Student Massage

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“I want you to fuck me in the ass. But there is no way I am taking that monster without some serious lubrication.” She said matter-of-factly.

With that, she opened the bottle top and pored an ample amount onto her hand. She fished her hand between her legs and rubbed some of the slick liquid around her anus and ass cheeks. As she does this I scooted myself out from under her and take a position kneeling on the table with my engorged member bobbing near her back side. As I move into position behind her, she wrapped her wet hand around my cock and slathered it with the thick oil.

“Take it easy. I don’t want to be split in two by that thing.” She said.

I was dubious. My one previous experience with anal sex was less than satisfying. It was so tight, that was not only painful for the woman, but for me as well. It didn’t make it easier that I was wearing a condom that was too small for me. This time thoughts of safety and health were out the door. There was no stopping this time. She ran her hand over my now slippery cock and positioned it at the bud of her anus. I applied just a little pressure. She responded with pressure of her own. Soon the tip of my cock was burrowing into her asshole millimeter by millimeter.

Jennifer was sweating and panting already, she was leaning on her hands and biting her lip again. This time she angled her body in such a way to give my cock a straight line into her. I pushed just a little bit more, and this time she responded with more vigor. Together there was a moment of pain and anxiety, and then with an intake of breath we both somehow knew and pushed together. My wide cock head plunged into her ass and was buried deep inside her.

“Oww, oh oh oh, oh shit, oh my god. That hurts..” She whimpered.

“Do you want me to pull out?” I asked.

“No! goddamnit, you stay there, just don’t move for a second.” She demanded.

I was paralyzed, my cock was being squeezed tight by her sphincter, it felt amazing. It was strong enough to hurt, but it still felt good somehow. Then she started to move slowly. Back and forth. As she did she emitted guttural sounds like an animal in heat. At first my body moved with her, the friction was so intense that she just carried my body with her movements. Then I resisted a little. As I did my cock began to move inside her. Her anus was clamped down, but my cock began to drag in and out of her with unbearable pleasure. We were both panting and breathing heavily. She started to slow down and move in a small circular rhythm. I could feel every bit of my cock being touched and pulled at by her tight anal walls. Trapped in the vise grip I was feeling a little dizzy. She seemed to be getting tired and hunkered down with her elbows on the table and her head lying between her arms. She was looked drained.

I don’t know what happened next. Something about seeing her like that. Seeing my former student, exhausted and spent, covered in sweat, her hair a tangle. And also seeing my thick shaft glistening with oil embedded in her asshole did something to me. I reached down and rubbed her tight ass, she cooed in response. My hands massaged their way up her muscular back. When I reached the tangle of blond hair my fingers curled around it and pulled on it slowly but steadily.

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