Surprise Swap

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“You know what Nika’s telling him, don’t you?” she heard, feeling Tyler’s hot breath on her neck, his words touching her as though they were solid; smooth and firm. She shivered, unable to respond. “She’s saying something he likes. Look at his face. Can you guess what she said?” She thought of the conversation in the ladies room, and her pussy clenched and spilled moisture into her panties.

“I- I think she said,” she whispered, still facing Kevin and Veronica nuzzling each other. “I think she told him what she’s going to do to him.” Kevin’s eyes met hers then, across the table, staring at his wife with eyes wide and ignited as Nika pressed her face into his neck. They look like lovers, she thought, and her breath caught as a tremor ran up her spine. Seeing him so excited, feeling as excited as he looked, oh, God, she wanted o do this!

“What is she going to do; do you know? Did she tell you?”

Her head turned slowly, away from her husband, to this man, this attractive, sexual man, radiating his heat into her. She watched his thin, defined and gorgeous lips curl slightly at the edges, saw the crinkles at the corned of his eyes. Unbidden, her hand was at his face, touching the curve of his jaw, up his cheekbone, to slide into his luxurious unruly hair. This man who wanted her. This man she wanted, so much it hurt.

“She’s going to suck his cock,” she hissed, “and she’s going to fuck him, and she’s going to let me watch them.” The words felt foreign on her tongue even as she recognized her voice, felt the sounds coming from her as if with a will of their own. She stroked his hair. “And we…” she began, “…will you…” She swallowed and found her mouth dry. She reached for a glass from the table and took a long swallow, not caring that it was his. She put the glass down and turned back to him, took a deep breath. “Tyler, will you fuck me?”

“With vigor and enthusiasm, Linda,” he told her confidently. He moved to her ear, his fingertips at the back of her neck, his lips, his luscious lips, his kissable lips, brushing her earlobe. “I will lick your pussy until you scream and cum in front of your man, and you will suck my cock as he watches you pleasure me,” he hissed, and her nipples went so hard they ached. Her eyes closed and she shuddered. “And then I will slip my hard cock into your wet cunt and fuck the daylights out of you!”

She practically came, sitting there in the cruise ship nightclub, listening to this man, allowing him, wanting him to seduce her with his dirty talk, his vulgar terms. She felt embarrassed, feeling everyone knew she was being drawn to a man not her husband, that they would think her a slut, a wanton woman, and she straightened her spine, took hold of her desire and embraced her lust. Who cares what they think, she thought. I will have him. Jealous, she thought, they are jealous of me for having this chance, this opportunity, this risky and unforeseen pleasure. I am wanton, and horny, and desirable, and oh, I want this man inside me, in my, my…she struggled, and broke through her last barrier. I want his cock in my cunt, she admitted.

I want it all. Her brain whirled with the admission and surrender.

Tyler signed the bar tab, and she barely realized they had left, escorted by Tyler, his hands on her, touching her. She watched Kevin and Veronica in front, giggling, foundling each other`. Nika was bold and daring and confident. She rubbed Kevin’s crotch, looking over her shoulder at her. She felt Tyler’s hand on her ass cheek, and liked it. Loved it. She wanted his fingers to touch her, penetrate her. She wanted him. She stopped him on the outside deck, in the midst of scattered groups and couples, and pushed him against the railing, taking his face in her hands, pulling it down to hers as she stood on her toes. She kissed him, falling into his body, pressing herself against him, feeling the swelling against her belly calling to the butterflies inside her. His lips were firm and tender, his tongue sweet and insistent, and her mouth answered the call, loving his kiss, loving how it made her feel, loving the breakdown of resistance inside her, the surrender, loving the loving, the embrace of her passion. She loved knowing that Kevin was watching, seeing her kiss another man even as he embraced and caressed Nika, just feet away.

Brazen courage swept her. Emboldened by kissing another man in front of these passengers, these strangers, she pulled back from Tyler and reached over to her husband, taking his hand from where is rested on Veronica’s stomach. She pulled him, and he slipped halfway from behind the other woman; she leaned to him and kissed him more ferociously than she had in years, swept up in the passion, the knowledge that others were seeing her kiss two men, knowing they would wonder at the display. She wore her wedding band, and so did Kevin. They would all know she was married if they saw.

