Sister-In-Law’s Panties

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That first time we fucked is still fresh in my mind. I had done some work at her house a few days before our first fuck and since I was home alone I helped myself to her panty drawer. Before I left I made sure to leave a deposit in a very sexy pair of her panties, then helped myself to two more pair. One I put on and wore under my jeans, the other pair I wrapped around my dick before stuffing it into the panties I was wearing. She had so many pair I did not think she was realize I had taken any. So it was no concern when she called and told me she wanted to see me at her place. I went by there totally unsuspecting what happened.

My sister-in-law (SIL) opened the door dressed in her business suit minus the jacket. Smiling she grabbed my hand and lead me into the living room. She had me sit in a chair that faced the center of the room. Then the unexpected happen. Without any warning she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. That left her standing with her legs spread in sexy high heeled sandals, thigh high stockings and… and… ut ole, oh my… sexy, black, cum stained panties.

Oops! She found them.

Looking at the size of the stain in the panties I guess they were not hard for her to find. It was a whitish crusty stain right over front of the sexy panties over the crotch, and covering her clit that was visible through the cum stain and sheer material of the panties. She pulled her blouse up out of the way to give me a clear view of the panties then slowly did a full turn pausing when her back was to me showing off her beautifully shaped ass covered in those sexy panties.

The panties are very sexy, high cut bikini, black, with a lace panel across the top front from the waist till about 2 inches down. Below the lace, the panties where almost transparent so I could see her cleanly shaved pussy through the cum stain and the material of the panties. The material on the back of the panties is as thin as that of the front so I was able to see the full length of the crack of her perfectly shaped ass through the panties when she had her back to me.

My sister-in-law is about 5’4, 115 lbs, 34B-23-35, with a flat stomach and perfectly pear shaped ass that she keeps tight and firm with running and weight training.

She was facing me now and asked pointedly for me to explain how the cum stain got on a pair of her favorite panties. Before I could say a word, she told me to stand up. When I did she ordered me to take off my jeans. When I paused, she reached to the table to pick up her cell phone. She showed me the number of my wife that she had already dialed on the screen. She then told me that I had better take off my jeans and explain how her panties got cum soaked. Even though I knew I was busted I was scared to take off my jeans because under them was another pair of her panties. These were blue silk, high cut bikini, with lace trim on the legs from the crotch to the waist. Silently I started unfastening my belt. My sil, obviously growing short on patience, stepped over to me, pushed my hands out of the way, and unfastened my belt, unsnapped my jeans, lowered the zipper then pulled my jeans down to my ankles. As she was pulling my jeans down her head brushed against my dick that was hard as a rock bout to bust the threads of her silk panties.

She stood up straight now ordering me to pull my shirt up. I did as she told me as she backed away to get a better look.

Denise, I am so… I started an apology but was cut off by her putting her finger to her lips and shushing me. I did as I was told.

She told me to turn slowly to model her panties for her. I completed the turn just as she stepped up to me, put her hand inside the leg of the panties where my erection was almost bulging out, wrapped her hand around my dick and the blue silk panties then guided me into her bedroom.

We got into her room where she had several pairs of sexy panties laid out on her bed. It looked as if she had taken her drawer and dumped on the bed. She confirmed my thoughts when she told me she was trying to get dressed this morning and had to change outfits because she could not find the blue silk panties that she had recently bought along with a matching blue silk bra.

She told me that whenever she dresses her panties have to coordinate with her outerwear.

I said that I am the same way. She told me to shut up.

I did.

She then told me that since she could not find her blue silk panties she selected a green silk dress because she was gonna wear her green silk panties that have a matching bra and garterbelt. “I could not find the green silk panties either, perhaps you know where I might”? She cut off my answer.

Today she wore a black skirt suit with a black silk somewhat sheer blouse that clearly showed the sexy, lace, black, Victoria’s Secret balconnet bra that matched the cum stained panties which so NICELY covered her, smooth, sexy, ass and completely shaved pussy.

She told me that she was running late by the time she decided on the black suit that she ended up wearing. She saw the black panties and had already had the bra, thigh high stockings, and blouse on when she stood in front of her full-length mirror to pull the panties up. By the time she noticed the cum stain in the panties she had them half way up her legs. The stain was clearly visible from where she stood, but she walked up to where she had sat me down on the bed and pushed her crotch within inches from my face.

As close as she stood I could see the open pores of a fresh shave around her mound and pussy lips easily visible through the material of the sexy black panties. On top of that I could smell the aroma of her sexy perfume combined elegantly with the scent of her sexuality emanating from between the beautiful lips of her bald pussy. I looked up to find her looking down at me. When I got ready to speak she put her finger to my lips then asked me to explain how the stain got there. When I opened my mouth to speak she grabbed my head and pushed me into her crotch.

“Lick the cum from my panties” she ordered!

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