Shopping for Panties

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I watch Janice’s round ass sway as she walked away. It was a delightful sight. Sharon brought me back to my surroundings as she slipped the panties over my raised legs, one at a time, and pulled them up over my stockings and garter belt. She gently arranged my flaccid cock and nuts in the silky panties.

We both looked at my reflection in the dressing room mirror and were please with what we saw. I watched as her hands started unbuttoning her blouse. Slowly she removed it revealing that she was not wearing a bra. Not that she needed one. Her tits were perfectly rounded with rose-colored erect nipples that tilted up just begging to be suckled and tongued. Her skirt was next and the wet spot on her light blue bikini panties betrayed her own arousal. I could not resist the temptation and pulled her close. My hand started caressing her breasts and slowly started sliding its way down to her moist womanhood. My fingers slid under the waistband of her panties and found her lower lips. She moaned as my index finger parted those lips and found her erect clit. I began to gently massage it. It wasn’t long before the desired effect was achieved. Her hips began to move involuntarily.

“Ohhhhh”, she cried as she climaxed. It was her turn for her legs to give out and she leaned against me, hugging me tightly. I continued rubbing her clit with my finger until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She grabbed my hand and pulled it from her panties. “Mmmmmm”, that was very nice”, she said rising to kiss me. I could taste my cum on her tongue which was strangely erotic.

“Ah, I see you two have been busy”, said Janice returning with a lacy white bra. Her eyes were on Sharon’s ample curves and bare breasts. She positioned herself directly behind Sharon and began rubbing her panty-covered mound against Sharon’s round bottom, an action that Sharon did not object to.

“Let’s see if I’m a good judge of bra sizes”, she said putting the frilly garment around my waist with the fasteners in front. Sharon took it from there and snapped the fasteners. She rotated the bra until the cups were in front and the snaps in back. Holding the straps out she invited me to place my arms in the openings. She raised the straps over my shoulders. Janice had selected a perfect fit. The little “A” cups were just the right size to cover and hold my small man tits without looking ridiculous. I immediately felt sorry for all the ladies who actually wore an “A” cup. It was all right for me but I felt that a girl should have a bit more.

“Well lets see what we’ve created”, said Janice stepping back and pulling Sharon with her. “I think he needs to model his new underwear for us.”

Janice sat down on the bench and invited Sharon to join her by patting the cushion besides her. Sharon didn’t hesitate and sat down next to her. “Walk around and show off for us” she said.

I did as instructed feeling the swishing of my stockings rubbing together and my stocking covered feet on the store carpet. I watched the girls and they began to gently caress each other. Their lipstick-covered lips met and they tasted each other.

I knew what was about to happen and returned to the dressing room. I sat opposite them and watched the girl-girl show. It wasn’t long before they were both completely naked and moaning softly. The sight of two naked girls pleasing each other caused my cock to get rock hard again. I rubbed it through my panties as I watched the show.

Sharon left the bench and kneeled on the floor. Her lips started kissing their way down toward their target, the slightly hairy mound between Janice’s legs. Janice spread her legs in anticipation.

I pulled the front of my panties down allowing my hard cock to jump free. I grabbed it and started slowly stroking it up and down as I watch the girl’s performance.

Sharon’s expert tonguing of Janice’s pussy was very erotic to me and very pleasing to both of them. Janice began involuntarily thrusting her hips while placing her hands on the back of Sharon’s head holding her tightly. Sharon rose up, her ass pointing directly at me as if it were asking me to do something. I slid from the bench and positioned myself behind her. I began rubbing my hard cock up and down her naked slit. Her moans matched Janice’s as my cock head found her wet opening. She pushed backward causing my shaft to fully enter her. I began thrusting and she matched my thrusting, thrust for thrust. Janice picked up on the rhythm and was soon moving in unison with us.

It didn’t take long. Our movements reached a crescendo with Sharon climaxing first. Her pleasure was passed along to Janice who began to tremble in release. I managed to hold out for last. All three of us began to cum filling the small dressing room with our scents and passionate moans.

Afterwards, we rested for a moment until Janice began to stir. “Now that was a wonderful experience”, she said. “I think we’ve won a new customer. I thank you for your help Sharon”.

“I’m happy to be of assistance”, was Sharon’s response. “Now I need to get myself and Jim dressed and take him shopping for shoes. He can’t wear nylons without proper heels. I know just the place”.

We all began dressing and I donned my outer clothes over my new underwear. After we finished I paid for my purchases, gave Janice a kiss and a hug and told her that I would return for future purchases. I knew we would become lifelong friends and relished the thought that this lady knew of my secret fetish. She quickly scribbled her name; address and phone number on the back of a business card and put it in my hand.

Sharon and I left the lingerie store, arm-in-arm, heading for the shoe store. I wondered what future sexual exploits were in store for this remarkable woman and I.

The End

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