Sister-In-Law’s Panties

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She looked down and me and whispered that she is ready to feel my dick slamming into her asshole. SIL tried to change positions and keep my dick in her ass, but as we tried to get to our knees my dick slipped out. It did not take us long to get into the doggy style position. Nor did it take long for SIL to grab my dick and guide it back into her tight asshole. She started pushing back but I grabbed her cheeks and held her off while I poured more lube onto my shaft and her dick filled rosebud. Once again well lubed I grabbed her hips on both sides as she looked back with a stern look on her face and demanded that I fuck her ass good and hard.

I did as I was told.

As first I used long slow strokes, pulling my dick almost completely out of her ass before I would slam it QUICKLY back into asshole until my balls slapped against her burning hot pussy. I did this for several strokes before I grabbed her hips and start slamming harder with short strokes that rocked her whole body and the bed as I fucked her tight asshole. She was screaming and demanding that I keep fucking her ass just like that. I fucked her ass harder and harder with every stroke following SILs commands.

Sister-In-Law’s Panties

I grabbed her hips one time and pulled my dick almost completely out before I SLAMMED it hard back into her ass. That set off her orgasm. SIL loudly screeched out her orgasm at a feverish blood curdling pitch as I continued to pound her asshole. I fucked her ass slapping my balls against her pussy as long as I could hold out. Eventually fucking her ass at that pace, her orgasm, and the hot juice of her pussy on my balls had the cum running up from my balls, through the shaft of my piston driving dick, deep into SIL bowels. I came so hard against her bowels SIL jumped at the impact of each shot of my cum.

As my shots came to an end, SIL laid flat on the bed with her face buried in the sheets and her ass high up in the air as her orgasm passed. When it was done I started to pull my dick from her ass, but she tightened her ass around my dick and held me in her asshole. SIL told me to stay where I was because she was not ready to let my dick go. With my dick buried in her ass, SIL pulled forward until our bodies were laying flat on the bed with me on top of her. We lay like that for another thirty minutes without saying a word. SIL started wiggling her ass around and my dick started to get hard again. She kept wiggling her ass and pushing back against me until I was completely hard in her ass again.

SIL grabbed my hands and pulled them under her chin as she told me to grind my dick in her asshole until she came again then she’d fish me some breakfast and send me home after we showered. Without raising up more than an inch I fucked her asshole to her rhythm until she got the orgasm that she desired.

SIL kept her word but accept she did not release my dick from her ass until she called my wife and told her that the next time she [my wife] did not want my dick in her ass to send me to her then hung up the phone.

Denise gave me several pairs of her panties to take home with me telling me I could come get more and that I can wear her panties whenever I wanted to as long as I was willing to endure consequences just like what we had just shared. I grabbed her in my arms and hugged her naked body letting my hands run down to ample ass that I squeezed and then lightly smacked before I kissed her passionately and headed home. When I got home I showed my wife some of the panties I had been given. She picked out a pair and insisted that I put them then tell her all about what happened between her brother’s wife, Denise, and me. Before I started she told she had already talked to Denise so I better not lie or leave out any details. We went into the bedroom.

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