Taste of her Ass

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Dizzy with arousal, I began to deliberately ripple my rectal muscles, massaging my boss’ engorged organ as it slipped in and out of my anal cavity at an increasing pace. I was still prying my arse cheeks apart to facilitate easy viewing of my invaded anus, so my face was pressed harder into the desk with every thrust from behind. In minutes I felt the familiar creeping of an anal orgasm in my lower belly and I whimpered then moaned as it engulfed my senses and made my whole body tremble. My knees buckled but the force of Mr Taylor’s continuous penetration held my body over the desk as he neared his climax.

With a final violent thrust, my middle-aged boss ejaculated into my rectal passage and quickly filled me up with frothy jism. I squirmed beneath him as more and more semen flowed into my arse and marked me as Mr Taylor’s private property. I felt the delicious warmth seeping upward and deeper into my bowels than ever before and I over my shoulder I directed my most subservient and grateful gaze at his handsome face. He looked over at Mr Hitchens as he withdrew his softening cock from my anal cavity and staggered backwards.

Mr Hitchens stepped forwards and within moments had squirted his creamy cum over my lower back and the tops of my quivering arse cheeks. My fingers were digging into my flesh now but I continued to expose my whole bum crack and puckered arsehole as he directed a second spurt of cum onto my anus itself and my upper thighs. My garter belt and thong were completely covered in this fat old man’s white froth. It trickled all over me as Mr Taylor’s cream slowly emerged from my contracting anus and coated my bald pussy lips. My lower back, bum and thighs were shiny with their gooey mixed ejaculate and I could still taste Mr Taylor’s semen in my back of my throat.

Both men had pulled up their trousers and stood back watching as I quickly pulled on my bra and stretched my soaked thong back into place between my sticky arse cheeks. I looked around desperately but there was nothing to wipe myself with. I buttoned up my blouse then stepped into my skirt and pulled it up over my slimy bum. The skirt stuck to me as I tried to straighten it over my stretched underwear and the copious volume of gloopy semen that still dripped over my backside. The two middle-aged executives chuckled quietly as I walked smartly out the door and returned to my desk.

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