The Orgasmic Date

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Tom groaned as Mandy’s fingers aroused him. Her mouth joined in- first kissing his cockhead and then enveloping it. Her tongue laved up and down the shaft.

Mandy said, “You’re still in charge. I’ll stay here as long as you want or you can fuck my ass whenever you want. Some more lube might be nice but that’s up to you, too. You can have me dry if you prefer.”

“Stay where you are for the moment,” Tom said. He reached out to Mandy’s head- gently caressing it as her mouth toyed with his cock. He hissed as her nails raked his now swollen balls. “Move to the center of the bed and lie down on a pillow,” he said. “I’ll lube you there and then I’m going to enjoy your ass.”

Mandy moved as instructed. His hands caressed her ass and he said, “The corset and stockings really frame your ass; it looks so sexy and inviting. Use those long fingers to spread your ass cheeks to show me where I’m invited. I’m going to use just a little lube. I want us both to feel every little bump of my cock as it explores you ass.” Mandy held her ass open while Tom applied a small amount of lube to her sphincter. “I’m thinking that I only need lube to get past your muscle ring; once inside let’s just rely on nature- as improved by my prior deposit.”

Tom moved to his knees to get into position between Mandy’s thighs and said, “You can move your hands now. Lubing you while you held your ass cheeks was incredibly sexy but my cock can find its way.” Tom moved up and used his left hand to guide his cock.

Mandy gasped as she felt Tom’s cock push against her sphincter. “That’s so sexy,” she said, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Tom pushed in and Mandy gasped again. Tom said, “Your ass is so tight. It feels great. I think it’s just what my tired balls need to be milked dry.” Mandy pushed her ass back- making sure Tom was in as deeply as possible.

In her sexiest voice, Mandy said, “So you want me to drain you. I think I can do that. Just keep focusing on how tight I am like I’m thinking about how huge you feel. Mmm… It feels good to have a huge cock stretching my ass. Fill me up with your juice when you’re ready.”

Tom pounded Mandy’s ass. His earlier climaxes had given him much better staying power. He fucked her harder and deeper, saying, “You feel great. I can feel my cum but it’s not close; keep milking me.” After several minutes more of serious fucking, Tom was breathing hard and sweating. “He said, “I can feel it building up inside. My cock wants to explode but can’t quite do it.” Finally, he panted, “Here it comes! You’re milking me dry just as I said. I’m going to need serious rest after this.”

Mandy felt Tom cum and collapse on her back within a few seconds. He was breathing heavily and soon rolled off of her. After a minute or two, Tom said, “I think that ends our date for the evening. I’m exhausted. I’ll help you get the corset off and I have a nice nightgown for you. I’ll want sex again in the morning but I think we’re both done for the night.”

Mandy smiled and replied, “I’m available whenever you’re ready.”

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