Teacher Takes a Dare

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“Isn’t everyone at the game going to see us and think we’re on a date?” she asked with a teasing smile.

He smiled back. “So let them think that.”

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow and replied, “Oh, really? Then why don’t we just go ahead and call this a date?”

He returned her smile with one of his own, “Sounds good to me.”

They walked and talked as they left the building. As they approached the parking lot, he brought up the night ahead.

“If this is really a date, why don’t you go home and eat a light snack? We’ll go to the game and then go out for a dinner afterwards? Someplace local though, like pizza or Tex-Mex?”

“A deal!” she said as her heart skipped a beat. She told him where she lived and they both drove off.

She rushed home and turned on her computer. As it was booting up, she turned on the shower so it would warm up. It then struck her mind that she had completely forgotten what she had done today. She was going out with the guy that she had just secretly given her wet panties too! “This is getting too deep!” she said to herself as she kicked off her clothes.

She stepped into the shower and let the hot water erase away the stress of the day. She took her time, lathering up her body with scented soap and then shaving her legs. She wrapped herself in her favorite fluffy towel and walked over to the computer.

She logged into her new email, created for the dare, but there was nothing in her inbox. She logged out and checked into her regular account. She had an email from her online dare master. All it said was, “Well???”

She smiled and logged into the instant messenger. He was online and repeated his question of, “Well?”

She told how she had done the dare and how she almost got caught. She also told him that she had a date with the exact same guy tonight.

“Ah, a date with the guy you did the dare for? Do you feel like being extra daring?”

“What more can I do? I’ve already given him my panties.” She replied, adding a smiley face to her comment.

“You could ask for them back.” He commented.

“Ha!” she wrote back. “I don’t think so! I like this guy; I don’t want him thinking I’m a sex pervert.”

“Trust me. Even if he did think that you were a sex pervert, it wouldn’t matter.”

“No kidding,” she wrote back. “He is after all, a man.”

“Okay,” he replied, “No dares tonight. But I want to know all about it afterwards.”

She promised to tell him all of the juicy details and logged off.

She slipped into a short skirt and a school t-shirt. She admired her look in the mirror. “Flaunt it while you still got it.” She said to herself and then went to finish getting ready.

When he called to tell her he was in the parking lot, she grabbed her purse, cell phone, and keys and walked to the door. She paused for a moment, thought about it, and then reached under her skirt and took her panties off and tossed them in the closet by the door. “This will give me something daring to talk about tonight when I get online.” She said to herself.

He was standing by his truck as she left her apartment. He admired her body as she came down the stairs. As he held the door open for her, she flashed more of her upper thighs than she meant to do, but she had to step up into the truck and then slide into the seat. After walking around the truck and opening his door, he saw her adjusting the hem of the skirt, attempting to pull it down further. Her legs were flawless and he still couldn’t believe she was sitting there in his truck.

All eyes were on them as they entered the gymnasium that night. The both felt their faces flushing as they walked in front of the crowd to find their seats.

“Well, at least that wasn’t awkward or anything,” he whispered to her as they sat down.

“No, not at all,” she agreed. “I don’t think anyone even noticed us.”

They both laughed at the moment and waited for the game to begin.

The team played a tough game, and several times they had the crowd on their feet for key moments. The final seconds of the game were electrifying and she found herself gripping his arm, caught up in the moment. As the seconds ticked off, the final shot by the opposing team caught the rim low and ricocheted off as the buzzer sounded.

The home team won and the crowd went wild. Before she even realized what she was doing, they were both jumping and hugging. His hand instinctively went downward on her back and he gave her butt a squeeze.

He jerked his hand away like he had burned himself. “I’m sorry!” he said over the noise. “That just kind of happened.”

“It’s okay!” she yelled back and she punched him lightly in the chest, “I can’t believe they won!”

As the crowd left the bleachers to rush the floor, he took her hand and tugged her in the opposite direction.

“Let’s get out of here!” He said loudly in her ear. He pulled her out one of the side doors and into a back hallway.

They were still excited by the big win and laughing as they walked. As they made their way through the deserted hallway behind the gym, he noticed that they were still holding hands.

“I guess we can stop holding hands now,” he chuckled. “We’re out of the crowd.”

But when he loosened his grip on her hand, she held onto his, even squeezing it a little. Surprised but pleased, he squeezed her hand in return.

“Yeah, thanks for helping me get through that,” she said. “That was chaos.”

They continued holding hands as they walked through the halls, only releasing them when they reached the main exit where the crowd was spilling out of the gym. A few kids saw them and smiled.

“Guess what gossip will be all over the internet tonight?” he whispered to her as they walked past the students.

“Well,” she whispered up to him, “let’s give them something to talk about.” She reached over and wrapped her hands around his arm and leaned into him as they walked outside.

“You’re really something, you know that?” he said with a laugh as they approached his truck.

“If you only knew,” she thought to herself.

As they waited in line to exit the parking lot, he said, “Even though the fact that we’re on a date is going to be all over the school, I really don’t feel like giving them more to talk about. How about if we just go back to my place and eat?”

“Your place, huh?” she said with mock indignation.

“Well,” he stammered, “we could go to your apartment if you want.” But when he looked at her she was smiling.

She laughed and let him off the hook, “I was just kidding. Your place is fine. So what are we going to eat?”

“Well…” he thought for a minute. “How about some homemade chicken enchiladas? Plus, I make some killer margaritas.”

“That sounds wonderful!” she replied. “I love a good margarita. You can really make enchiladas? Do you have enough time?”

“Sure. I just need thirty minutes. The only thing we’re missing is chips and cheese, and I can’t make that to save my life. We’ll have to stop and get some queso.”

“Mmmm, that sounds good too!” she replied, “but I’ll buy that part of our dinner.”

He laughed, but agreed to her demands. As he drove, he picked up his cell phone and dialed the number of his favorite Tex-Mex restaurant and placed an order-to-go.

“You have a Mexican restaurant on your cell?” she exclaimed.

“First, it’s a Tex-Mex restaurant. It’s a combination of Texas and Mexican cooking. It’s very different from Cali-Mex or Baja cooking, and they’re all different from traditional Mexican cooking.” He said with an authoritative voice. “Second, I could live on queso and chips and like I said before, I can’t make it to save my life. So I keep the number ready for when I really need a fix.”

They drove to the restaurant and he ran inside to get their order. The aroma of the warm cheese filled the cab of his truck as they drove to his house.

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