Ten Inches in My Ass

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We walked into his apartment and he turned on a light in the kitchen. The polite gentlemen he was he offered me something to eat or drink. I declined and motioned for him to come closer. He did as instructed and I began unbuttoning his shirt.

I licked his nipples and left little lipstick marks along his chest. I felt a hand on my back and I knew Julio was unlacing my corset. I allowed his large warm hands to caress my shoulders. I stood topless in front of him and he in front of me. I began peeling off my skirt.

Julio got down on his knees and nuzzled my pussy through my thong. He rubbed my ass and I got a surprise when he yanked my thong up; rubbing hard in my ass and across my clit. Julio peeled my thong off and left me standing in my boots. Fair play is fair play so I opened his pants and got the shock of my life. Julio had a huge dick. It was not fully hard and it was HUGE. I love my men at a nice five or six inches and the largest I had ever had was eight. This one was a challenge and I love a challenge.

Julio let a soft laugh escape and finally informed me that he worked as a male porn star for his second job. I was not surprised. I rubbed my hand across his cock’s ridge and licked just the tip for a millisecond and then he stepped out of his pants.

We began touching and fondling each other’s hot bodies. Soon my pussy was leaking down my legs. Julio had grown to his full ten inches and I was hot for his cock and scared to death.

Julio asked me what I liked. I told him I like it either hard missionary with legs over the shoulders or hard doggy style. No sweet slow sex for me. Just hard pounding sex. Julio laid me on the bed with my pussy up in the air. He snuggled into my pussy again and licked me just a few times before I had a small orgasm.

I was ready for his cock. He slowly came up to me and kissed my mouth. As his tongue swirled around mine I felt his head enter my pussy. He muffled my groans and pants with his mouth. I was in a lot of pain. I reached down to rub my clit. Hoping another orgasm would cool my painful pussy.

He began pumping my pussy and soon I was screaming with an orgasm (and pain). With the second orgasm I was able to relax and let his huge dick fill me over and over. After just two minutes I began begging him for his hot cock. “Pound my pussy Julio! Pump your cock into my hot cunt! Rip my cunt open baby!” And he obliged.

Julio was pumping in and out of me with such force I could feel myself being lifted off the bed. I was grunting and groaning and straining under his enormous size. I was quaking with my third orgasm and Julio let go and I felt his cum flood my pussy.

We were a sweaty mess of flesh and I was in a lot of pain. Julio looked quite happy. He was actually smirking. Finally I had to know what was so amusing. He said, “Girls always yell like that when I am working. But you were the first to really mean it.”

I responded, “If you really want to hear me scream put that dick in my ass and fuck me for all you’ve got.” I think Julio considered that a challenge and he flipped me over.

He got down and licked my asshole. His tongue was wet and warm and he slowly pushed his tongue into my ass. He took a bottle of lube from his nightstand and pushed a finger into my ass. (I play with my ass often this was not hard.) Less than five minutes later he had three fingers pumping in and out of my ass.

He put his once again hard cock back in my pussy while he fingered my asshole. He was working me just right. Rotating his hand and alternately pushing and rolling his fingers, I felt my ass loosening. I was thrusting back against his dick and his hand. I felt him pull out of my sopping pussy.

Too quickly I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass. The head went in quickly and then he really had to push. My ass was fighting all the way. He was so large. My ass was burning. I was pretty sure he was making me bleed. He leaned over and bit my neck. As soon as he did I loosened my ass and I felt him push the other 9 inches deep into my ass. I let loose a howl like a wild animal. I was panting heavily. I was dizzy; I was ready to pass out.

His ten-inch cock was already in my ass but I felt him pushing against me deeper and deeper. His balls were slapping against my wet fuck hole.

He was not merciful at all. He began thrusting hard and deep. He pulled out entirely and pushed back in again. I heard Julio yelling, “Bleed for me bitch!” (Confirmation on the ass ripping)

I was still howling and panting and screaming and groaning under him. My pussy was leaking and each drop seems to land on my clit making me burn with desire. I needed more lube but Julio did not stop.

Julio was so far into my ass his balls actually pushed into my cunt at one point. My head was spinning. I was screaming.

I felt Julio put three fingers into my steaming cunt. He was pushing faster and faster. I felt another finger in my pussy. His cock came out of my ass and he pushed it roughly back in. He again pulled his dick from my ass and pounded back in at the same time I felt his entire hand push into my pussy. I screamed as I came hard and I felt my pussy being to convulse. I passed out.

I regained consciousness just a few minutes later. Julio was holding a damp cloth to my forehead. A look of relief passed over him as I got up. He kissed me full on the mouth.

I lay there with him for a half hour. We got up and took a shower. The hot water made my skin turn red. The steam helped clear my head. After the shower Julio gave me a shirt of his. We went into the kitchen and got some water. I was severely dehydrated, as was Julio. We downed two glasses of water each before we even began to talk.

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