The Maid’s Spanking

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Ethel stood with her hands behind her back. Her black straight skirt falling to just above her knees. Her blouse was white and fit her perfect. It was not too tight, but still accented the twin globes of tender flesh she had encased in her soft bra. Her stockings were black with seams and she wore black inch-high heels. She wore very little makeup. But with her pretty face, she needed none at all. Her hair was black with just a few strands of gray showing. She wore it neck length with a short bang in the front. We had searched long and hard for a maid like her. Ethel stood 5’6″ tall. She weighed around 160lbs. She had a 40 chest and a nice wide ass.

Oh we could have hired any maid that came along. But our needs were very specific. We needed a maid that could do light housework, mostly shopping, cooking and light cleaning. She had to be 50-55yrs old. She had to be black. And most of all, she had to satisfy the needs of my wife and myself. You might say that to satisfy our needs we should have picked a much younger woman. One that would fuck all-night long, and still want more. Well, if we had been much younger we might have. But we were not young and our maid had to satisfy very special needs. She had to be oral to both men and women. She also had to be anal. And the most important thing was that she had to be able to administer and take a good spanking. This said, let me tell you that Ethel fit the bill perfectly. Oh, the other thing was that she had to want to further her education.

It was because of that reason that Ethel stood before me now. I held her report card up for her to see. “Ethel tell me the grades that are on this card.” Ethel took the card from me and held it before her. “One A and two C’s Sir.”

“When my wife insisted that you go back to school to complete your degree, I told you that we would expect you to be a proficient student. I told you that being older and more mature, you had to set an example for the younger students in your classes.” Ethel looked at me, then turned to look at my wife. Reilly sat in her favorite chair seeming to be reading a book. Both Ethel and I knew that her ears were tuned to our conversation. She looked up from her book and looked at Ethel. A sisterly understanding passed between them. Reilly lowered her eyes letting Ethel know that there was nothing she could say to help. Ethel sighed and turned back to me. I had watched this exchange with some amusement. Ethel already knew how this would end. And as many times as I had stood by and watched Reilly in the very same predicament with Ethel, as Ethel was with me, that they would look to each other for help and support struck me as odd.

“The first semester, when you came in with bad grades, we allowed you a certain amount of leeway. It was an adjustment for you. But we expected much better grades this time. Is there any excuse why your grades have dropped so low? Are we making you do too much around here?” Her eyes grew wide. “Oh no Sir. You and Ms. Reilly don’t allow me to ever do too much. And when you know that I have to study, you make me do even less. I guess I just didn’t work as hard as I should have. Many nights when I should have been studying, I was doing other things.” I looked at her, then turned to Reilly. Reilly had lost all interest in her book and was leaning forward to hear what was being said. I smiled, knowing where this was going to lead. I already knew what Ethel had been doing. “And what could have been so distracting, that you would neglect your studies?” Ethel looked worried now. She began to shift her weight from one foot to the other. “Please Sir! Don’t make me tell you in front of Ms. Reilly.” I got up and went to the bookshelf. I returned carrying a paddle. It was the same kind of paddle that the kids play Ping-Pong with. I smacked it in my hand and the resounding crack made both Reilly and Ethel jump. I sat back down. The chair I sat in was a large straight-backed chair.

I looked up at Ethel. “Now you are going to tell me why you got so distracted. I don’t intend to wait all night either.” Ethel looked at me and swallowed hard. Then she took a deep breath. “Well Sir. You know that my room is right next to yours. And every night you are either giving Reilly a spanking or she is giving you one. Then I hear you two when you are making love. It gets me so hot that I have to start playing with myself. I know I should be studying but I can’t help it. I can’t stop until I hear the two of you fall asleep.” The thought of Ethel lying on her bed, her strong thighs open as she slowly works the dildo we had brought her in and out of her juicy pussy was enough to get me hard. Ethel had one of the juiciest cunts I have sucked on in a long while. Even Reilly has commented more than once on the amount of juice Ethel gives her when she cums. “Knowing what our schedule is before bed, why don’t you go to the den to study?” This time Ethel couldn’t hide a small smile. “Cause I love to hear it Sir. The way Ms. Reilly shouts out when she cums or the way you call her mommy when she’s spanking you or making love to your butt gets me so hot I just cum and cum while I hear it.” I smiled as I turned to look at Reilly. She too couldn’t hide her smile. We both knew that Ethel could hear us. That was part of the excitement.

“Ethel! I will have to punish you this time for the bad grades. I’m sure that Ms. Reilly will find suitable punishment for you at a later time for listening to our lovemaking. Come here.” From the way that the chair was placed, when Ethel lay across my knees, her ass was in direct view of Reilly. “Please Sir, I’ll get better grades.” I laid Ethel across my knees and smoothed out her skirt. “I know you will Ethel. This is just to help you focus on why your grades are so important.” I lifted the paddle above my head. I looked over at Reilly. She had taken in a breath as I raised the paddle and she held it. SWACK! “Oh Sir”, Ethel moaned. SWACK! SWACK! “Please Sir!”

I looked at Reilly. She was breathing faster. I stopped and rubbed Ethel’s wide ass thru her skirt. But this was just the beginning of her spanking. SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! Feeling Ethel’s ass shake as I spanked it only served to heighten my excitement. I knew that Reilly was getting just as excited. Ethel began to cry as I continued to spank her. But I knew that I wasn’t really hurting her. That wide ass could take a spanking much harder than that. SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! Again I stopped to rub her ass. This time I could feel a little heat thru her skirt. I let my hand stray down to her stocking clad thighs and she trembled on my lap. Her moan changed also. “Stand up and remove your skirt and blouse Ethel.”

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