The Orgasmic Date

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Dinner was ordered from room service. While they waited Tom produced an extreme push up bra from the dresser and said, “Now I’d like a more traditional, blatantly sexy look. You know I love your cleavage.” He helped her remove the kimono, put the bra on, and restored the open kimono. Dramatic cleavage was now displayed between the lapels of the kimono.

Mandy stayed dressed in the corset which had become more comfortable. It held her erect which also emphasized her breasts. Overall, the corset served as a constant reminder of the strong sexual aspect of their date. During dinner, she said, “Perhaps it’s because of the wine but I’ve gotten used to the corset. Maybe I’ll wear it for you more often.”

They finished the first bottle of wine and enjoyed most of a second bottle- leaving Mandy very mellow and content in the sexual role Tom had cast for her. She said, “I feel lewdly sexy. I want to have sex all evening. How many times do you think you can cum?” Tom just smiled.

After dinner Tom removed her kimono and bra leaving her breasts naked. He re-introduced Mandy to some leather bondage cuffs they had played with years before. He put the cuffs on and fastened her wrists to each other with an 18″cord behind her back so that Mandy could move her hands at her sides but not use her hands for any practical purpose.

Tom said, “I’m sure you remember our play with the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator- it’s brought you to orgasm on several occasions when you were sure that nothing would.” He unpacked it and plugged it in. He continued, “I’ve done some Internet shopping. I bought a speed control that will allow the vibrator to be run at any speed I select. I also bought this.” He showed her a wide leather belt that Mandy had never seen before.

As Tom fastened the belt around Mandy’s waist and through her crotch he explained, “This is called a “Forced Orgasm Belt”. It has a sling at the front that’s designed to hold the Magic Wand right over the area of the wearer’s clit.” Mandy’s eyes got big but she didn’t say anything.

“I bought this to give you more orgasms than you’ve ever had. I can probably only cum once more this evening but my goal for you is four large orgasms. I want it to be a once in a lifetime experience for you. The belt and vibrator wouldn’t be removed until the multiple orgasm goal is reached or you use your safe word.”

“Oh my,” said Mandy, “This date is getting a little more perverted than I expected… but I like it.”

Tom positioned Mandy on her back on the bed with a pillow between her knees to keep her legs slightly open. He inserted the Magic Wand into the sling. The handle leaned toward Mandy’s feet while the vibrator’s ball rested on the juncture of her thighs and Venus Mound.

Tom said, “I’m not going to just leave you with the vibrator. I want to kiss and fondle you throughout. The crotch strap of the belt is removable. After you’ve been pleasured two or three times I expect to remove that part of the belt, lube your ass and then fuck you there- hopefully giving us both a great orgasm.”

Tom started the vibrator on a low speed and kissed Mandy passionately. He said, “I’ve been visualizing your repeated orgasms all week. Just relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t use your safe word too soon; push through any post climax over sensitivity. I’ll lower the vibrator’s speed for a while if needed but you should reach for the next orgasm. Don’t shrink from it.”

As he said this his hands were all over her breasts, legs and hips. Mandy’s arousal grew quickly from Tom’s words and- of course- from the constant vibration which she realized was now at full intensity.

She squirmed under the continued assault of the vibrator but soon realized she was already looking forward to another orgasm and that all she had to do was wait. She was aware that Tom was playing with her breasts with one hand and had her left nipple in his mouth. It all felt hugely decadent. She then spread her legs further apart- allowing the vibrator to sink between them a little. The vibrator was now directly over her clit. It felt great!

After another powerful orgasm, Mandy proudly said, “Two”.

Her clit was very sensitive and she normally would have stopped all activity. Instead she merely closed her legs a little and said, “A lower speed would be better. I need a minute to recover before you force me to enjoy number 3.”

Tom reduced the speed setting. He kissed her passionately and said they had all evening; she should just relax. He fondled her breasts and caressed her hips. She had moved into another world- a zone in which her body was tired but anxious for the next challenge and her mind was turned on by the decadence of being forcibly pleasured.

The vibrator was gradually brought back to a higher speed and Mandy’s arousal rose along with it. Tom placed his hand next to the ball thus causing his fingers to transmit some of the vibrations. Those fingers were on her vaginal lips and then two of them were inside of her. Orgasm Three was the result. It wasn’t as violent as the first two but very satisfying nonetheless. Tom then reduced the speed setting without her asking. “Three,” she said in a breathless whisper.

Mandy soon felt Tom fiddling with her belt. She remembered his earlier comments and said, “Oh, yes. Come fuck my ass!”

She loved anal sex and they indulged in it only occasionally. Within a minute the crotch strap was gone and she was turned onto her side with Tom behind her. This caused the vibrator to swing out and to the side. She missed its direct contact on her pussy; feeling it on her upper thigh just wasn’t as intense.

Mandy’s mind switched to focus on the feeling of Tom applying lube to her ass. His fingers felt obscene as they pushed lube inside- preparing her for his cock. The very thought of having her ass prepared for him was very erotic; she couldn’t wait for his cock.

His cock soon pushed into her ass. He was aware of the vibrator’s slipping to the side and used one hand to hold it closer to its original location. Again, he used some of his fingers to spread the sensation directly to her pussy lips. The combination of the vibrator and his fingers in the front of her body and his cock in her ass was tremendous. Having cum earlier Tom pounded her ass for a long time. She had several mild orgasms as he fucked her. After a while she could feel his breath becoming labored and could feel the building urgency of his thrusts. This excited her and she willed herself to cum at the same time as he did. With one final push Tom came inside her ass and held himself pressed into her. Mandy came again. She vaguely remembered Tom switching off the vibrator, removing the belt and spooning with her.

That was all she remembered. Exhaustion had either ended their date or interrupted it. That would be up to Tom.

Mandy saw Tom was walking toward the bed. She tried to reach out to him but only had about 6 inches of freedom. Using her most seductive voice Mandy said, “If you wash your cock my mouth is available and hungry for you. Your cock doesn’t look ready but I’m sure my lips and tongue can make it like steel again. Our date isn’t over, is it?”

Tom responded, “I washed my cock after you fell asleep. Why don’t you sit up? Get me hard with your mouth. I’d love to fuck your ass again.”

With only limited use of her arms and wearing the stiff corset, Mandy struggled to sit up. Tom unclipped her wrists and assisted her to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs off the side. This placed her face at the height of his cock. Standing in front of her he said, “I freed your hands because I’m visualizing your dark fingernails working my cock along with your mouth.”

The long sensuous fingers of Mandy’s right hand caressed Tom’s cock. The fingernails of her left hand scratched over Tom’s balls and ran up and down his shaft. “It appears just thinking about my fingernails got you harder,” Mandy said. “There isn’t much light. I can see since I’m so close but you’ll have to just visualize my long fingers fondling your balls and my deep red nails scratching them. You’ve seen it before. It’s a very erotic look. My fingernails look really sexy on your shaft.”

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