Shy Wife’s First Date

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We separated and I went down on all fours offering him my cunt in that most submissive of positions. Mike moved behind me, then I cried out as with one thrust the full length of his hot, hard cock disappeared inside me. Now it was just lustful fucking. Mike leaned round and began to play with my clit, I began to shake and shudder with a massive orgasm. Recognising this Mike speeded up, then suddenly we were both cumming, his cock pumping another load of sperm deep inside me.

We collapsed on the bed and lay speechless for a while. Finally I knew I had to make a move. I got dressed in a slightly dazed manner and kissed Mike goodbye. Neither of us looked to exchange phone numbers or anything like that, we both knew it was a one-off.

Five minutes later I was easing my car into top gear and speeding home along the dual carriageway. It was a slightly uncomfortable journey because Mike’s sperm was leaking out of me and my knickers were very wet. Still I had to suppress a grin – I was an experienced woman and I was returning to my husband fresh from battle.

I pulled onto our drive, locked the car and went in through the kitchen door. I put my handbag down on the side and went into the lounge. Paul was sat there; he reached for the remote control and flicked the TV off.

“Hi, how did it go?” he asked.

“Fine.” There was a pregnant silence.

“Well…?” he asked.

“Well what?” I teased.

“You know what I mean,” he said with an amused smile.

“I had a good time if that’s what you mean.”

“And what did having a good time involve?”

I moved a few steps closer, took Paul’s hand and placed it up my skirt. He felt my panties – they were wet. Not the damp panties of an aroused woman, but the wet panties of a recently fucked woman whose lover’s sperm is still dripping from her cunt.

“Yes, I’ve been fucked.”

“You’d better tell me what happened; begin at the beginning.”

I kicked off my shoes, sat on the settee and swung my legs up so that my feet were resting on Paul’s lap. I then told him how’d I’d met Mike, been attracted to him and ended up going to his hotel. When I described going into Mike’s room, Paul stopped me and asked me to take my skirt off. I unfastened it and slid it off without standing up. I parted my legs to give Paul a clear view of the accusingly dark patch on the gusset of my knickers and then continued with my tale.

Describing all this was getting me aroused and I could see it was having the same effect on Paul. I ran my toes across the ridge in his trousers where his penis laid and told him how Mike had laid me down on the bed and removed my knickers. Paul reached across and mirroring the action he tugged at my knickers. I raised my bottom to make it easier for him and a pair of lacy purple knickers were tossed to one side.

Again I sat with my legs apart so Paul had a perfect view – my cunt lips were still gaping from the passage of Mike’s cock and my pussy hairs were matted with a mixture of Mike’s cum and my fuck honey. It was a sight he obviously liked because he unzipped his trousers and took his cock out. He asked me to place his cock against my cunt lips in the same way that I’d done for Mike, then I gasped as he slid smoothly into me.

So my husband fucked me as I described the pleasure of being fucked by another man. If this was a work of fiction I would embellish it by having Paul cum just as I described Mike cumming, but it wasn’t like that. Paul got too excited and didn’t last very long before he fired his sperm into my well fucked cunt.

In bed that night he asked me to tell him the details again. I did and inevitably it excited both of us and we ended up fucking again. If you had asked me to dream up a wild fantasy I would never have come up with a situation where my husband fucked me while I described how the cunt he was now enjoying had just been fucked by another man. I could almost imagine I was back in that hotel room again, but this was better – my husband’s prick was powering into me while I was giving him a breathless description of Mike fucking me.

“He really fucked my cunt you know, he fucked my sweet married cunt. He rammed his prick into me and I was so wet. He told me I had a lovely fuckable cunt and I told him that I wanted him to fill it with his sperm.”

It seemed so dirty, so wrong and out of character (I am honestly quite shy!) to be talking to my husband like that, but it was also the best sex we had ever had. It was the purest, most lustful fucking I’d ever experienced and I was out of control in a way that had simply never happened before.

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