Sherry Blows For Her Husband’s

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Bruno reached up and pulled her bra up over her tits, exposing them to his hands and eyes. He slid his palms over Sherry’s tits and rubbed them in a circular motion as she struggled to get loose from Ray. Bruno played with her tits like that for about a minute and then leaned down to kiss and suck the nipples. Sherry stopped her struggling and sagged a bit against Ray. Bruno sucked her tits for awhile, and then began rubbing her cunt through her Levis. She twisted, trying to cross her legs, but Bruno had his hand firmly wedged between her legs. She shook her head and her hair fell apart, coming down over her shoulders now as she gritted her teeth against the pleasure Bruno was giving her. He began undoing her belt, then her levis, pulling them down. She twisted her hips around, but he still managed to pull her levis down to her ankles. Her cunt lips were visible to one side of the panties and Bruno lost no time in pushing his middle finger up inside her. Sherry yelped with the hard thrust of his finger up her cunt and stood on tiptoe trying to get off of it. Bruno began finger fucking her and she shook her head back and forth, not wanting to feel what he was doing to her.

He watched from the other room as Bruno unzipped his pants and brought out a thick slab of cockmeat. He saw his wife look down and see it, knowing she was going to be fucked again. Bruno pulled her panties further to one side and bent his knees to get the right angle before forcing his cock up Sherry’s pussy. She arched her back away from Ray as she gasped loudly enough to be heard through the two way glass. She was impaled on his thick cock.

“Hold her,” said Ray as Bruno gripped Sherry’s arms in his strong hands. Ray was unzipping his pants now, bringing his big cock out, already hard and thick.

“What are you doing?” gasped Sherry. Ray was parting Sherry’s cheeks with his cock and looking for her asshole as Bruno kept her wedged onto his big dick.

“No. Don’t even think about it …please, Ray …please don’t,” begged Sherry as Ray found her butthole. He held onto her hips with his hands and forced his cock into Sherry’s ass. She closed her eyes and tossed her head back, a piercing yell bouncing across the room, and back again. Ray was merciless as he sank his cock deep into Sherry’s butt and then the two men were both all the way inside her. The three of them stood there, Sherry’s breathing a ragged counterpoint to their controlled breathing.

Bruno and Ray looked at each other. “Fuck her,” said Ray. Both of them began to fuck her slow. Sherry was trapped between them and could only endure as they worked their cocks in and out of her pussy and ass. They mauled her tits while they fucked her and then, amazingly enough, Sherry started to get into it, moaning with their thrusts into her. Her hand went down to her pussy and she teased her clit while they fucked her. She was moaning, her eyes squeezed shut and everybody in the room knew she was going to cum. She opened her mouth but no sound came out for at least fifteen seconds and then she was groaning loud enough to be heard on the street as she came once, then again. They fucked her hard then, really pumping her.

She went slack all of a sudden, her eyes rolling up into her head and they had to hold her upright. She moaned softly and Ray said, “Let’s cum in her face.” Both men slipped their cocks out of her and let her drop to her knees. They stood in front of her while she watched them, dazed. They pumped their cocks in her face and it took about thirty seconds for them to start spurting. Gobs of hot sperm splattered Sherry’s face as both guys jacked off on her. Long ropey jets of the cum leaped from their cocks and lay heavy and wet on her face.

He watched the two men cum in Sherry’s face and had to lean against the glass to stay upright. His cock was hard as a rock and he wanted to go out there and add to the copious amount of sperm they were giving her. But that would have to wait.

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