Student Massage

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By now the air was getting thick with the smells and sounds of sex. Her hips were gyrating onto her hand sandwiched between the table and her body. I was breathing in ragged gasps. I started to pull her hair to control the speed of her mouth pumping my hot cock. My other hand left her breast and stroked down her side to her hip and down to her round heart shaped ass. It was firm and strong. I could feel her muscles tense as she ground her pussy into her hand. She was dry humping her herself fast, but slowed and lengthened her movements when she felt my hand gripping her butt cheek.

As I rubbed her body with my free hand, I let my fingers get caught in her waistband, I started to pull at her pants down over her creamy white ass. The drawstrings of her pants were still tied and the pants would only pull down a few inches. But when she felt my efforts she quickly pulled her mouth off my dick, but she still kept one hand stroking it, then she pulled up and with lust in her eyes looked at me pleadingly.

“Oh god yesss” She begged as she used her free hand to pull at the drawstrings of her pants. As they loosened I gave them a good tug, and loose as they were, they fell down to the floor. She grabbed at the soaking wet thong panties she was in and pulled them down her legs. A little shuffling and in a flash she was naked from the waist down. Before I could do anything she pulled herself up on the padded table straddling my legs and panting. She arched her back and pulled her shirt up over her head. Her tits were pulled up with the shirt then sprang down bouncing in that delightful way that only breasts can.

She almost growled at me as she inched forward and positioned her wet pussy over my waiting cock. I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward, she spread her legs wider and reached for my cock guiding into her wet hole. There was some initial resistance. like I said, I am pretty thick. But she was so hot and wet that she just rocked me into her steamy hole.

I moved my hands to her sweet firm breast and gave them a nice squeeze. She arched her back again and started to move slowly up and down, forward and backward. Rocking on and off my cock she rode my like a bronco. I was pumping her up and down lifting her body off the table as I rammed my cock deep into her. There was one last moment of resistance then my cock found the sweet spot and slid all the way into her. She screamed aloud.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me!” She wailed.

I had to keep pumping into her as she started to pull back slightly. She was crooning softly in a high pitch. I could sense her orgasm was approaching. I kept at it, slowly increasing the pace, ever so slowly. I wanted this to last, and I wanted her to climax before I did. She was rocking back and forth carried by my movement. One of her hands was on my chest, the other was gripping her right breast and twisting her nipple. She was biting her lower lip and her eyes were closed. I swung up with a long thrust and then nearly pulled out quickly. As her body started to come down from the push, I arched my back and rammed my cock in as deep as I could. She let out a wail.


As she did I felt her vaginal muscles start to spasm on my cock. It was like a seizure, her body was quaking inside and out. She was gasping for air, and was quivering in place. I couldn’t take anymore and with a final series of quick pumps that evokes silent whimpers from her, I shot my load deep inside her.

Spent I collapsed on the table, she dropped atop me mashing her big breasts into my chest. We were both soaked in sweat and burning up. We passed out in a heap atop the table. As I drifted off I realized my headache was gone. I had a big smile on my face as fell asleep with her in my arms.

I would’ve thought that would be the end of my tale, but it did not end there. I awoke in the most pleasant way a man can. I fell those luscious lips moving slowly and purposefully up and down my quickly hardening cock. I opened my eyes to see that she was straddling my face in the sixty nine position. I was happy to oblige her. I raised my head a little and inhaled her fragrant odor. She smelled of sex, and her hips we moving in a seductive dance as she went down on my cock again and a again. I lifted my hands to get a good grip on her ass cheeks and applied my tongue to her sweet pussy. I began to slowly lick up and down her labia until my tongue began to rub against her erect clit. That got her attention. She pulled off me for a moment then grunted something that might pass for ‘good morning’, and went back to working my cock. She took a breath and then slid her lips around my shaft and pushed all the way down to my length until her nose was deep in my pubic hair. I exhaled deeply, no one had managed that trick before.

I stretched my neck and wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard on it. We both seemed to jolt from the combined efforts. After that we went at it for a bit. I was sucking and licking as my fingers probed and squeezed her ass. I reach up with a finger and rubbed the pink star of her anus as I continued to suck on her clit. She seemed to like it since she was twisting and wriggling her butt from my ministrations. She did not let up on my cock, in fact her pace seemed to increase. She arched her back and pushed her backside against my fingers. One of my fingers poked into her asshole. She increased the movement of her ass so my finger started to fuck in and out of her asshole. Meanwhile I was licking and sucking on her wet pussy. I let my tongue slide down away from her clit and dart into and out of her vagina. Then I started to lick the perineum, the space between her asshole and vagina. She reacted by pausing from her cocksucking and lifting her mouth off my cock.

“Lick my asshole, please. ” She begged without looking at me. I scooted up a little on the table so I could get my head in the proper position. I let my finger slide out and replaces it with my face. My tongue slid up and down the crack from her vagina to her anus. Finally I started licking around the rim of her pert aperture. She was buckling in place and panting like an animal.

After a few minutes of that, she seemed to change position and was moving around in a way that I couldn’t quite figure out. My view was obstructed, but it sure seemed like she was doing something strange. My curiosity was answered when she lifted herself off my tongue and through the arch of her legs, past her two ripe breasts dangling playfully before me she was holding something in her hands. It was a bottle of massage oil and she had a mischievous smile on her face.

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