Sherry Blows For Her Husband’s

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He wondered how she would react to Ray when he tried to seduce her. She stepped into the leotard and pulled it up, covering her legs and hips, then her cunt and belly, then putting her arms in the sleeves and pulling it up over her big breasts. Her tits bulged upward and one of them escaped, before she pulled the front of the leotard up and over, covering both breasts. She stepped back and looked at herself. She looked great. The leotard was skin tight and low-cut so that her ass was beautifully outlined and her tits were bulging over the top, threatening to escape. She turned in front of the mirror, one side, then the other, trying to get more material over her tits.

“My goodness …I’m coming out of this thing.” Sherry backed up, turned to look at her ass, pulled the material away from her firm cheeks and tried to get it all nice and smooth. She brushed her hair, then, checked her makeup and figured she was ready. “Well …” she said, and turned to walk out.

He looked toward the studio again as Sherry came out of her dressing room and Ray moved to take her by the arm, leading her over to the bed where he gave her another glass of wine.

She laughed. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” He laughed, too.

“No, it’s just a nice way to relax. Cheers.” He held up his glass and they drank a little of the wine. “Now …what we’ll do is just kind of ad-lib a little …we’ve got two sets of pictures to take, one for the U.S. market and one for the European.

“Oh, really?” marvelled Sherry.

Ray hugged her then, “Not to worry, it’s gonna be a great ad. You’re gonna be famous.” He laughed and placed her in front of the bed.

He posed her standing by the bed, leaning against the bed post, leaning over slightly so that her big breasts were displayed, straining against the thin fabric of her costume. He watched her from the room and felt his cock grow harder as her poses showed off her sexuality. He watched as Ray coaxed her into sexier and sexier poses, taking small breaks, giving her more wine. When she stuck her ass out, getting on all fours on the bed, arching her back so that her ass was displayed to best advantage he could tell she was a little drunk and he knew that Ray was going to succeed in fucking her.

He couldn’t wait to see her get fucked doggy style, that lovely firm ass sticking out and up to receive Ray’s cock. He felt his cock hardening even more and unzipped his pants to pull it out. He started jacking himself off, slowly. He listened as Ray sat on the bed beside Sherry.

“Okay, those were great shots …now we wanna do the European stuff. How about we do a couple with your hands over your breasts?” She brought her hands up and covered her breasts and he smiled, “No, I mean, you know, take them out and cover them with your hands.”

She reacted with raised eyebrows. “Oh, I don’t know. You mean ..”

“Yeah, but you’ll have your hands over them. It’ll look sexy. Europeans love that. I’d really appreciate it, Sherry.”

She seemed to think about it for a moment then shrugged. “I guess it’s okay.”

He got up and got his camera, “Great …just you know, take ’em out and hold them in your hands, there.”

She pulled the front of her leotard down and lifted one large breast free. She kept her hand over it, but then found she had to use both hands to free her other breast. He watched through the two way mirror and felt his cock grow thicker in his hand. She was going to show Ray her tits.

Sherry covered her tits with her hands and looked toward the camera.

Ray snapped off a bunch of pictures then said, “Okay, let’s try with one breast exposed, Sher. Can you do that?”

Her mouth dropped open. “Oh I don’t know about that.”

He cajoled her. “You can turn your head, see …three quarter with your body, so one breast shows …and turn your head the other way, so your face doesn’t show. C’mon, it’ll be a great shot.”

Sherry took a deep breath and looked up. “You’re sure my face won’t be in it?”

He laughed. “I promise.”

She nodded, “Okay.” She turned to the side a little and dropped her hand from her breast. The nipple was beginning to thicken a bit and he noticed it.

Ray cooed at her. “Oh, yeah, that’s great, lean back, thrust it out there, yeah that’s it good.” He was snapping more pictures, moving in close. “Okay …wow …beautiful breasts. How about both of them …just lean back …way back …c’mon, do it for me…it’ll make a great shot …can you?” She leaned back, exposing both breasts, pointing them at the ceiling. He came over to her … “We need some rouge here …wait ..” He hurried over and grabbed a tube of lipstick and came back to her, opening the lipstick, he applied it to her nipples and she flinched. “Sorry, ” he mumbled. “There …” He took his thumb and forefinger and clasped one of her nipples, teasing it. “Make it stand up a little more …like that,” He pulled on her nipple and she looked shocked for a moment, then watched as he did the other one.

“Oooh,” she said, sort of surprised.

He smiled and backed off a little, taking more pictures. “Yeah, good, beautiful. Love it.” He had her cup her tits in her hands then and he took more photos, then he moved around behind her and had her take her hands down, exposing her boobs again. He reached around to cup them in his own hands and she flinched.

“What are you doing” she asked.

“Just seeing what this will look like. He moved his hands around on her breasts and squeezed them together, running his thumbs over her nipples so that they thickened even more. “Yeah …hold them like that, Sherry. Just like I’m holding them. Okay?”

Sherry brought her hands up to her breasts again and he could see her getting flushed with excitement. She held her tits as he told her to and he snapped more pictures.

He moved closer to the two way mirror and jacked off a little faster. He loved the way she was holding her tits up for the camera. “Play with them, slut,” he whispered.

Ray had one knee up on the bed, next to her, his voice, low, intimate. “Okay, now …how about we do something really naughty?”

Sherry made a face, “Uh-oh. Now what?” she laughed. He winked at her. “How about we do a few pussy shots.”

Sherry looked shocked. “Are you kidding?”

He smiled. “I’ll take them from a good angle, you can turn your face so no one will know who it is …and I’ll sell them to European magazines …not porno stuff, but just nudes. I can pay you another five hundred. Whattya think?”

She shook her head, disbelieving. “You mean, my face won’t be in the picture. Just …my …”

He nodded. “That’s right.”

She shook her head. “I don’t know …” He pleaded with her. “Come on, Sher. If you can do this, I won’t have to hire another model, I can make more money and so can you. Nobody will know it’s you. Let’s just try a few, and if you don’t like what we’re doing, we’ll stop and I’ll just give you the film. Okay?”

She thought about it. “It would really help me out,” he said.

She sighed, “Well …okay, let’s try it.”

He nodded and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

He squeezed his cock with his hand and whispered, “Show him that little pussy, sweetheart …let’s see if it’s wet.” He watched as Ray set his camera down on the bed.

“Lie back on your elbows, yeah …” Sherry leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows, her tits sticking straight up toward the ceiling.

“Do you want me to take this off, or what?” she asked.

He shook his head, “Naw, I’ll just …it’s a five dollar thing I got at K-Mart.” He grabbed the material at her crotch and ripped it, exposing her cunt. Sherry leaned upward a little, reacting his ripping the material. He pulled it away from her cunt and they all saw how matted and wet her pubic hairs were.

“Look at the little slut, all wet and hot. Ready to be fucked,” he whispered to himself, stroking his cock, the big purple head sticking out of his fist. He watched as Ray reached to run his finger up between the lips of Sherry’s pussy.

She flinched and drew back.

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