The Orgasmic Date

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Mandy woke groggily. She felt she’d just dozed off; it didn’t feel like morning. She tried to use her left hand to brush some of her hair back but it seemed heavy; she stopped. Even before she opened her eyes she had the sense she was in an unfamiliar place. As she opened her eyes it was dark- perhaps evening; her sleepy eyes weren’t much help. There seemed to be some natural light coming from an indirect source. She tried her left hand again and found it was still heavy. Then she realized her wrist was bound; her mind seemed to snap awake. In another second or two, she calmed as she remembered where she was.

Mandy smiled as she reflected on her Saturday night date with her husband of over twenty years. She remembered she was on a king sized bed in a beautiful suite at a luxury hotel. She was still wearing a tight corset and her wrists were encircled with leather cuffs connected loosely by a cord behind her back. She could open the Velcro closures in an emergency but she had no need to do so. Release would only come when Tom freed her. That was consistent with the theme of the date and Mandy was very pleased with her date so far.

She sensed movement nearby and then caught a glimpse of her husband walking away. She guessed he had just gotten off the bed which had awaked her. He was probably going to the bathroom and didn’t yet know she was awake. That gave her a few moments to herself.

She reflected on the several orgasms that had exhausted her earlier and smiled. She basked in her sexually sated state and recalled her sexy experiences of the past week.

Earlier in the week Tom had said, “I’m planning a mystery date for Saturday afternoon and evening. If you’re agreeable we’ll be spending the night away from home. It won’t be a romantic date in the traditional sense; rather it will blend some romance with some kinky sex. I will pack everything you need beyond your toiletries. All aspects of our date will be up to me; you’ll need to be willing to accept everything- including my sexual demands. Are you in?”

Mandy replied, “Sure. An evening that’s out of our routine and for which I have no responsibility sounds great.”

On Saturday morning he’d said, “Wear your hair down for the daytime but bring whatever it takes to wear it up later. I’m not sure how I’ll want your hair. When you gather your toiletries, plan on wearing more make up than usual this evening. Don’t forget your perfume.” He’d then given her dark red nail polish to apply on her long finger nails in preparation for their date. She was to pack some lipstick of a similar color and was to be ready at 2PM.

Tom laid out some clothes for her at about 1:30. They consisted of sexier than usual lingerie, a form fitting silk blouse, a modestly short skirt and 3″ high heels. As a 40 year old suburbanite, Mandy usually dressed conservatively. She had great legs and a good body at 5’7″ and 115lbs. but it was usually covered in jeans and cotton shirts. She wasn’t used to wearing a garter belt and stockings in the middle of the day but felt sexy as she eased the first stocking on. She knew her legs looked good in stockings and to Tom’s delight she hated pantyhose. She had a number of garterbelts but they were usually reserved for evenings out. Mandy smiled to herself as she cradled her 34C breasts in the sheer demi- cup bra Tom had provided. It was one of many sexy bras Tom had bought for her over their years together. Most weren’t worn more than once or twice but she indulged him from time to time. The blouse and skirt were classy. All in all, she felt sexy.

They had driven about 20 miles to this 2 year old hotel. It was a sleek, modern building in the otherwise old, modest city of White Plains, New York. The hotel was virtually empty on a Saturday since it was designed for business travelers. After checking in to their suite Tom had drawn a bath and added some bath salts. He told Mandy to enjoy a long soak in the scented water while he unpacked.

He ordered a bottle of wine from room service. As Mandy basked in the warm bath, she was aware of him unpacking and lighting numerous votive candles. He put their clothes away and changed into a silk robe. She heard the waiter delivering the wine and leaving.

After her bath Tom dried Mandy in the hotel’s luxurious soft towels and gave her a black silk kimono to wear. Placing her on the bed on her back, he applied perfumed lotion to her legs. He applied matching perfume to her inner thighs and to her neck and breasts. He then told her to apply heavy make-up including dark red lipstick and to the put on the waist cincher, stockings, 4″ heels, bra and panties he’d laid out. He said, “I’ll help with the cincher when you’re ready since it laces up the back.”

Mandy followed his make-up instructions- using more make-up than she’d worn in years. Preparing herself for her husband made her feel sexy. She felt like a call girl as she reached for the waist cincher. Wrapping it around her body and hooking its front fasteners, Mandy thought it should be called a corset since it reached to right under her chest and felt heavily boned. This too was sexy; wearing a corset was a far cry from their average Saturday. She held the garment in place with the laces loose and called Tom.

He tightened the laces on the corset to the point that Mandy felt compelled to say, “Any tighter and I won’t be able to breathe.”

Tom said, “I’ll loosen the laces if you ask later but the fabric should stretch and conform to your body as you wear it.”

“Okay; we’ll see,” she said. He then helped her put on her panties, stockings and heels since bending to reach her feet was impossible. Finally, Tom helped with the bra he’d selected. It was a quarter cup style that essentially displayed the wearer’s breasts and nipples on small shelves. Mandy had never seen the bra and said, “It doesn’t provide a very attractive look.”

Tom replied, “Obscene and accessible is the look I want; the bra is perfect.” Tom then offered Mandy the kimono again saying that it should remain open.

Mandy soon appreciated the bra’s purpose. Tom produced some mentholated cream he’d used on her nipples before. Mandy’s nipples were coated with the teasing cream and quickly puffed into their fully erect state. He then added a short cord with a noose at each end. Pulling the nooses tight on each nipple assured their erect look would continue until Tom decided otherwise. Her nipples looked huge as they stuck out from her breasts atop the shelf bra.

Mandy and Tom shared a bottle of wine and some fruit from room service. They kissed and Tom said, “You’re very sexy. Unfortunately, I think you sometimes forget that. You should wear sexy lingerie and show off your legs in short skirts. Today I want to enjoy your sexuality and I want you to have a memorable sexual experience.” After about ten minutes Tom leaned his face down to Mandy’s chest and enjoyed her swollen nipples with his fingers and mouth. When he stopped to have some wine, Mandy teased him with her fingernails circling her nipples as she knew he loved. She tugged at the cord and gasped at the excitement she felt in her pussy.

They kissed and Tom fondled Mandy’s breasts. His one hand traced up and down the length of the corset and he said, “I can’t explain it but feeling the firm corset is very sexy. Perhaps it’s the contrast between the corset and your soft flesh. My cock just throbbed as I felt you in the corset.”

The couple’s level of arousal increased gradually but dramatically and they moved to the bedroom. Once on the bed, Tom removed the bra and feasted on Mandy’s nipples while playing with her pussy. His teeth gradually worked the nooses free and he enjoyed her nipples with nothing in the way. Mandy climaxed violently and urged Tom to fuck her. He removed her panties, spread her legs and lifted her ankles to his shoulders. They both knew this position gave Tom the deepest penetration possible. Tom slipped into Mandy’s wet pussy easily and pounded her hard. His excitement soon peaked and he came with several deep thrusts.

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