The First Time I Got Fucked-Gay Story

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The first time I sucked and deepthroated a cock, my throat was sore for almost a week, and I felt a bit ashamed and dirty. But, it was such a thrill to submissively kneel down and have a horny married man grabbing my head and forcing his stiff prick inside my mouth, shoving it down my throat, that I knew I had to try it again. So I ran another ad on craigslist that started off like this:

“Are you a married man? Have you wondered what it would be like to get your cock sucked by another married man? Do you like role-playing and dirty talk …”

I got a LOT of responses to this ad, some creepy, some evasive, quite a few who were not very bright, or who refused to send a picture, but eventually I ended up exchanging emails with a good-looking latino, Antonio, whose picture sported a nice smile, and who seemed sane and pleasant. So one morning after my wife left for work, I drove out to his apartment, feeling a bit nervous but also excited.

Antonio greeted me at his door, bare-chested and wearing tight shorts, a bit of pudge around his waist but otherwise pretty good looking. He got me some cranberry juice and then we sat in his living room talking about our lives. He told me how he grew up Catholic in a small mostly latino town in the Southwest, and how he married his cheerleader wife despite being bi with a marked preference for men, and finally how he got divorced when his wife walked in on him with another man.

He was glancing at my slim muscular body as he said all this. After about 15 minutes we both fell silent, and he started rubbing his cock through his shorts and giving me a hungry look. I kind of glanced down shyly, and when I looked up again he stood up and said in a husky, strained voice, “What do you like to do?”

“Ummm, role-playing is kind of a turn on for me.”

His eyes narrowed in amusement, “Hmmm, OK. So you ready to go in my bedroom?”

I paused, thinking about it, then slowly nodded and stood up and followed him into a sparsely decorated room with a mattress and box springs, no frame, lying on the floor, covered by a red San Francisco 49ers comforter. Antonio took off his shorts and then stood close to me, rubbing his growing hardon through his underwear.

“Take off your shirt,” he said. As I shyly unbuttoned it, he reached out and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. “Does that feel good?”

I nodded yes.

He unzipped my jeans. “Wow, no underwear. Maybe you could stroke my cock?”

I tugged his underwear down, and his semi-erect cock sprung free, dark and uncircumcised with shaved balls.

As I tentatively reached out for it, he asked, “Have you ever sucked an uncut cock?” I shook my head no as I started rubbing his precum over his cockhead.

“So what kind of role-playing do you want to try?”

I stared into his eyes. What the hell. “I’ve heard about you. I’ve heard you’re a very bad boy who takes advantage of innocent Catholic schoolgirls like me.”

He looked puzzled for a moment, then a grin spread across his face. “You like me being bad, don’t you?”

“Oh no. I’ve heard about all the naughty stuff you’ve done to other girls. How you put your hands on their shoulders and shove down, force them to kneel down. How you make them get on their knees and then you do all kinds of dirty, bad things to them.”

Antonio stared for a moment into my eyes, his pupils widening, then he grinned and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed. “Kneel down, bitch. Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

“Oh no, please don’t make me do that,” I said, as I got on my knees, his rapidly stiffening cock inches from my face. “I’m a good Catholic schoolgirl cheerleader. Please don’t make me open my lips while you push your big, hard cockhead into my mouth. Only slutty girls do that. Please don’t grab my head and force that stiff cock inside my virgin mouth and call me a slutty girl. Oh, please don’t.”

So of course Antonio put his hands on the back of my head and pushed, and his cockhead started sliding slowly into my mouth. It was rubbery and hard and slick with salty precum, and it felt so dirty and exciting as he pushed his cockhead inside. I started flicking the underside with my tongue, and he groaned. “Take my prick inside your slutty little mouth. I’m gonna make you my bitch. Suck it.”

I pulled off, my tongue dragging along his shaft until his cockhead popped free from my moistened lips, slick with precum. “Please don’t make me your bitch. I’m a good girl. Please stop. I’m begging you, don’t shove your cock deep inside my slutty schoolgirl mouth and force me to deepthroat you. That would be so wrong.”

“Oh, fuck, that sounds so hot. Take it, bitch. Take my cock all the way down. Gag on it.” My mouth filled up and then he was pushing down my throat, facefucking me, and he started pumping his shaft and grabbing my hair. “Take it all, you dirty little cunt, take it deep inside your slutty mouth, you know you love it, you want my cock deep inside you, don’t you?”

I pulled off again. “Oh, no, please don’t. Please don’t shove your cock inside my pussy. I’m a virgin, I’ll suck your cock, I’ll be a good little whore for you, just please, don’t fuck me. Please don’t stand me up and bend me over and shove that big thick cock inside me.”

His mouth gaped open for a moment as he took this all in, then he pulled me up. “On your feet, bitch. I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna bend you over and spread your legs and shove my cock deep inside your wet little pussy.”

“Oh, please don’t. But I can’t stop you, you’re too strong. Oh, at least put on a condom and some lube so you don’t hurt my virgin pussy.”

He grinned. “Well, you’ve been a good little cocksucker. I guess I can do that much for you. Take off your jeans and bend over and wait for me, bitch, while I get that stuff from the bathroom.” I tugged off my jeans, then I let him bend me over and roughly shove my legs apart. He slapped my ass and was gone. A few moments later he was back.

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