Surprise Swap

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Her climax built then, surging to the surface as his tongue tortured her button. She felt a finger at her ass, touching, playing lightly; she and Kevin had never done anything there, but this man, this man who would have her cunt, this man touched it confidently, and the instant his fingertip pressed inside she came, crying out, squeezing his shaft in her hands, anchoring her to his body.

“Yeah, cum on his face, Linda,” she heard Nika urge, “soak his face, oh, fuck, that’s hot, fuck, oh, fuck, I’m cumming on your man’s cock!” Struggling for breath she turned her head to see Veronica’s body shaking, her head forward, tendons straining in her neck, crying out, shouting, and then screaming as a stream of clear fluid burst from her as her body shook and vibrated wildly. Kevin cried out his alarm, struggling to hold himself inside her. A second squirt, then a third, and Linda watched in fascination, her climax suddenly returning, inspired by the lurid sight of Nika squirting as Tyler licked her cunt. She shivered, and shook, and the waves broke through her, sweeping from her toes to the top of her head and she collapsed, prone over Tyler’s body, her face resting in his balls, his cock pressing to her chest. She heaved long, heavy breaths as the ecstasy receded, leaving her spent and weak, but wanting more. More.

And she felt Tyler slip from beneath her, pull her hips up, her face and shoulders resting at the foot of the bed; she turned to see Veronica slipping off Kevin’s cock, and turn around to take it back into her mouth, sucking him deep and licking her juices from his glistening shaft. But her attention was distracted by a firm, wet caress at her back door. A wet finger? No, different, smoother, but firm, she thought, and her eyes opened wide, realizing his hands were holding her cheeks apart. Kevin’s eyes were wide on her and she inhaled sharply as Tyler’s tongue poked into her asshole.

Never before! But this, this man, this hot sensual man who had made her surrender, this man licked her rosebud with abandon; circling, poking, teasing her, elating her. “Oh, Kevin,” she called softly, needing to share the moment, “Kevin, he’s licking my ass!”

“I see, baby, I see. You like it?”

“Oh, it’s glorious!” She bit her bottom lip, feeling the wet muscle circle again, then press, she felt her tight ring relax and open, welcoming the caress, and his tongue entered her, swirling inside her ass, sending electric thrills though her that she’d never before experienced.

Veronica stopped sucking Kevin’s cock, and stroked him firmly, turning her head to Linda. “I told you,” she said. “Tyler will rock your world. I guess you’re new to ass play, huh?” she asked playfully. She released the cock and stood, walking the few steps to a bag on the nightstand. She fumbled in it, but before returning, leaned to Linda’s ear, and tongued it before whispering. “He’s going to fuck you, now. Enjoy. And watch what I do to Kevin while you enjoy Tyler’s cock!” She kissed the corner of her lips and stood.

Tyler had pulled his tongue from her ass, his hands sliding lightly over her raised ass cheeks. She felt so wild, so wanton, on her knees with her pussy open in front of this wonderful sexy man who she wanted inside her, who wanted her, desired her. And she wanted him now. She needed him now. She needed him to fuck her, fuck his cock into her wet, aching cunt.

And as the thought of what she was feeling struck her she felt it, felt the bulbous spongy head pressing at her opening, felt his hands holding her open, felt her cunt pulse, and spread, and then she groaned as the head entered her, stretching her opening. She heard herself making sounds, animal sounds, her field of vision narrowing, her existence shrinking to the feel of his cock inside her, deeper now, then pulling back, then deeper still, until his legs pressed against hers, and she felt the head bumping her cervix, deep inside her, pushing her, stretching her, almost to pain. Her head swirled with the delight and her eyelids fluttered, panting hard as he began thrusting into her, his shaved balls bumping her swollen clit. She took deep breaths, riding the thrill of illicit sex with another man, and focused, and opened her eyes to see Kevin staring at her. Veronica was stroking his cock with something, a liquid. But Kevin’s attention was on his wife, on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind.

“Fuck him, Linda,” he urged. “Take his cock! Fuck him good!” She raised herself up on her arms and began thrusting back onto the wonderful penetration, feeling the urgent pounding, the eager hands gripping her hips. Her breasts swung under her chest as she fucked him back, feeling her climax begin again, a deep, warm feeling inside her, amplified by the fact that her husband was watching her approach climax as she fucked another man.

And then Veronica lifted a leg and squirted the liquid into her own hand. She slipped the hand behind her, and turned her back to Linda. And she slipped a wet finger into her own ass. It was lube. She had lubed Kevin’s cock, and was lubing her own ass, and showing Linda. She was going to take him in her ass.

And she came, the realization amplifying her excitement, releasing her climax suddenly, and she screamed as it took her, crying out uncontrollably, riding the wave to his insistent thrusts into her cunt. Oh god oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgod FUCK! It was her voice but she couldn’t feel the words, her brain in overload, and as her orgasm crested and flowed over her she watched Veronica slip a leg over Kevin’s lap, reach down for his erection, and align it. Kevin’s face. His expression. His cock, pushing into her, into her ass, the look on her face as the lifted her head, grinning wildly at Linda, and lowered herself onto his cock. Her ass was eating Kevin’s cock, her husband’s cock. She shook as another, smaller orgasm trembled through her.

And then Linda was all the way down, and she leaned back against him, put her feet on top of his thighs and took his hands, placing them under her thighs, holding herself wide open, displaying her lewd penetration to her husband and Linda. Tyler had slowed at the spectacle, and she angled her head back to see him watching his lusty wife exposing her shaved open pussy, and below, her ass stretched wide around Kevin’s cock.

“Damn, that’s so hot,” Tyler said to Linda. She nodded. Linda had never considered anal, and as much as this was a night of firsts, she didn’t think she’d go for that. Still, his tongue had felt so good, so different. She looked at him, and he turned to see her. They’d spoken little since starting.

“Fuck me more, Tyler,” she urged. “Fuck my cunt and fill it with cum.” The words felt right to her, fitting her heightened state of arousal. He grinned, and began his thrusting again. She turned to her husband and Veronica, watched Kevin’s slicked shaft moving in and out of her backdoor, Nika’s fingers touching her own spread pussy, rubbing her clit. Veronica caught her eye, saw her looking.

“You like Tyler’s cock, don’t you?” she asked. “Kevin feels so good in my ass; look at him, filling my back door.” She nodded in response and licked her lip. Tyler was thrusting harder now, urgent and close; she could feel it, hear it in his grunts. “He’s going to cum in you,” Nika hissed hotly, and rubbed her clit faster. “Fuck, he’s going to fill you with cum, fill your hot pussy.”

Her words brought on another small but intense climax. She looked to her husband; his teeth clenched, face tight. She knew the look, familiar from seeing him over her. His climax was coming. The heat and pulses rushed through her as she watched Kevin, knowing he was cumming inside Veronica’s ass, and her climax returned, stronger. She was panting, and her arms collapsed, dropping her face to the bed. She felt Tyler thrust and squeeze her cheeks, and suddenly felt a finger at her ass, wet and slick from her juices, pushing, slipping inside, and he came. She felt the rush of heat, the liquid lava soaking her inside as his hips pulsed, felt the warm familiar feel of her pussy drenched in semen, heard his groan as he spilled himself inside her.

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