Shopping for Panties

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Shopping for Panties – Unfortunately a total work of fiction

I stood nervously outside the entrance in the mall walkway, unsure if I wanted to enter. I had been anxiously looking forward to this event but now that it had arrived I was unsure if I would have the nerve to complete my purchases. For some time, I had been in love with female lingerie and wore panties everyday, all day. Now that I had the opportunity to buy my own and start my collection I was hesitant to proceed. I knew that if I met an acquaintance, or if the sales lady was not friendly I would die of embarrassment.

Gathering up my nerve I entered the store. I looked nervously around and was delighted at the selection the store carried. Silk panties, lace panties, cotton panties, thongs, and bikinis, the selections seemed endless. I immediately noticed that I was the only male in the store. In fact, except for a rather nice looking lady who appeared to be in her thirty’s, I was the only customer.

I approached a display of Secret Treasures panties hanging on plastic hangers, my eyes on the many colors available. I knew that a size 7 fit me perfectly and started browsing the rack for this size. The naughtiness and excitement of what I was doing and the abundant supply of sexy lingerie was thrilling and having a sexual effect on me. I could feel my erection stiffing and was not sure the bikini panties I was wearing could contain it.

As I reached for a pair of light blue bikinis in the appropriate size I was startled when I heard “May I help you, Sir?”

I turned around and was face-to-face with the store sales lady. I could feel my face turn red as I stammered, “I’m j-just looking.” I knew my sexual excitement was apparent and held the pair of panties I had taken from the display in front of my trousers to hide the bulge formed there. I noticed the other customer was watching our exchange with obvious amusement.

“Fine, Sir” replied the sales lady with a twinkle in her eye as she glanced at the panties I was holding in front of me. “My name is Janice and I will be happy to assist you in finding whatever you need. It’s nice to see a man shopping in our store. Please don’t hesitate to ask for any assistance you may need.”

Even though I was embarrassed to be shopping for ladies underwear I took a moment to check out the sales lady. She appeared to be in her late thirty’s with a slim figure. She had blonde hair and a pleasing face and I noticed she had an ample bustline. She was not altogether unattractive.

“Thank you”, I replied.

I watched as she walked to a nearby display and started to tidy up. I couldn’t help but wonder what underwear her blouse and knee-length skirt was hiding from my view.

I returned to browsing the Secret Treasures display and was once again lost in the feel of the nylon-lycra panties as I selected several more pairs, one pink, one black and a white pair with lace across the front and around the waist.

I looked around the store and noticed that the other customer had joined me on the other side of the Secret Treasures display.

“An excellent selection,” she said softly in a voice that could only be heard by me. “Those should look very nice on you. Don’t be embarrassed; I know you’re shopping for yourself. I recognize the signs. My ex-boyfriend was into panties and I used to watch him shop. I come here often hoping to meet another man who loves panties and sexy lingerie as much as I do. You’ll need a garter belt and some stockings to wear with them.”

I had no reply. I was stunned. I was speechless as she joined me on my side of the display and called to Janice. My erection got stiffer and I could feel the head of my cock poking out of the top of my bikini panties causing a prominent bulge in the front of my loose-fitting trousers.

“Janice, could you help us please?” she said loudly looking at her.

“What can I do for you”, Janice said joining us at the Secret Treasures display.

“This gentleman needs a garter belt and some stocking to go with the panties he’s selected. Can you help us find one?”

“Certainly”, she replied. “I didn’t realize you were together. What size do you wear dear”, she said addressing her question to my newly acquired shopping companion.

“Oh, it’s not for me”, was the quick response. “This gentleman is shopping for himself and I’m sure he doesn’t know what size he needs.”

She was looking directly at me obviously enjoying my embarrassment. “My name is Sharon”, she said placing her arm around my waist. “What’s yours?”

“Jim”, I managed to get out through my dry mouth.

“Well Jim, lets see if we can find some sexy ladies underwear to really get you dressed up.”

Janice beamed. She looked first at my red face and her gaze then traveled down the front of my trousers, resting on the bulge she discovered there.

“I see”, she said. “It looks like he is really enjoying shopping in our store. I think we can find something to fit him, although, to be sure, he will need to try the items on. Please wait just a moment and I’ll be right with you.”

She turned and walked directly to the entrance of the store. She closed and locked the door placing a “Back in one hour” sign in the window. With the door closed and the window displays blocking the windows there was little chance that anyone outside the store could see what was going on inside.

“Now, what was it you needed”, she said approaching us.

“As a minimum he will need a garter belt and stockings”, Sharon replied. “And I think that’s just the beginning.”

“Well follow me”, she said leading us toward the back of the store. “Here we are. Excuse me dear”, she said looking at Sharon. I need to get a waist measurement for Jim.

She took the tape measure from around her neck and reached around my waist and pulled it snug. “Hmmm, 38 inches, that should be a large. Although maybe I should make allowance for this”, she said brushing my erection.”

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