Surprise Swap

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She groaned with him, feeling full and complete and utterly satisfied. She closed her eyes and her body relaxed, and he settled himself on top of her. She felt his comfortable weight in her, felt and heard his murmuring kisses on her neck, his cock still full inside her wet hole, slick and moving slightly as he gave her gentle pulses. Then he was pulling out, and she was momentarily alone. She looked up to see Kevin joining her on the bed, Tyler sitting on the loveseat with Nika. Her husband took her in his arms and held her, turning her onto her side, kissing her face.

“You are so hot, so sexy,” he told her. “Did you have fun?”

“You know I did; you saw me. Oh, Kevin, I love you.” She kissed him deeply, lost in his mouth and lips and tongue, holding him to her. Kissing him as she had kissed Tyler just a short time ago. “You had fun, too.” She blushed, and added. “You fucked her in the ass, you sexy animal!” He grinned with victorious pride.

“That was incredible,” he told her. “We have to try that at home.” She nodded, silent, remembering Tyler’s tongue, his finger. They stared at each other, eyes saying what words could not, that they had enjoyed others, watched each other and were thrilled, the silence confirming their excitement, acknowledging the line they had crossed together; neither sorry, both in love and in lust, closer for having shared the event.

Then suddenly Veronica’s face was there with them. “Thanks, both of you,” she said, and kissed Kevin, and then kissed Linda. “That was great. Thanks for sharing with us. You guys are hot,” she added. “We’re going to jump in the shower. Stay, and we’ll hang out, if you want.” She stroked their faces with soft fingertips, and excused herself. And they were alone again, just the two of them, in another couple’s room.

She touched his face. “You won’t leave me for someone else, now, will you? Now that you’ve had another woman?” she teased, but inside there was a twinge of real jealousy, and need for reassurance.

“Depends,” he kidded, “as long as you’re not going to start fucking every hard cock you see.”

“Never,” she told him, and kissed him, held him to her, all hers after sharing him and sharing herself. “But we should do this again sometime. Soon.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he grinned.

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