Sherry Blows For Her Husband’s

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He had been fantasizing about watching his wife suck some other guy’s cock, and had hinted to her that it would be something he’d like to see, but she never quite picked up on it, or if she did, she was deliberately ignoring his overtures in that area. So he began to wonder how he could make it happen without telling her beforehand.

Then one day he was surfing the internet and found one of those “personals” websites and saw an ad that read, “Want To Watch Your Wife Be Seduced?” The body of the ad promised discretion and disease free sex. He sent an e-mail asking for more info and received a reply that sounded promising. As luck would have it the guy running the website was in the L.A. area and they arranged to meet. He was told to bring a picture of his wife to see if she qualified for the service.

The guy’s name was Ray and he turned out to be a nice guy. Ray took one look at Sherry’s picture and said she was definitely qualified. He apologized for asking to see a picture, but said that so many guys had wives who were not particularly attractive and it was too difficult to get good looking guys who were willing to fuck an unattractive woman. Ray told him that it would cost five hundred dollars for the package. He would be allowed to choose from a catalog of men Ray had working for him and Ray would set up the seduction so that he could watch. Ray reached into a briefcase and produced a photo album with pictures of more than fifty men he had recruited from the internet. He leafed through it and saw that the men were all posed naked, with erections. Most of the men were good looking, in pretty decent shape physically, and quite a few of them had really big cocks.

Some of them were fat and ugly, or stupid looking, but Ray explained that some women liked that sort of thing. Looking at the pictures it occurred to him that it might be even more exciting to see his wife suck more than one cock. He asked how many he could pick, and Ray told him up to ten, but it was more manageable, and better for his wife if he kept the number at around two or three. He said that most women couldn’t really suck more than two or three guys comfortably, unless they had done that sort of thing a lot. Knowing Sherry liked big cocks, he narrowed it down to the ten guys who had the biggest ones, then he cut it down to six by choosing the men who were the most attractive and had the biggest cocks. Ray told him he had chosen well and then showed him a listing of different scenarios for the seduction.

There was the health club seduction where the wife is taken to a “health club” and seduced by a personal trainer who then turns her over to other men planted there as guys working out. He mentioned that Sherry was an aspiring model, but didn’t get many calls because of her big tits. Ray suggested the photography studio seduction. Ray could call Sherry at home, tell her they wanted her for a modeling job. Get her into some sexy photos and get her hot, turn her on and see if he can get her to suck his cock first, then fuck her while he watched. It would take at least two “sessions” before she would be ready to take on several guys at once.

“If I can fuck her that first session, it won’t be hard to get her to come back for the pictures. When she does, I’ll have an assistant there with me, and we’ll both fuck her. You can watch both sessions, of course, and if everything goes okay, we’ll get her back for a third session and we’ll have several guys here and I’m pretty sure we can get her to suck them all off.”

That night he purposely didn’t answer the phone when it rang so that Sherry would have to. He listened to the conversation from the other room, and when she hung up he walked in to find her very excited.

“Guess what? I got a print job!”

He acted surprised. “That’s great, hon’. What’s it for?” She said it was a new perfume called, “Fantasy.” He asked her when and where and she told him it was the next day and she thought it was funny they didn’t want her to tell her agent. She said they had gotten her name and picture from someone she had worked with before. They celebrated a little with a bottle of champagne they had in the refrigerator and then she started getting her makeup kit ready, in case she had to do her own makeup. The next day, she got herself ready, and he watched her dress. She looked really good, the weight training they had been doing was really paying off as her body looked much slimmer and more toned than it had in years. He kissed her good-bye, waited until she drove off and then got into his car and headed for the studio. Ray had given her directions that would take her the long way around, so that he would have time to get there before she did. As planned he arrived before she did and parked in the back of the building. When he entered the small brick building he saw that it really was a photo studio and Ray had several cameras, lights, and screens set up near a huge round bed. They shook hands and Ray showed him all the mirrors and told him they were two way, walking him into a small office like room where he could sit and watch. He had a close circuit t.v. set up so he could watch her in the dressing room as well. He reacted when he saw Sherry walk in the door and look around. Ray nodded to him, then hurried out to greet her, escorting her over to his set. A speaker crackled and he heard their voices.

“Right on time …I’m Ray, I talked to you on the phone.”

“Nice meeting you,” she replied. She glanced at a rather large bed bathed in light and commented. “That’s really a big bed.”

Ray put his arm around her shoulders. “Well, it is for “Fantasy” perfume, so I guess it fits.”

Sherry nodded, “Really, well, what kind of fantasy do they want?” she laughed.

Ray laughed too. “Well, it’s about sex, naturally, although you won’t have to have sex, of course…”

“Too bad,” said Sherry, and they laughed again.

He felt a tingle as Ray was handed Sherry a glass of wine.

“Let’s talk and relax a little, okay? You like chardonnay?”

Sherry accepted the wine. “Oh, thank you. I hope it doesn’t put me to sleep.” They both smiled at that and chatted as they sipped their wine.

After about twenty minutes, when Sherry had finished her glass of wine, Ray walked her toward a dressing room.

“Just one costume, so that’s nice, isn’t it? Go ahead and change …it’s one of those one size fits all deals, but it might be a little snug so we don’t want any panty-lines or bra straps, okay. If you have any problems with it, let me know, okay? You’re makeup looks good the way it is. So …come on out when you’re ready.”

“Okay, thanks.” She disappeared through a door and he looked up at the monitor. Sherry came into a small room, looked around, set her makeup kit down on a dressing table and checked herself out in the mirror. She then walked over to a rack and took her “costume” off the hangar. She held it up in front of her and saw that it was pretty trashy looking, a leotard with leopard spots.

“Oh, my goodness,” she muttered. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, showing her lace covered bra. Her breasts bulged slightly from the cups and he thought of Ray putting his hands on those lovely tits while he watched. She unbuttoned her levis, pulling them off, showing her toned legs and bikini panties. She hung her clothes up and he saw her buttocks flex and he thought of her being fucked in the ass maybe. His cock began to pulse. She picked up her leotard and looked at it again. Sherry set the leotard down and reached to unfasten her bra. She pulled the bra away from her breasts and he felt like a voyeur watching his wife strip. Sherry peeled her panties down, next, exposing her little pussy.” He felt his cock starting to swell and rubbed it through is pants. Sherry was standing there, nude, and he could see she had trimmed the hair close around her pussy.

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