Sister-In-Law’s Panties

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I started licking around the cum stain on the panties sometimes brushing across the hood protecting her bulging clit. My SIL started moaning but was still able to give me orders. When my tongue brushed her clit again she put both hands behind my head, saying “right there, suck right there”. I did as I was told. I took her panties covered clit between my lips and sucked like my life depended on it.

This was like a thousand fantasies cum true and I was not about to do anything to screw it up. I had no idea how far we were going but I was already high in the clouds as I sucked and licked her clit through the sexy panties stained with my cum.

My SIL legs grew weak and she slowly wiggled her way to the floor holding my head in place all the way down.

When we made it to the floor I took that as an opportunity to do what I had dreamed of so many times. I started biting and nibbling on her clit and running my tongue with firm pressure up and down the crotch of her panties. The crotch was thin enough and the pressure firm enough that I could feel heat and puffiness of her swollen pussy lips. I used my tongue to push the panties up into her wet pussy as if they were not there.

SIL was obviously enjoying my actions. Her hips started pushing off the floor to get my tongue and her panties deeper In her hot pussy. She was grinding hard against my face. SIL then put one stocking covered leg, and heeled foot on my back and the other foot flat on the floor and raised her ass off the floor at the same time pulling my head deeper into her crotch with the stocking covered leg she wrapped around my back that was now around my neck.

I could tell that my sexy SILs orgasm was close. Her ass was bouncing off the floor at various heights and the pressure of her leg behind my neck was ever increasing. I moved my lips, teeth and tongue up to the panty area that covered her clit. I could feel the hard nub pushing through her panties and I teasingly bit down it, pulling and twisting her clit through her panties as I ran my tongue over the tip of the hard bulb.

That did it. Denise’s ass lifted high off the floor. The momentum of her move caused us to rise high enough that I was now kneeling as I bit down on her clit. I put both my hands on her panty covered perfect ass and squeezed hard driving her to a shattering orgasm.

She wrapped both legs around my neck and squeezed almost as tight as my hands were squeezing her tight ass. As her orgasm continued her juices soaked through her panties. I took in every bit of her sweet tasty juices as I continued to eat her juicy erupting pussy.

As the orgasm passed SIL relaxed her body and settled her plump as on the floor with my hands under her squeezing her tight ass cheeks. When her orgasm completely settled I used my tongue to pull her panties aside and put my tongue deep inside her pussy only long enough to get it covered with her juices. I pulled my tongue out then used it to spread her juices all over her blood engorged pussy lips. I licked her juices onto her lips, then put my lips to her pussy licks to suck the juice back in my mouth. Gently I kept repeating the process until SIL began to move her hips and ass in my hands.

Convinced she might be ready for my tongue to take her to another orgasm, I moved the process up to her clit. I dipped my tongue into her tight pussy to get more of her juice covering it, then I locked my lips on her clit, drowning her clit in her hot molten juices. SIL body jumped high again as her next orgasm started. With my lips holding the juices around her clit I used my tongue to paint the juices all over her clit. That drove her to an exhausting orgasm causing her to demand a break.

During the break she explained to me how my wife, her husband’s sister had told her about my panty stealing and my sexual abilities. While she had been curious for years she said she never thought she would experience sex with me. That was until she was able to confirm that I was actually stealing her panties and sometimes leaving them stained with my cum. She said she knew when she asked me to go by her house what would happen and she had made mental notes of her panty drawer before she left me alone in her house. Upon her return she notice things were not the same and knew it was me but was only certain after she talked to my wife. They talked about the new green panties I had brought home and the sexy blue panties I put on that morning. She told my wife that I had on her panties and she would see to punishing me. My wife agreed.

I asked her about the punishment, what did she have in mind? She said her and my wife had decided on the perfect punishment for me and that I was sure to get it before I left, in the morning.

SIL told me to go get her glass of wine. I stood and turned to leave but she stopped me. She blindly reached on the bed grabbing a pair of panties from the pile and throwing them at me. The panties, a thong, were a sexy pair with a flowery lace front panel and strings on the waist and down the back to go between the cheeks of my ass. I was told to change panties before I left the room.

Panties in place she had me model them before I went to get her wine.

When I returned she had removed the covers off the bed and spread out ALL of her sexy panties, pantyhose, slips and stockings to completely cover the bed and she was laying on the bed still wearing the stockings and heels, but without the panties that I had eaten her through.

She called me close to her on the bed and told me to stand there. She then picked up the phone and called my wife. While I stood there she talked on the phone giving my wife all the details of what happened between us and assured her that I had not yet been allowed to fuck her or relieve myself in anyway. As they talked she would stroke my dick through her panties and use her other hand to take sips of her wine then past the glass back to me to hold for her. One time she took a larger sampling of the chilled wine as she pulled my dick from the side of the panties then leaned forward opened her mouth and took my dick in her wine filled mouth all the way down until her lips contacted my bald, shaved groin. Then she slowly moved back until my dick was released. She motioned with her hand for me to put my dick back. After swallowing the wine she told my wife what she had just done.

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