting to do tonight?” She licked her red lips and sipped her chocolate.

“No, Ma’am. The apartments are at the end of the route,” I lied. I didn’t even know why I did. She glanced at the window and I looked down.

Her knees were further apart. Her thighs weren’t touching and the small white triangle had become a white band between them. I swallowed hard and felt heat rise in my crotch. Her legs opened a little more. I could see the sheen of the nylon panties. I looked up quickly. She was still looking at the window.

“What grade are you in?” She turned to look at me.

“The…” I had lost my voice! “Freshman in college!” I blurted.

“You’re eighteen, then?”

“Yes, Ma’am”.

“Is being a paperboy good money,” she asked?

“Well, ma’am I like the morning hours and riding my bike is good for keeping in shape. After I finish my route the rest of the day is mine.” She seemed pleased with the answer. She rose, taking the cup.

“I think I want some more hot chocolate. How about you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, please,” I replied, eagerly, handing her my cup.

Watching her wool encased hips as she walked to the kitchen door and disappeared. I pushed at the bulge of my cock in the front of my jeans. Being no stranger to its life form, it felt like it was swollen to full size It seemed to have a mind of its own. This was not the time or place for it to be standing at attention.

Returning to the living room she placed her cup on the end table and bent down to set mine on the coffee table at my knees. I didn’t remember the top two buttons on her blouse being open. I could see the valley between her large breasts and even an edge of her white bra. My cock jerked and I almost gasped.

“There you are,” she said, dropping slowly onto the sofa.

I lifted the cup and sipped slowly. My tongue was already burned enough. The chocolate had a faintly sharp aftertaste. I didn’t remember that in the first cup.

“Do you like my special recipe for hot chocolate?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma’am. Its very good.” Warmth was spreading down my throat and into my stomach.

“Do you have a girl friend, she asked?”

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