Ten Inches in My Ass

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Julio and I ended up going on a few dates, which always ended in wild sex. He fucked my ass every time we met. After a few dates Julio and I decided we should be friends and fuck buddies but to continue looking for love elsewhere.

And for anyone concerned about Lara, she was fine. You know, I saw their energy on the dance floor and thought they looked good. But they meshed better than even I could imagine. You see Chris likes to be dominated and Lara just happened to have a whip.

My husband and I had been talking about me putting out to other men for some time. It started out as fantasy, but the deeper we went into it the more exciting the aspect became. We started out with some serious Prick Teasing. I am considered attractive and I have a nice figure, especially my legs. I started wearing a garter belt and stockings with bright colored bikini panties all the time. Most of my brassieres were red or black, worn beneath a white blouse so they would draw attention to my tits.

I was constantly giving men “stolen glimpses” all the way up my skirt, or selecting a dress or skirt that would catch every breeze and blow up to show off my legs and panties. These Prick Teasing sessions would get me so hot I had to feel myself up as soon as I got home. By then I really wanted to be fucked by other men.

One afternoon my husband called to tell me he would pick me up in an hour, and to ask me to wear something sexy. He said he had a well hung stud lined up to screw me. As much as I wanted to try another cock, I really didn’t know if I could go through with it, but I agreed to at least try.

I wore a black brassiere that was cut so low my large nipples protruded over the top, under an almost see through white blouse that buttoned in front. I wore a black garter belt, black silk stockings and bright pink bikini panties beneath a full blue skirt.

My husband arrived and took me out to the car to meet Grover. I was put in the front seat between the two men. My husband had no more than started the car when Grover’s fingers touched my chin, turning my face to meet a hot kiss. His tongue darted into my mouth and that hand dropped to cup my tit. The other hand slid under my skirt.

I felt his hand glide up between my legs to the tops of my stockings. In that instant there was no question in my mind. I wanted to be FUCKED! My hand rushed down to cover his. I spread my legs and drew his hand to my panties. He drew the leg band to one side and slipped a finger up my cunt.

He hiked my skirt up to my waist, then opened my blouse and took my tits out. I was moaning loudly, begging him to suck my tits and feel me up. I unzipped his pants and reached inside. My fingers closed around ten inches of thick, hard cock. I took it out, begging him to put it in me, to please fuck me.

Less than five minutes had passed since I met this man, and we were still driving through town. He drew my leg over his lap and without even bothering to take my panties off I guided his cock to my pussy and he shoved it in me. I started cumming the instant he entered me. I was screaming that I was cummimg, begging him to fuck me, ram it to me, screw me!

As he started pouring the meat to me Grover was talking to me, telling me I was the easiest Piece of Ass he had ever met, how my husband had told him I would let any man fuck me. He called me a Fucking Whore and a Slut. I told him to speak louder, I wanted my husband to hear his words. I told him I was a Whore, and how he could do anything to me he wanted.

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