Stealing My Neighbour’s Husband

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“Oh babe,” he panted. “I’ve been waiting for this since you sucked my cock yesterday.”

“Me too,” I replied. “It tasted so good, I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy.”

He chuckled. “Well, I’m a bit old for backseat fucking, but I will try my best to satisfy you a little until we’re able to fuck on your beautiful double bed.”

After a lot of manoeuvring I was on my back with my legs wrapped around Eric’s neck and his tongue parted my pussy lips. I cried with delight as his tongue tickled my engorged clit. He started lapping up my juices like a thirsty dog and I massaged my tits while moaning with pleasure.

“You’re so fucking wet, baby. You taste delicious.”

He started tongue fucking me and I moaned as he ran his rough tongue around my tight pussy. Then he started licking my clit and finger fucking me, just like I’d done myself, but it felt much better with his finger. I wanted it to last forever but my body gave in far too quickly and I cried out as my pussy showered Eric’s face. We soon kissed again and I tasted my pussy on his lips.

“Babe,” he said against my lips. “I didn’t realise that you were a virgin. You’re so tight and delicious. I wish I could go home with you and fuck you right now.”

“I’m not stopping you.”

“I know, it’s me. But we’re not going to wait much longer. I’ll tell Charlotte I need to work overtime tonight. But instead I’ll leave early because Charlotte’s sick. I’ll park down the road and walk to your house. Leave the backdoor unlocked and I’ll come in that way.”

We agreed on that and he kissed me quickly and left the car. As he drove off, I looked for my shorts, but they were nowhere. He’d taken them with him. I drove home, wearing only my t-shirt and as I pulled up on our drive I could see Eric in his kitchen window, grinning as I made sure nobody else could see me. I got out of the car, and when I got to the back door, which was only overlooked by Eric’s house. I stripped off my t-shirt, shook my tits and went inside.

The lights in Eric’s house went off early that night and once again I dressed in my pink babydoll. I unlocked the door at 10 and went to my bedroom and started reading one of my erotic novels. It wasn’t long before I heard someone opening the door and closing it, then locking it. I heard the steps on the stairs and then Eric was in my doorway.

“Close your curtains, babe,” he told me and as I did, he stripped. His cock was even bigger than I remembered it. He took me in his arms and squeezed me tight while kissing me. “You look sexy as hell in that outfit, babe. Too bad I’m not going to let your wear it for long. Was that a body stocking I saw you in last night?”

I showed him my purchases and he looked very pleased, telling me that he was looking forward to seeing me in each outfit.

“Now it’s time to stop playing,” he said and looked at me. “Suck my cock, slut!”

I got on my knees and started sucking him. I felt a bit braver this time and started playing with his balls as well. He seemed to like it. He pulled out before cumming though.

“Strip and get on your back on the bed,” he commanded me. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

I did as I was told and he walked up to me, cock in hand and with a smile on his face. He sat on the side of the bed and started playing with my pussy with his hand. He slid his index finger inside and teased my clit. I thought I was going to die.

“Your cunt is so tight and wet. I hardly remember what it’s like to fuck such a tight cunt. When was your last period?”

“Three weeks ago.”

“Are you regular?”


“You’re regular and I’m clean. We’re not going to let a fucking condom ruin your first time.”

With those words he mounted the bed, positioning himself between my thighs. He leaned forward and sucked my tits. He bit my nipples and kneaded my firm mounds. It felt a million times better to be felt up by Eric than by those guys in the shop the previous day. Then he placed his lips on mine and kissed me deeply. His cock was resting against my wet slit now.

“Fuck me, Eric,” I begged him.

“What did you say?”

“I said: fuck me!”

“Hmmmm… I love to hear a slut beg for my cock, especially one as tight as you.”

He placed his moistened cock head against my opening and, with a hard thrust, he penetrated me and drove his shaft deep inside my cunt. I cried with joy as he filled my hole. It didn’t hurt at all, it just felt so good as he started pumping in and out of my cunt, each time grinding against my clit.

It felt so good to have Eric’s body on top of mine, fucking me fast and furiously. I didn’t want it to end, but soon my body betrayed me and I came, my cunt gripping his cock tight. I was disappointed that he hadn’t cum, but I soon realised that it was just the beginning. He pulled out of me and made me get up on my hands and knees. He moaned out loud as he entered me from behind and I knew that he much preferred this position.

He fucked me with long, deliberate strokes and soon he held me up by my tits, kissing my neck as the night was full of the wet squishy sounds of his cock slamming in and out of my cunt.

“Touch yourself, babe,” he whispered in my ear. “Tease your clit while I fuck you from behind.”

I did as he told me and found my throbbing nub with my fingers. I licked my fingers and started massaging my clit. My moans got ever more intense as the pleasure took over my body. Soon I experienced my second orgasm. Eric still hadn’t cum, but that didn’t seem to faze him. He got on his back and ordered me to straddle him. He guided his cock inside me and then used his hands to show me how to ride him. It didn’t take me long to pick up the rhythm and his eyes were firmly lodged at my pussy, watching himself sliding inside me, again and again. He reached up and started massaging my tits, pulling them and tweaking them and then he licked his finger and started touching my clit.

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