Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

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Ding dong.

I ring the doorbell at my friend’s apartment. My birthday was 8 days ago but her boyfriend’s is tonight so we are having a small joint birthday thing. We are both turning 21 so I have come equipped with vodka and orange juice.

The door opens and my friend Jasmine shows me in takes my coat.

“Mmmm, screwdrivers!” she says as she shows me into the kitchen were everyone undoubtedly gathers. I set my stuff on the counter and mix myself a drink.

I look around and there is probably 20, maybe closer to 25, guests between the people in the kitchen and the ones that have spilled out into the living room and balcony to smoke. I know about probably two thirds of the people and the rest must be my Jasmine’s boyfriend Dave’s friends.

“Julie!’ I hear from afar and look in the direction to see my old roommate Monica. We hug and she hands me a present.

“Victoria’s secret?” I say looking at the pink striped bag.

“Yea, well I had to get it because it reminded me of you!” she squeals as I push back the tissue paper and pull out a skimpy white bra and panty set with an orchid motif. The orchids are what made her think of me. I am a florist.

“Cute! Thanks Monica!” I say and give her another hug. At this point a few of our girlfriends have gathered because everyone girl gets excited about a Victoria’s Secret bag!

“Actually I am going to go try these one and see if they fit.” I say as I head to the bathroom and shut the door. I down my drink and start to strip. I pull off my current underwear and pull on the new set. It looks really hot and I know I want to keep it on. I pull the tags off and admire it on me in the mirror. The cups are pretty much shear and you can see my pink nipples through them. The panties are a tiny g-string and I turn to see how my ass looks in it. Satisfied, I pull my clothes back on and fix my hair in the mirror. When I am positive that all my red ringlets are in place how I want them, I exit the bathroom and return to the party.

“There she is! Give her a shot!” Dave yelled and hands me a shot glass of clear liquid.

“Here’s to 21!” he says as he raises his shot glass. I raise mine and then we both tip our heads back and swallow the liquid. Tequila. Someone shoves a lime in my hand and I suck on it as the liquor warms my gut. I pour myself another screwdriver and start to mingle.

“Did everything fit okay?!” Monica half yells from across the room. She is pretty buzzed already and apparently can’t control the volume of her voice. I notice one or two of Dave’s guy friends perk up since they obviously knew what she was talking about from the squealing girl fit over the pink bag earlier.

Nothing interests half-drunk males like underwear, I think to myself.

“Yea, thanks again Monica.” I say and avoid the looks from the guys. She seems pleased with herself and goes back to whining about how she wants to play the drums on Rock Band.

I finish my drink and can feel the heat in my cheeks. And decide to sit down at the dining room table and join the game of Kings that is going on. We play for a while and I loosening up and getting really giggly. I get extremely giggly when I am drunk.

“Four for whores!” Dave’s friend Ryan yells and all the ladies at the table take a drink.

The room spins a little and I tell them I think I am done and dismiss myself to the living room. Watching Rock Band and listening Monica sing a really terrible rendition of Livin’ On A Prayer doesn’t help the spinning so I head to the bathroom in the master bedroom since it is more quiet and splash some water on my face.

“Are you okay?” I hear someone say and I spin around to see a girl that I have met at a few parties before.

“Oh hey Lauren! Yea, I’m fine!” I slur as I throw her into a bear hug and then lean against the bathroom counter. Apparently all my drinks hit me at once.

“Haha, looks like you are having fun tonight.” she says laughing at me.

“Yea…I’m fucking drunk. But it’s my birthday!” I say while throwing up my hands very animatedly.

“Yea, I saw Monica give you your present early. It was really cute. Did you say you put it on?” she asked.

“Oh my god! Yes, I did!” I said excitedly. “It’s so fucking hot. I love it”

“Oh really? Do you mind showing me?” she asked closing the door to make me more comfortable I assumed.

“Oh I don’t know. The bra is pretty shear.” I say reluctantly.

“We are both girls! It’s not like we don’t see boobs everyday!” she says smiling at me but she can see that I am still nervous. “Okay, I won’t look, but can I at least feel it? We seem like we have about the same size tits so I just want to see…”

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