Shy Wife’s First Date

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He accepted graciously, though he did say it was a pity and if I changed my mind he was headed back to room 2207 at the Marriott nearby. I stood up, we said our goodbyes, he gave me a peck on the cheek and I headed out of the coffee shop.

Walking down the precinct I found myself immediately attacked by a flood of thoughts. The overwhelming one was that I knew I had my husband’s permission, so why hadn’t I said yes. I was forty-nine and I wasn’t going to get many more (if any!) offers like this one.

I paused and looked at my reflection in a shop window. I’m medium height with brown eyes, long, wavy dark hair, a 36D bust and quite a trim figure thanks to regular sessions at the gym. A lot of people tell me I could easily pass for being in my thirties so I hope it doesn’t sound vain if I say that I don’t normally worry about my looks.

I decided on a sort of compromise; I’d walk back round towards the coffee shop and if I bumped into Mike again then I’d let him chat me up. Of course I didn’t see him and the table he had occupied was now empty. Disappointed I headed back to the car park.

I sat in my car and stared at the Marriott hotel across the way and thought of Mike in his room. From the signals my body was sending me there was no denying I was tempted. This is going to sound stupid, but what probably swayed my decision was that I had a nice set of lacy purple undies on, rather than the more everyday ones I often wear; the thought of a man undressing me to reveal a pair of baggy white knickers was a big turn-off. I hesitated a moment and then picked up my phone. Paul answered almost immediately.

“Hi. You remember you said that if ever I wanted to gain some experience it was fine with you. Does that still apply?”

“Why?” asked Paul, his voice instantly alert.

I went on to describe how I’d met and chatted to Mike and how he had invited me back to his room. I told him I was tempted – Mike was attractive, he’d asked me in a respectful way, hadn’t been crude or too forward and the hotel was a nice one, not some seedy dive.

“It all seems to fit the bill,” said Paul. “So there’s really just one question left, is he ordinary attractive or seriously attractive?”

“Seriously attractive.”

“Well I’d say go for it, but obviously it’s up to you.”

“Perhaps I’ll go have a chat and see if I’m still tempted.”

“Well if you go to his room he’s going to expect more than a kiss and cuddle, he’s going to want to have sex.”

That was true. I couldn’t go to his room half-heartedly, I had to commit myself.

“Do you mind if I go all the way?”

“No, but you have to do it because you want to, not for my sake.”

I paused and thought.

“OK I’m going to drive round to the hotel, but don’t be surprised if I chicken out and I’m back home in ten minutes.”

“And if you’re not back soon I’ll know what you’re doing,” said Paul with a chuckle.

“And what will that be?” I asked wryly.

“Oh I expect you’ll be laid in a nice crisp hotel bed with another man’s cock in your married cunt.”

Those explicit words only added to my already aroused state.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Paul. “Have fun.”

“Alright, bye.”

I put my phone away, fastened my seat belt and started the car engine. It took less than a minute to reach the hotel car park and though it was busy I found a space without too much trouble. A group was checking in at reception, but I went across the lobby and after a short wait I was in the lift and then walking along the second floor corridor.

Stood outside room 2207 I took a deep breath because in reality this was my last chance to back out. I raised my hand and it was trembling slightly, but nevertheless I gave a confident knock on the door. A muffled voice asked me to wait a minute and then Mike opened the door. He looked surprised, and then pleased, to see me. As soon as I was in the room he put his arms round my waist.

“I hoped you would come, but I honestly didn’t think that you would. But I am glad that you’re here.”

He stooped and kissed me. At first it was just our lips, but then our tongues met and it became more passionate. Almost from the start one of his hands roamed across my backside and the other one soon began to explore my breasts. He unfastened a couple of buttons on my blouse and slipped his hand inside. I shuddered with pleasure as he squeezed and kneaded my breasts. We broke for air and Mike looked me in the eye.

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