Shows Off Wife

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It was a powerful climax, because of that and because I was bound, and exposing my body for Bob to see. I just had to peek to see Bob expression and was shocked to see my husband standing there instead! Bob was doing those things to me, with my husband watching him licking and touching my naked pussy and sticking his tongue into my ass. My husband was recording it all with the video camera! I realized that this was a dark fantasy, being taken against my will by two men who would make love to me and use me as they desired. I was so turned on, Shamefully, or lustfully, I decided to let them have their way with me and see if there was something else my husband had in store for me. My husband moved around with the video recorder, shooting his friend licking his wife’s pussy as she squirmed, enjoying the attention, tricked into performing for him. I climaxed again, Bob had moved from between my legs, then I felt his hand on my blushing face, he held his cock against my lips, I knew he wanted me to suck it! I panicked,

If I didn’t suck on his cock, my husband would realize that I knew it was Bob all along and not him! Oh my god, I have no choice! I now had to welcome him into my mouth. He slowly pushed his cock into my mouth, with my hands tied, he held my head and take long strokes in and out of my mouth. It grew larger as he firmly held my head and moved his cock around my face and back into my mouth . Frank had given me to his friend to use me as he wanted . I knew I was acting like a total slut for this stranger, because, I was suppose to believe it was my husband doing it to me.

I wondered if my husband suspect that I knew it was Bob’s cock probing my mouth or if I was really tricked. I had an eager to suck him even harder, and give my captor the best blow job that I was capable of giving. I was growing more excited, knowing that my husband was watching his hot wife sucking someone cock, even being tricked into sucking another guy’s cock.

I continued this humiliation for several more minutes, and now I was thoroughly loving it. He would pull his cock out of me, being careful not to climax, like he was teasing me, making me want his cock again. He stood up and moved to the foot of the bed to check the ties on my ankles.

Then he returned and placed his cock to my lips again, I noticed it felt and tasted different, then I realized it was my husband ready took his turn at me! Frank whispered to me, “Are you excited that Bob is here”? I yes, I was excited Bob was here. Frank put his cock into my mouth and I sucked him as I did his friend. My husband had fulfilled his fantasy today. He spoke to me again as I deliriously sucked on his cock, he said: You’re a good cock sucker, because you love to suck on big cocks” Yes, oh yes I do love to suck big cocks! You are my slave girl, say it! I am your slave girl. “And you’ll do anything I say”. I am your slave girl and I will do anything you tell me to do, anything! I was so hot I would have said anything he wanted me to. He then whispered to me that he wanted his slave girl to show Bob how well I can suck cock, He told me to show him I was a good slave girl. Bob came over and held my face as he did before and placed his cock on my lips, my husband was saying do it, suck on his cock, you know you love it, show Bob how you love me and would suck his cock because I asked.

My husband untied my hands and feet. I parted my lips, breathing heavy, when my hands were freed I reached up and held his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other, I guided his cock into my mouth, kissing and licking it all over for my husband to see that I was his slave girl and was sucking this cock as he had ordered me to. I pulled Bob down on the bed, and I got on all fours to get better access to Bob’s cock. My head was bouncing up and down on him, I was licking his shaft up and down and even put his balls in my mouth.

My husband said he was proud of me because I suck like a good slave girl. He and Bob were saying things like you’re the best cock sucker and have the hottest body and the sweetest pussy. My husband knelt behind me saying to keep my ass high in the air, that he wanted to my sweet pussy from behind. He easily slide his cock into my wet pussy and fucked me in rhythm of my blowing Bob’s cock.

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