Student Massage

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I half expected her to scream at me or shock or something, but instead she lifted her head, and arched her back moving backward into me. Again, something possessed me and I pulled my cock back a bit. Then I started to pump gently into her. She seemed willing to allow this, but made no effort to help. I was still nearly holding her up by her hair, I increased my pace. She started to moan softly as my cock began to push deeper and deeper. My thrusts were getting longer. I’d pull back and push in. She seemed a little surprised and grunted as I began to cut loose. It must have hurt as my cock battered its way down her rectum but her cries were of pleasure not pain. She started to push back against my thrusts causing me to go deeper and deeper. Soon half my cock was swallowed by her asshole and more was going. I wasn’t going to accept anything else, and somehow she knew it. As my thrusts picked up speed she once again collapsed on the table and simply lay there as I pumped time and again into her. She was grunting and groaning and finally she cried out.

“Ffffuck me, fffuck me! She spat out.

This pushed me over the edge. I plowed into her and her cries kept coming and coming. Soon, so was I. I dump a hot load of cum into her, and I could hear the slurping sound as my cock continued to pummel her, semen began to drip out of her as we finished spent and sore.

I pulled out and fired one last load on her ass check and knelt there in awe. Her gaping hole was winking perversely at me, and my red cock was still shooting rope after rope of semen on to her. She was shaking and crying. I was too stunned by the climax to say anything.

Eventually she slid down and rolled over. I lay down next to her and let our a heavy sigh. She turned to me and wiping the tears from her eyes she smiled.

“See I told you I could work miracles.”

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