Teacher Takes a Dare

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She looked at him curiously at first, and then looked down at herself. “I’m about to flash the first two rows” she thought to herself. She quickly put her feet back down onto the floor.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she said with a nervous smile. “I’m just their teacher.”

He was standing in the doorway when he smiled back at her and said, “Trust me on this. Remember, I have six years of teaching experience, but more importantly, it wasn’t that long ago that I was a teenage boy.” Then he walked out of the room.

She sat there for a few minutes thinking about what he had said. He was cute, and kind of funny. She just didn’t know him very well since his room was on another hallway. “Could the guys really see up my skirt?” she thought to herself. “Hmm, there’s only one way to find out.”

She got up and closed her classroom door. Then she dug her camera out of her bag and went to the student desks that were next to hers. She sat down and aimed the camera at where she would be sitting. She set the timer and then quickly ran back and sat down.

She turned her chair sideways and propped her feet up on the textbook kit.

Flash! The camera timer went off and it snapped the photo. She jumped up and ran to see the results. The picture showed a view she clearly didn’t want to show her students. While you couldn’t see up her skirt, it did show a lot of her legs. It was a good thing she didn’t wear a short skirt to class when the students were there.

She began to think naughty thoughts. “I wonder what you could see if I wanted you to see?” She set the camera timer again.

This time she sat in the chair with her feet on the box, but with her knees in the air. She could feel the cold air on her bare pussy. This was getting exciting. A tingle ran through her body.

She went to check out the picture and was surprised at what she could see. There, at the juncture of the back of her bare thighs was a clear shot of the lips of her pussy!

She stared at the picture until it timed out. She guiltily looked around the room and then set the camera up again.

This time she spread her legs wide with her feet on the box. After the picture snapped, she set it quickly again without looking at the results. She ran back to the chair and got on her knees. The picture captured just the lower part of her bare butt cheeks. In the next picture, she pulled her skirt up high, completely exposing her ass to the camera. Finally, she took one of her in her chair, skirt pulled up, legs spread wide, and at the last second before the timer took the picture, she pulled her sweater and bra up, exposing her tits.

By that time, she was more than excited. She scooted up to her desk with her legs underneath. She opened up her grading program on the computer, but she wasn’t concentrating on it. Instead all she could think about was how the pictures looked of her exposing herself. She couldn’t wait to go home and email them to her friend, after carefully cropping out her face, of course.

She put her hands in her lap and began to finger herself. Her pussy was so hot and wet. Her fingers were quickly covered in her juices. She had another wicked thought and she worked her fingers inside and around her pussy until they were coated and sticky. She then scooted backward until she could take a picture of her fingers resting against her puffy pussy lips. She took a quick picture of her slick fingers. “He’s going to like this one.” She said to herself.

“What if someone had opened the door when I was taking the pictures? What if Andy had stepped back in? I could have been fired!” She thought to herself as she rapidly stroked her fingers across her little button. Her clit was practically throbbing as she strummed it.

The idea of doing something so taboo in her classroom excited her so much that it didn’t’ take long before she was into an intense orgasm. Her body shook quietly as she fought to retain control of her voice. “Mmnnnh!” she managed to groan as she bit her lower lip as her hips involuntarily shook and flexed back and forth. She pressed her thighs together as she came down from her orgasm. She was still breathing heavily when she finally pulled her fingers away. She was so sensitive after an orgasm. She sat up a little to pull her skirt back into place. She put the camera into her bag and leaned back into her chair and closed her eyes for a few seconds as the flush ran through her body.

“So, are you going to sleep the whole day away?” she heard a voice say in a soft whisper. It was a soft, but deep and soothing male voice. “Are you having a nice dream?” It was such a calming voice, and it brought a smile to her lips.

“Susan? Susan? C’mon, it’s time to get up.” She heard the voice say again, and then she felt fingers softly pushing against her shoulder.

“Just a few more minutes,” she thought to herself. She slowly opened her eyes. It was Andy, the nice man that had helped her with the box. She sighed and closed her eyes again. Then she realized where she was.

“Shit!” She said as she sat up quickly in her chair. She had fallen asleep!

“Oh wow!” She said quickly, “I can’t believe I did that!” She stammered through an excuse about being tired after lunch and needing some caffeine. She ran her fingers through her hair and pulled on the hem of her skirt to straighten it out.

“No biggie,” he said with a smile. “Just don’t do that during the regular school week. The administration frowns on such activities as sleeping and snoring when you’re supposed to be teaching.”

“I don’t snore!” She said with a little snort.

“If you say so,” he responded with a knowing smile. “Anyway, I just came by to tell you that the workbook in the new textbook kits is actually pretty good. I started thinking about what I had told you and was worried that you took me serious.”

She looked up at him and said, “Well, thanks. Now that I’m awake I guess I should check it out.”

“Just take it home with you,” he told her. “Everyone is going home in a few minutes. They’re about to start testing fire alarms. You don’t want to be here during that.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to listen to that all afternoon.” She said to him. She began to collect her papers and things. “I guess the fire alarm would have woken me up into a good panic. You, however, really know how to wake a girl up. Thanks for not startling me.”

“It was my pleasure,” he responded in that soft voice again. “I wouldn’t want to see that pretty face with a frown.”

“You’re just too sweet, “she responded back. They made small talk about teaching and students as they walked out of the building. As she got into her car to leave the parking lot, she waved back at him.

He waved back and climbed into his truck. He had to run some errands before he could go home and check his email. “I sure hope it’s her,” he thought as he put the truck into gear.

A few hours later, back at home, with his heart pounding in his chest he opened up his email account. “Dare Completed” was the title of the email. It showed an attachment. His chest was thumping and he felt butterflies in his stomach as he clicked on the email.

“Here ya go!” She had written in her email. “I did your dare. I wore a short skirt without panties and my UT sweatshirt. I got carried away. Not only did I take a picture of me mooning you in my classroom, I also fingered myself until I came! Pictures are attached.”

He scrolled down to see a lovely bare ass. She was kneeling in a chair behind a teacher desk. The next picture was of two fingers covered in wetness and resting against the puffy lips of her pussy. The final picture was of the lower half of a woman sitting with her legs spread wide and her sweater pulled up high to reveal two lovely breasts. Her feet were propped up on the box of what looked to be a brand new teacher textbook kit.

“Gotcha!” he said to himself. “Let the games begin!”

She waited all afternoon to get a response from him. She had nervously sent the pictures of herself from her classroom and was dying to find out what he thought. When he finally responded, she was very satisfied. He went on and on, telling her how beautiful she was, and how sexy her body looked.

This was so exciting to her. Even her former lovers had never told her so much. The anonymity of it all had allowed her to share so much of her sexual side. Here, she was totally uninhibited. She could share everything, do anything, and be as crazy as she wanted to be.

Today was proof of that. She had taken revealing photos of herself in her classroom, and then fingered herself to orgasm at her desk. Now, she was online again, waiting for her friend to show up.

Finally, a window popped up on her computer. “Hey beautiful lady!” he had written.

“You are a crazy sexy woman.”

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