Student Massage

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“I’m sorry, I am all booked this week, but I do have someone I can refer you to.” The gruff voice bellowed in the phone.

I had heard of this masseuse from a friend. She was described as a husky battle-axe, but with upper body strength capable of kneading out any kink. I was sore and felt another migraine coming on, I needed to head it off at the pass. I jotted down the name and number and thanked the old woman.

The name seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. Still, I needed relief so I called the number she game.

“Naturalapathy, this is Jennifer” a younger voice answered the phone.

Ughh, I thought to myself. This town was full of the homeopathic, herbalistic, spiritualists masquerading as doctors. I didn’t believe in any of that baloney. They would undoubtedly try to sell me some bull about crystal therapy or the like. But, I needed something, so I decided to try it out.

“Hi, I was referred to you by Ms. Zoey, she said you take up some of the slack for her?” I offered. “Do you do… er regular massages?”

“Sure, we share clients all the time. When would you like to come in?”

“Immediately,” I said “I have a knot in my neck, and I can feel a migraine coming on.” I added.

“Oh well, you are in luck, I have a slot open in one hour, and I have a special cure for headaches.” She responded confidently.

“Great one hour then?” I asked.

“Sure, your name”

“Steve Labord” I responded.

“Okay,” there was a pause “do you know where I am located?” She asked.

I got her address and hung up. I made sure I had clean clothes on and then headed out to her office.

I got there around 6pm, it was dark except for one lighted office, I guessed everyone else had gone home. I figured the massage business required longer hours than most. I rang the bell and the door unlocked. I went in to the foyer and looked at the various magazines and photos on the wall. They were what I expected, psychic amulets, religious orders, newspaper clipping about miraculous healing. I groaned inwardly and hoped she was a competent masseuse.

The door opened and their stood a familiar looking young woman no more than 22 years old. She had long blond hair, a tight athletic body garbed in loose sweatpants and a half shirt that exposed her pierced bellybutton. She had large breasts and just a little baby fat, it gave her a small pooch and a curvy body. Again there was something very familiar, but I couldn’t place it exactly right.

“Professor Labord?” She remarked somewhat shocked.

That is who it is. Jennifer Stanley, she was in my Critical Thinking class. She didn’t do all that well, looking around the walls at her mystic paraphenalia I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t remember her looking like this, but then, in class many students were buried under layers of clothing, or hidden behind books.

“Hi Jennifer. What a coincidence.” I said awkwardly.

“Hmm, this is going to be a little weird.” She said. “If you want I can talk to Ms. Zoey, she can find you someone else.” She added.

“If you know what you are doing, I really don’t care. You will be the first student, and only..” I added “student of mine to see me naked though.” I laughed uncomfortably. I immediately regretted saying it. She didn’t even say I would get naked, I just assumed.

She looked around thoughtfully and seemed to come to some decision. “Sure, I guess there is nothing too weird, it isn’t like I am you student any more. Oh and you’ll be pleased to know I am a lot better masseuse than philosopher.” She laughed lightly and tossed her hair back. The effect set her breasts into motion, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I swallowed and tried to stay businesslike.

She invited me in and bade my undress while she left the room. When she returned I was safely hidden under the sheet.

I pointed to one of the clipping pinned to the wall. It showed a young girl next to an old woman. “What is all that about?” I asked.

“That was me,” She piped cheerfully “When I was a little girl I discovered I had the ability to heal people. I healed that woman’s arthritis.” She said nervously. “I never mentioned that when I was your student. I figured as a critical thinker you would be skeptical. You probably don’t believe in faith healing.”

I was.. and getting moreso. But I tried to be politically correct.

“I believe in results. If you can really heal people, well, I’d like to see it.” I remarked confidently.

“Actually my headache is getting worse. I hope you can heal.” I joked, but it was true, my migraine was starting up, though it was still early. I hoped that if nothing else, a massage would loosen up the muscles and make the headache less severe.

I was fairly conscious of my nudity, but I had had many massages before, so I was not too worried. It still felt wrong to be this vulnerable next to even an ex-student. I could tell she was nervous herself.

“If you will let me, I would like to try to heal your headache, I know a special technique that always works.” She ventured.

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