Ten Inches in My Ass

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My best friend Lara arranged a double blind date for us. We were meeting for drinks at some ultra trendy bar and then if all went well we would head over to an equally trendy club. I was all for it until I found out that the dates were made over the Internet. No photos were exchanged, no phone conversation has occurred. I was pissed at Lara. Our safety was in jeopardy because she had not had the foresight to check up on the guys.

I went to Lara’s to dress. I had brought a few of my choicest outfits and figured I would let Lara’s decision be final. I arrived to find Lara answering the door naked and drenched with water. She had obviously been in the shower when I rang. Her nipples were looking pretty hard in the a/c. She welcomed me in and rushed back to the shower. Another ten minutes and she found me naked on her bed. (I never choose undergarments until I figure out my outfit.)

Lara dried off and told me that the guys were both 28 and that we would be meeting them in less than an hour. I hate rushing so we got right down to the clothes. I pulled out four different outfits. Lara did likewise. She desperately wanted to wear red and black. So that meant I had to lose one of the four outfits with the red shirt. With just three outfits left I began getting nervous. Lara finally made a decision.

Tan leather skirt with a slit up to my thigh and a black corset. Tall leather boots, black thong panties and a scarf finished the look. I began to dress as Lara put on her red crop pants and red tube top. She added black stiletto heels and a black chunky belt.

I was all dressed except for the corset. I waited for Lara to finish buckling her belt and then called her over. I pulled the lace corset around my back and Lara began lacing it. Once she made it halfway up I let go and positioned my breasts so they looked best. My breasts were high and laying heavily on the taught material. Lara finished all the lacing and we checked ourselves out in the mirror. Too hot ladies ready for a night out.

Lara and I have a pre-night out ritual. Before we apply our lipstick we get together and kiss. (This serves the purpose of getting our bodies revved up for the night ahead.) Like you all don’t feel sexier after kissing!

So after our smooch fest we were feeling alive and we added our lipstick. One last glance at a mirror and we were out the door. Thankfully Lara can dress as fast as I can. I prefer being early over being late and in the case of blind dates I can settle my nerves a bit before the men arrive.

We made it to the bar and grabbed a table. The night was young but the place was beginning to fill up. We ordered our drinks and waited for our dates. At three minutes to meeting I got a few butterflies in my stomach. Before those butterflies had anywhere to go I saw a cocktail waitress walking in front of two very attractive men. I crossed my fingers and wished. And like magic, they arrived at our table.

Lara and I stood up and introduced our selves. Lara of course made the date with the Internet guy she had been speaking to. I got the other one. From the introductions it seemed we both had a decent chance.

Lara’s date was Chris. He was 5’ 8 blonde and blue eyed. He was just Lara’s type. I prefer the darker men. And I was fairly lucky to find that my date Julio was Hispanic (as his name suggested.) Julio was a bit taller than Chris maybe 6’0 and he had deep brown eyes and a glorious smile. From the looks of it neither man was disappointed with either Lara or me.

The men joined our table and placed their orders. Julio was happy to see that I had ordered a Long Island. I do not believe in fruity (fem) drinks. Almost immediately we were all getting on well. I found out that Julio worked two jobs. One of which was a market consultant for a small private firm in the area. I became so absorbed in talking about business I never did get to ask about his other job.

A half hour later we decided to head out and hit up the clubs. Lara demanded we head over to the newest trendiest place in town. We had a mini dilemma on the sidewalk. Lara wanted to take one car. I always prefer to take two. I ended up losing the fight. We walked over to Chris’ car and I was more than happy when Julio opened my door. We made idle chitchat on the ten-minute drive. I was so happy about Julio having a brain and the looks that I began relaxing and enjoying his company more.

At the club Julio paid for the four of us and we entered the pulsing club. I am not much of a dancer so Julio and I found a small table in the back while Lara and Chris hit the dance floor. They looked great together. Same height and the same energy radiated from them both. I am sure they made more than a few men and women jealous that night. I did dance a few dances with Julio and he led my moves and I felt a serious dampening in my thong.

Our time back at the table took a more touchable turn and we began feeling each other a bit. His hand on mine, my foot on his leg. Eventually we decided we wanted to leave. A problem arose quickly. Lara and Chris were nowhere to be found. I checked the ladies room. Julio checked the club from some random perch and then we realized we had been ditched.

We were both drunk and thankfully he did not insist on driving. We went outside into the night and the smoke free air made me dizzy. Julio kept to my side and we tried to find a working phone. None around. Eventually we found a police officer and asked him if he could call us a cab because the only pay phone around was damaged. He was quite happy to make the call and thanked us for not driving drunk.

As we waited for the cab to arrive we found a bench to park on. Julio was looking amazingly hot. Sweat was perched on his brow and before I knew what I was doing I had leaned over and licked it off. Julio was surprised but I think he was fairly excited. He found my mouth and kissed me deep. I may have been drunk but I knew that it was one of the most sensuous kisses I had ever received. Just as I was getting into it our cab arrived.

Out of courtesy to our driver we kept the petting to a minimum. Too soon we arrived at Julio’s apartment. I walked up the steps in front of him and I was certain his eyes were on my ass. I added a little shimmy on the top step just for fun. Julio gave me a playful spank.

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