Nika let out a soft sigh as Linda kissed her husband, and the sound made her look at the other woman, who gazed hotly at her. “A brazen hussy, you are,” Nika said hotly. “Kissing my man,” leaving the detail vague and unspoken, but Linda knew. Kevin was hers tonight; she was Tyler’s. She broke the kiss and turned to her husband.

“I want this,” she said to him.

“Me, too,” he told her softly, “I want-” but she put her hand to his mouth, silencing him.

“I love only you.” She took her hand away.

“I know,” he told her confidently, “me, too.”

She linked her arm through Tyler’s and they resumed the walk. They went to Tyler and Nika’s stateroom; it had been agreed at the club. I was larger. Room for two couples.

Tyler kissed her in the hallway again as Veronica opened the door. The butterflies had become a swarm inside her, spreading to her chest, making her breath come short, near panic with desire. He felt his hand on her ass as they kissed, pressing her into him; he was hard again, from against her belly, and she wantonly spread herself, grinding her mound against him, up on her toes, aching. And then they were inside, and kisses continued, hands explored, clothes dropped away in a furious tumble. She was on the bed, on her back, Tyler’s lovely urgent lips latched firmly to an erect nipple on her bared chest. Her head went back and her eyes closed, her fingers in his hair, inhaling the scent of him as he tortured her flesh. She felt teeth, and tongue, and then he was at the other, and his hand was between her legs. Her head lolled to the side and she saw Kevin, pants down, sitting on the loveseat, Veronica between his legs.

She was sucking his cock. She was bobbing her head up and down his length, her hand on his balls, and she looked up at Kev to see him looking at his wife, her dress bunched at her waist, Tyler’s hand between her thighs stroking her wetness, fingers slipping her panties aside. She gasped, staring at her husband as another man’s fingers slipped into her pussy. Veronica looked up at Kevin, saw the direction of his eyes, and turned to look at her as well. She stroked his wet shaft, holding the swollen cockhead against her face, smiling coyly.

“She’s hot, your Linda,” she cooed up at him. Kevin nodded, mouth open. “He’s going to fuck her so good,” she added. And she held her head sideways. Linda watched her mouth open and stretch around Kevin’s cock, loving it as Tyler fingered her pussy.

More clothing removed, fumbling and hurried, and then she was naked, and so was Tyler. Slim and fit, a slight covering of dark hair on his chest and stomach, a thin trail leading down to his shaved cock and balls. She saw her hands on his erection, stroking him, feeling the smooth hairless skin on his balls, delighting at the sensation. He moved. He knelt at her head. She looked up at him, saw her desire mirrored in his eyes. She glanced at Kevin, caught his eye before opening her mouth, and pulling the shaft down.

She watched her husband as she sucked another man’s cock. The illicit act made her head spin, and she lifted her head, knowing her husband watched, and crammed her mouth as far down the shaft as she could. She felt the heat, the stiffness under thin, delicate skin, the bulbous swollen head, and she salivated and drooled. Tyler groaned his pleasure, and she heard Kevin echo his delight. She answered, pumping her mouth up and down his shaft slowly, savoring the feel of his cock slipping in and out of her mouth.

And then he was moving, laying over her, facing the other way with his cock dangling in her face, and she felt fingers and something wet between her legs. She licked up at the head of his cock, sweeping a fat drop of precum from the weeping eye, and swallowing, enjoying the clean texture. Then they were moving again, shifting and turning, and she was on top, her legs spread and poised over his face, his cock in her hand again, and she sucked him as she felt his tongue at her slit, swiping up, spreading her wet pussy, tasting her, several long fat swipes, coating her, spreading her juices. She stroked his cock, holding the head in her mouth, sucking and swirling the delicious head with her urgent tongue.

She pulled off and cried out as his tongue found her clit, making her gasp. Electricity shot through her, and she felt a climax begin its unsubtle climb. She turned her head, saw Veronica facing her in Kevin’s lap, her legs spread lewdly outside his, leaning against his back, and her breath caught. His cock was inside her, she could see it, see her shaved cunt opening, sliding up and down his shaft. His hands grappled her breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples. And then her eyes closed as Tyler’s tongue danced light circles around her clit, and she felt them watch as she sucked his hard cock while he licked her.

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