The First Time I Got Fucked-Gay Story

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I looked over my shoulder at him with pleading eyes. “Oh, please, sir, I’ve changed my mind. I can’t do this, I’m a good girl. Let me get back down on my knees, and I’ll let you cum in my mouth, I’ll let you cum on my face, just please don’t fuck me, don’t stick that cock inside my virgin pussy.”

Antonio had the condom on by then, and slicked it up with lube. His eyes hard, glittering with lust, he said, “Oh, I can’t stop now. I’m gonna fuck you good and hard. I’m gonna shove this hard cock deep inside your slutty little cunt, and you can’t stop me. Now bend over more and spread your legs wider and let me make you my bitch. You know you want it. You want it now.” He slapped my ass and pushed down on my shoulderblades, nearly knocking me off my feet. I sprawled forward and put my hands on the mattress to catch my balance, gripping the red 49ers comforter, and then Antonio was spreading my legs farther apart and rubbing his lube-slicked cock between my cheeks, and god it felt dirty and wrong but oh so sexy to be submissively bent over and waiting for his cock like that, acting like a slutty little Catholic schoolgirl cheerleader waiting to get fucked by a hard cock.

Antonio started pressing his cock against my tight virgin hole, and I looked over my shoulder with pleading eyes. “Oh, please don’t fuck my pussy. I want to stay a virgin there. Fuck my ass instead. Please fuck me inside my virgin ass. I beg you, I’ll be such a good little slut, I’ll push back and make you cum so hard if you fuck my ass instead.”

“So now you’re begging me to fuck your ass, bitch? Is that how a good girl acts? Only sluts take it up the ass. You’re a slutty dirty cunt, aren’t you? Admit it, or I’ll fuck your pussy instead.”

“Oh, please, I AM a slutty cunt, I want your cock deep inside my naughty schoolgirl butt, I want you to fuck me there …”

Antonio pushed harder against my hole, bucking for entry.

I groaned. “Oh, shit, that hurts, please stop, please don’t fuck my tight virgin ass, I changed my mind, I’ll do anything else, anyth — aaaah, aaaah, ooooh” and his cock slid inside my ass, and I panted it hurt it hurt damn but it felt so sexy and good at the same time, my first time getting my ass fucked, and now he grabbed my hips and pushed all the way inside, bottoming out in me while he groaned and grunted and called me his whore, his slut.

He started pumping. “How do you like being my bitch? Do you love it?”

“Oh, shit, oh shit it hurts. But I love it. Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

He started pumping harder, banging into me as I grabbed the comforter and held on, trying to not get knocked off my feet as his cock shoved deep inside me, over and over, and it hurt he was so rough I thought about begging him to stop, to stop fucking my ass, but it also felt so good to be giving such pleasure, to be taking a man’s hard cock deep inside my depths, and he started pumping faster, his belly slapping against my cheeks, my cock drooling cum from being so turned on, from being a woman getting fucked by her man, a good schoolgirl, and OK, OK, let him finish, he’s close, he’s ready to cum, and then he grabbed my hair and pulled it, forcing me to buck back into his thrusting shoving cock and he groaned and buried his cock all the way inside and gave a few quick short shoves as he came and came and came, telling me to take his cum bitch ohgodohgod fuck yeah, take it, aaaaah aaaah aaaah, hunnnh, whew, whew, and then he pushed me forward so I was laying on my belly, my legs spread wide apart and his cock still deep inside my butt, sprawling on top of my back and gasping for breath and muttering aaah what a good bitch you were, did you like getting fucked, did you like taking it like a woman, you’re my bitch now, you’re gonna let me fuck you anytime I want, yeah, his cock softening, and I reached behind me grabbed his ass cheeks and gave them a bit of shove, pushing his cock back inside me a bit, to let him know that yeah, he could fuck me anytime, I was his naughty dirty bitch, I loved it, I loved being his woman, all he had to do was ask and my ass was his for the taking, ready to be fucked anytime, because now I knew what it is like to be a woman satisfying her man’s lust, and it felt so good …

We were in the bedroom staring at each other, blank faces, yet with some notion of what may happen today. I move closer towards you and grabbed your hands. I pulled you towards myself. We were so close that I could feel your breathing. I gazed at your beauty. I wished I could stop time and enjoy fully this scenery. After some minutes I caress your hairs, and then move them on your back so that your neck is free. But I don’t go for the neck. Instead I kiss you while still playing with your hairs. It was a passionate kiss, not so hard but you could sense the urge that I have for you. Finally we parted but I don’t stop. I had only changed place.

Now I am kissing you all over you face till I reach your ears. I kiss the whole of it. From top till bottom while whispering how much I love you. I moved onto your earlobe and starts kissing you there. I can’t resist anymore, I shifted my hands from your hair and grabbed your firm butt. Now I am sucking your earlobe and occasionally I would slap lightly your ass but I don’t let go of it.

I move downward on your neck without my lips leaving your skin. I put slight kisses everywhere on your neck but I concentrate more on your chest bone. I kiss all over it but I don’t go downward. You seem frustrated that I don’t go down but I don’t care. When you were about to say something, I just shut your mouth with a kiss. A long one but with such eagerness. Quickly I move my hands from your butt and place them on your breasts.

Though you were wearing a shirt, I could feel the hard nipples. I smile but continue kissing you. My hands are tracing your breast on the surface of the cloth. Too much time has passed, I need to feel you. I slipped my hands beneath your shirt and undo your bra. I let it fall by itself. Now i can access your beast fully. I stop kissing you and starts sucking your earlobe, meanwhile both of my hands are cupping your breast under your shirt. I touch and leave the nipples thrice but I don’t linger there. I cupped them with more desire and my sucking is becoming harder.

You start feeling something in your stomach, difficult to describe however you like this feeling. Then take hold of your shirt and remove it. You are now semi nude. I back away and admire you. A real beauty. I move my mouth closer to your belly and place a soft kiss there. You shiver at the contact of my mouth on your belly. I continue kissing but I moved upward till I reached your breast. Then kiss both of your nipples, one at a time for some moment. Finally, I draw my tongue out and suck your breast. Not a hard neither a soft suck, but enough for you to feel the pleasure. My hands are accompanying my tongue in the movements. While am cupping your breast, this time I play with your nipples with my tongue. I don’t suck it, rather with the end of my tongue; I moved your nipples in every direction, as if trying to move a ball. While I continue with this movement for some minutes, I can hear you moaning louder.

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