Shopping for Panties

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“I noticed it too”, said Sharon “It looks delicious. That’s how I knew he was shopping for himself. If he were shopping for someone else he wouldn’t be so excited.”

“He’s just going to have to try it on, Sharon”, she said as she removed a lacy garter belt from the display along with a pair of white thigh-hi stockings. “The dressing room is over here.”

Janice and Sharon escorted me to the dressing room. I was completely at their mercy. My knees were weak as I entered the dressing room and attempted to close the curtain.

“That won’t be necessary”, Sharon said blocking my movement and standing in the dressing room doorway. “You’re going to have to model your new lingerie wardrobe for us and we have to instruct you in the proper method of wearing such sexy items. Why don’t you just go ahead and get undressed.”

Sharon’s hand found the front of my trousers and she squeezed my hard-on. Leaning in she whispered in my ear, “This is going to be so much fun.”

I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. It was beyond my wildest fantasy. Looking at the ladies I kicked off my shoes. My hands were trembling as I undid my belt. I quickly unzipped my trousers and they dropped to my feet.

“Mmmmm”, was the response from the ladies as they gazed at my exposed panties and the inch or two of cock that was sticking out the top. They were standing in the doorway with their arms around each other’s waist.

I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. My t-shirt was next. I sat on the dressing room bench and finished removing my trousers and my socks. My panties were next and I was completely naked in front of two female strangers.

“Turn around for us”, Janice said.

I stood and did as instructed and was pleased that the ladies liked what they saw. I could see the sight of my naked body, complete with erection, was having as much effect on them as the sight of all the sexy lingerie was having on me.

“Lets start with the stockings”, said Janice, first opening the package and then handing one of the stockings to Sharon. “Lets help him with these, dear”.

Both ladies kneeled in front of me, one on either side. I watch as they gathered the silky material in their hands and each, grabbing a lifted ankle, started sliding a stocking over each foot. My already hard cock twitched as the silky material of the stocking made contact.

“I hope you’re watching how this is done”, said Sharon. “You have to be careful that your nails don’t catch and put a run in the nylons.”

Slowly, almost in unison, the ladies brought the stocking up my legs, smoothing out any wrinkles along the way. I was in ecstasy as I felt the smooth nylon enclose my legs. The added sensation of their hands was almost more than I could bear. I held my breath as my cock, seemingly with a mind of its own, pulsed in anticipation of what was to come.

“Hmmmm, are you seeing what I’m seeing”, Janice said to Sharon. I think we may have a cleanup to take care of if we don’t slow down.

“Yes I think your right”, Sharon replied as she snuggled the stocking up on my thigh as far as it would go with the back of her hand resting lightly against my nuts. “Stand up, Jim, lets see if we got them even”.

I watched in the mirror as both ladies evened up the stockings. It was an erotic sight with the light shining off the stockings and my cock sticking out harder that it had been in some time.

“Now for the garter belt”, said Janice handing it to Sharon. “Let see if I picked the right size.”

Still kneeling, Sharon leaned forward and slid her arms around me and positioned the garter belt around my waist. Her actions caused her head to be in perfect alignment with my raging hard-on. She took the opportunity to open her mouth slightly and engulf the head of my cock. My breath caught as I felt the sensations of her wet tongue. I almost came on the spot.

Janice had taken notice of Sharon’s actions. She began to remove her blouse and skirt as I watched her strip show. I was pleased to see that she was wearing a bra, lacy panties, garter belt, and stockings, all in red. On her small feet she had a pair of matching 3-inch heels. The contrast between the material and her fair skin was very sexy. She stepped close to me and placed my hand on her backside inviting me to rub and squeeze her round, panty clad ass. Raising herself on her tiptoes, her lips sought mine and I could smell her very pleasant perfume. I didn’t resist as her tongue exited her slightly parted mouth seeking mine.

The combination of Janice’s sexy body next to mine, her tongue in my mouth, and Sharon’s manipulations of my cock with her mouth and tongue was more than I, or any other man, could bear. My breath caught and I could feel my passion rising. I grabbed the back of Sharon’s head and pulled her closer causing my cock to enter deep into her mouth.

“Uhhhhhhh I’m cumming”, I managed to groan in warning as my cock erupted in Sharon’s mouth. She gulped spurt after spurt of my discharge in an eager manner insuring my cock was sucked clean.

My knees were weakened by the actions of my cock. With a dreamy expressing on my face I sat down to the bench. My desires were sated for the moment and my cock started to rapidly deflate.

“Oh no”, said Sharon, removing my cock reluctantly from her mouth. “We’re not finished yet. We still have the panties and, I think, a lacy bra for you to try on. Stand up and we’ll show you how to fasten your garters.

Summoning my will I forced my weakened knees to support my weight. I leaned against the girls for support as they manipulated the fastenings on the garter belt and soon had my stockings secure. The straps running down my ass felt pleasantly pleasing.

Janice picked up the pair of white lacy panties I had selected earlier. “I think we have a matching bra for these”, she said handing them to Sharon. “I’ll go get it while you assist him in putting these on. Be back in a moment”.

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